The 9th Class Swordmaster: Blade of TruthChapter 36: A Fair Trade

Swordmaster Karyl MacGovern.He returned to the past, wanting to rewrite the future he was unable to change with his sword alone. And this time, he would acquire the power that once eluded him—magic.This time, he would master both sword and magic, and stand on the peak.

Dragon Ball God MuChapter 672
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Upon opening his eyes, Muyang realized that he found himself in Dragon Ball’s world filled with dangerous people like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu.However, decades later.“Captain Ginyu, let’s run away, we are no match for him!”Jeice looked back in panic.“Lord Frieza, the demon has caught up again.”“He even destroyed our home planet.”“This bastard!”Frieza looked at Muyang with bloodshot eyes filled with anger, but sadly, there’s nothing he can do, even he’s no match for Muyang.“Come on, show me what you can do.”Related SeriesThe Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (Shared Universe)Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka (Prequel)

I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius ActorChapter 244 - Tidal Wave (11)
ComedyDramaSlice Of Life

I, Kang Woojin, was quitting my design work and became a jobless person. The next day, my friend took me to auditions and I was forced to perform.As i was given a script, the void space appeared in my mind and forced me to relive the character.I got stabbed. Became a serial killer. Became an Exorcist.As I become an actor, the misunderstandings keeps growing day by day.

Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi KingChapter 953 Royal Woes

It had been hundreds of years since humanity and their Witch allies had been forced to retreat to the fortress cities after the disastrous war to eliminate the Magi Clans.Nuclear weapons had burned the skies, and Grand Magic pulled entire continents beneath the seas before the end, but the victory was secured, no Magi was left alive in their slowly recovering world.Or so they thought.Wolfe Noxus was born on the lower levels of a fortress city run by the Morgana Coven, raised under the glow of magical lights, with magic and technology entwined in every aspect of his life.But after his eighteenth birthday, when a get rich quick scheme led him to the forbidden ability to use the powers of the Magi, his whole life would change.The forbidden inheritance of the Magi was his. All he had to do was live long enough to embrace it.

The supporting character's harem is very normalChapter 400 The fish has taken the bait.

Hm... Fantasy battle, smart MC, smart heroins, supper plot twist...etc... are all things that... this novel doesn't have.This place only has... Stupid MC, Normal heroins, normal plot, slice of life and... some sh*t thing.I just want to write what I want no matter how bad it is. ( ' 3')---------------After going bankrupt, with nothing left in his hands, Lathel died at the age of 50. After his death, a god offered him a chance to go to another world and help the male protagonists.His mission was to solve the problems surrounding the heroines so that the male protagonists could easily get along with them.To be more precise, his job was similar to that of a chef. He would Process the ingredients and cook a sumptuous feast, while the male protagonists just needed to sit at the table and enjoy it.After completing his mission, he was threatened by a stranger. In the face of this threat Lathel just smiled and decided to commit suicide.After he died, those heroines also dropped their facade and revealed their true nature.Lathel once again met the god who helped him. This time, the god allowed him to choose the world he wanted to go to as a gift for completing his task.He then chose a Fantasy world, a place most men dreamt of.However, the Fantasy world had too many people to choose from, moreover the number of main character and antagonist slots were all full.In the end, Lathel accepted to take on the role of an extremely weak supporting character to go to the Fantasy world.However, this time he didn't need to work or help the main character. He just needed to not affect the main character's development.Lathel: “Hm... as long as it doesn't affect the main character... then... Can I make a harem?”God: “Of course.”Lathel: “Hm... so... I just need to avoid the main character's woman.”God: “That's right. You just need to try to survive in that world. Ah! I will give you a system that will help you have a good life in that world. I Hope you enjoy this new life.”Lathel: “Um! So my harem will consist of lackluster women, it seems like a peaceful life is waiting for me.”God: “Hm... not really...”

Chaos Devourer SystemChapter 121 Gaining The Favor Of The Amazonian Princess

In a future timeline...The entire world underwent a heaven-defying change as planet Earth was forcefully shifted away from the Milky Way Galaxy to another Galaxy by some unknown forces.A New Galaxy completely out of their wildest imagination.A new type of cosmic energy known as Mana invaded Earth, transforming its very essence as the world witnessed its regular norm shattered into pieces.The cosmic energy entered into the human body as it forcefully awakened new genes in them which were once thought to be a myth.The world's rules were forcefully changed as it became a place where only getting stronger mattered and only those with the most powerful genes were worthy of respect.The strength of humanity grew and so did their curiousness making them emerge out of Earth and explore the new universe but they were shocked by what they saw.Powerful alien races who were far beyond them in technology and comprehension of Mana, world-devouring existence, unexplored worlds, and cosmos.This Universe was simply boundless and the word “impossible” does not exist.The story follows a young man named Zeras Celestria, a descendant of one of the Nine Families who was deemed trash and sold out to a dark force that uses humans for experiments, due to his inability to awaken the Celestria family's powerful A-grade Lightning Hammer Gene, and instead awakened the trashy F-grade Multi-colored hair gene.Thrown into a pile of dead bodies who were deemed experimental failures and life slowly seeped away from him.Zeras clenched his teeth tightly as a mad taste for revenge flickered in the depth of his eyes, but also with a tint of helplessness.That was until...“Congratulations.”“Host has been blessed by Chaos.”“Host has successfully awakened SSS-grade Chaos Devouring Gene.”Armed with an SSS-grade Gene and an undying will for revenge.Zeras embarked on a path to becoming the strongest and dominating the limitless universe.A path many embarked on but none ever succeeded.-- -- --A Future Scene...“Look Into My Eyes, What do you see...” A young man, with white hairs like the purest snow, pairs of lips redder than blood, and a face crafted by perfection itself.Yet those eyes, no they couldn't be called so... They were instead unending black-hole of...“I see Death, Madness, Pain, And...”“Yes, I'm The Last Embodiment Of Chaos...”

The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2Chapter 451Martial God Regressed to Level 2

[NO. 4212: ‘Humanity’ has failed the Demotion Match.] [NO. 4212: ‘Humanity’ has been deemed useless. Beginning deletion.] As Earth was being erased after their final game ended in failure, Martial Saint Sung JiHan managed to resist deletion and saw messages pop up in front of him.[To think someone would be able to resist being erased.] [Let’s give him an opportunity to re-challenge.] [Player ‘Sung JiHan’ is returning to the time of initial entry in The League.] When he woke back up, he had regressed back in time. Given a second chance, he swore to himself to stop the fall of Korea and humanity and take flawless vengeance against those that ruined things in his original timeline.Follow the journey of Korea’s Martial Saint, Sung Jihan, as he struggles to prevent a future of destruction and ascends as the Martial God!

The Primordial RecordChapter 883 I Want His Head

Rowan kuranes awoke in a new world inside the body of a dying prince. His new body contain terrifying secrets that he has to protect, for inside him lies the key to Eternity.Rowan must learn to harness his new abilities and fight against his enemies who would stop at nothing to deprive him of his powers.Yet he must strive to keep a portion of his humanity alive, as he continously evolve beyond godhood.A/N: There are horror element, including Eldritch Horror from Lovecraft. Fan of blood borne, and abominable horrors that goes bump in the night would love it.Epic action set pieces, and galaxy wide battles, with an extremely overpowered MC who is a one man army.

Pokémon CourtChapter 211: LaRousse City

Sootopolis City, a traditional Trainer fought a battle against Wallace, the representative of Coordinators and established the prominence of Pokémon Contests.Lilycove City, he attained the title of the youngest ever Senior Breeder, leaving a permanent mark in the records of the Breeder Association.Returning to Cerulean City as a Trainer, he easily defeated Bug Catchers with a single Pokémon and dominated the battles against the shorts-wearing kids along the way.This is actually a ordinary Pokémon fanfiction story, where the protagonist transmigrates to the real Pokémon world and embarks on a journey of exploration and personal growth, starting from Fallarbor Town.

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion yearsChapter 854 Return to Earth

Five of the world's wealthiest tycoons descended upon a poverty-stricken district simultaneously, astonishingly just to visit a 20-year-old young man. This young man was their master fifty years ago. Initially, these magnates only acquired some rudimentary knowledge from William Johnson, but that was enough to make them leaders in their respective fields. However, they were stunned by William's ageless visage when they saw him again, as they were unaware that William Johnson had lived for a billion years. He not only established different religions all over the world, but even Alexander the Great was once his student. Yet, after dispersing the tycoons fifty years ago, he chose a long slumber. But now, William Johnson has awakened...

Doomsday WonderlandChapter 1409: Mr. Grants Love

“I think… my boyfriend is trying to kill me,” Lin Sanjiu muttered. As she thought about that rich, handsome, and gentle boyfriend of hers, she could not help but tremble all over. At the present, someone close to her had personally raised the curtains to an apocalyptic hell, and slowly, it was creeping up to her. —- What if earth devolved into a apocalyptic hellhole? What if you found out you not only have to survive just one apocalyptic event but have to struggle through multiple worlds with different end-world scenarios? And you get to meet more superpowered crazies than you can imagine! Presenting the worst nightmare that your weird doomsday prepper neighbour with a bunker full of canned beans could have, Doomsday Wonderland is a novel filled with subverted tropes, non-OP characters and a female friendly label which offends all politically correct fanatics. As ‘lucky’ humans evolved to posthumans with abilities to adapt to the New World or mutate into disgusting duoluozhongs to survive, follow Lin Sanjiu as she struggle through the multiple challenges to just live one more day… and make sense of this New World that will no longer be the same.

My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another WorldChapter 698

Takumi Hirooka(20) works at a black company. He stopped at a convenience store before returning home, and then gave his beloved dog Leo a treat before eating his own dinner that he bought at the store.After eating, Takumi stood up in order to take a bath, but due to exhaustion from overworking, he fell to the floor and lost consciousness.When Takumi opened his eyes again, he was in an unfamiliar forest. But what he thought was a large wolf sitting next to him, was actually his dog Leo…Leo was now big enough to carry people on her back, and could defeat monsters that appeared in the forest in an instant.A woman they meet in the forest, Claire, tells them that Leo is the most powerful of monsters, a Silver Fenrir.Takumi couldn’t help but think that this world was all a dream. But after speaking with Claire and witnessing Leo’s strength, he finally realizes that this was another world that he had come to.They are invited to Claire’s great mansion, and Takumi eventually lives there.The young man Takumi and the dog Leo who were somehow transferred to this world.As the powerful Silver Fenrir, Leo will protect Takumi.While Takumi discovers that he has a gift, it is an ability called Weed Cultivation.…Could such an ability be useful?Takumi was tired from so much work, but he uses his ability to live with Leo and Lady Claire. This is his story.

The Support Ate it AllChapter 139: 8th Week Mentoring and Strategy Battle (1)

The “S-rank Hero Factory” that raised 1,000 S-rank heroes.The graduates’ manufacturing machine.The strongest support.These are all words that refer to me. But could this actually be the world of that game?

The First Legendary Beast MasterChapter 259 Cold FrontHOT

Born into a dirt poor mining family, Karl only had one chance to get ahead in life, the annual elite recruitment day. On their final day of middle school, every student in the Golden Dragon Nation was given an experimental injection to awaken their affinity with magic.Those few who succeeded would become the Elite, the leaders and idols of the nation, blessed with incredible magical powers and respected by all. Those who did not would return to their normal lives of hard work and low wages, just doing the best they could.But with the nation surrounded by enemies, both humans and monsters, how long would these peaceful days of magical idols last?Follow the story of Karl as he awakens a unique power and strives to become the world's first Legendary Beast Master.

My Celestial AscensionChapter 459 Afternoon Tea

Warning!!! Mature Content (R18)Yuan wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old boy who oddly resembles his former self from Earth and also goes by the same name. He was an orphan on Earth who passed away after being told that he had leukemia because he was unable to pay for his treatment because he was struggling to make ends meet.[Ding! The system has successfully rebooted.]Watch this brilliant young man as he and his partners achieve the pinnacle of cultivation and go on to become legendary figures in the future.

Dual Cultivation God ReturnsChapter 625 Core Reformation

“Wu Long, the God of Pleasure, has fallen as he failed to breakthrough.”This news have shocked all of the Seven Boundless Worlds.Meanwhile, a sixteen-year-old disciple of a dual cultivation sect was startled awake from a coma, and after some moments of calming down and gathering his thoughts, a dangerous light flickered deep in his eyes: “Jun Shaoshan, I will climb back to the top and make you pay for everything, no one has ever been safe after offending me, Wu Long!”

Celestial BloodlineChapter 519 Thanks but no thanks

After awakening a low talent compared to the kids his age, Kyle was ridiculed and looked down upon by others.That's why he stopped working hard. He knew the world which was filled with danger only followed the strong but there was nothing he could do.“What's the point of working so hard when my potential is low?“One day his brother suggested him to give the Royal Academy test just so Kyle could gain some experience.Kyle was stunned, not believing that his brother was asking him to take the test!!He knew there was no way a person who didn't even work hard after awakening his talent would be able to pass the test of one of the biggest Academy in the Kingdom.Nevertheless even after knowing he would never be able to pass the test, Kyle decided to give it a go only for his family.

Harry Potter and the Secret TreasuresChapter 930: Future Plans

A teenager named Evan Mason was reincarnated into the magical world of Harry Potter and goes to school at Hogwarts! With only his knowledge of the future and great talent for magic, he takes the path towards the top of the magic world, only to realize that ever step he took, changed everything!

Paladin of the Dead GodChapter 208:

The only Paladin of the forgotten god, Nameless Chaos, and also the only Pope, Priest, and Worshipper.

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of CounterattacksChapter 2749: Weren’t Even as Realistic as a Fart

Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of ‘you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason’ people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea bitches, scheming bitches, by the batch. Does any true beauty still exist in the world!? bellowed Ning Shu angrily. You annoying trash! I’m just here to counterattack, please don’t get in the way of me completing my task. Transmigration main character, reincarnation main character. There’s only a lazy task-taker, no undestroyable main character halo. Ning Shu had no choice but to painfully gather moral integrity in each of the worlds. Group Number: 579396123. Will once again reiterate, only talents with over 2000 followers can enter. If you do not have followers, do not join for the time being in order to avoid being hurt when you get rejected. When joining the group, attach a screenshot of your followers. Little darlings are welcomed to join.

My Girlfriend is a ZombieChapter 632: The Mocking Face
RomancePsychologicalHaremMartial Arts

When disaster struck, Ling Mo knew that the kinds of zombies depicted in doomsday movies would in fact, be totally different from reality… Normally, the most important thing to do during the end of the world is to survive, but when Ling Mo picked up his girlfriend from an abandoned bus, the trajectory of his life had gone completely out of control. The cause of this was very simple. His girlfriend, mutated… Wait, Shana, that sickle in your hand looks like its being pointed at my pants! Senior sister! Stop trying to pounce on me the moment I’m distracted! And little girl, is it really alright for you to just hide by my side and laugh? Lastly…all of you, stop trying to bite me…ahhh!!!

Deep Sea EmbersChapter 688: Information in Alices Eyes

On that day, the fog blocked everything. On that day, he became the captain of a ghost ship. On that day, he stepped through the thick fog and confronted a completely subverted and fragmented world—the old order had vanished, strange phenomonoms dominated the endless seas beyond civilized society, and isolated island city-states and fleets of ships challenged the sea that had become the last ember of lights for the civilized world. All of this while the shadows of the old days were still stirring in the deep sea, waiting to to devour this world that was about to die. But for the new captain of the ghost ship Vanished, there was only one question he had to consider first— Who knows how to drive this ship?!

Blood ShaperChapter 15Book 5:

Kay didn't have the best life. Most of it was fairly standard, but his past was marred by a tragedy that changed his entire world. Years later he had managed to mostly rebuild his life, and had started making something of himself.And then he woke up in a different world. A world of fantasy and [Classes], a world much more dangerous than the one he'd been born in.The new world he's been dumped into doesn't hold anyone's hand. Even with the bonuses that being an Outworlder brings won't keep him perfectly safe. One mistake could kill him in an instant.But maybe, with a little bit of help, he could start over once more, and start to make something of himself again. And maybe, just maybe, that something he makes himself into could be amazing. And bloody.******As I'm leaning right now there probably will be sexual content later on, but I might change my mind later. There definitely will be death, gore, violence, and blood. Lots and lots of blood.I changed my mind. No adult stuff in this story.

Heaven, Earth, MeChapter 861: Yasenia’s Challenge.

Yasenia is a child born different from the rest, her mother, Tatyana, used an ancient technique she found to absorb the world's energy to get pregnant instead of having regular intercourse. Her objective was to create a lover for herself since the endless years of solitude and all the heartbreaks covered her heart with eternal ice.While pregnant, a strange soul seems to try to seize the body of her child to be reborn; a shame that Tatyana is someone not to be messed with.In her rage, she destroys the sense of self and memories, leaving only a husk of the soul, and uses it to nourish Yasenia.What Tatyana didn't know at that time was that this would change Yasenia in ways she never expected.

Taking the Mafia to the Magic WorldChapter 827 New Sentinels of the Order in the Kenyth EmpireHOT

Vicente, a renowned criminal in his time on Earth, dies during an escape when betrayed by one of his trusted associates.However, this is not the end of Vicente's journey. Just when he thought he would die, he suddenly finds himself in a strange place, in a body different from his own.Without understanding why or how, Vicente finds that, strangely, he has been reborn!In his second chance, this time in a magical world full of possibilities impossible on Earth, he will follow a fantastic journey in search of the answers to his questions.Meanwhile, he will use his own means to survive this new reality where, once again, he will suffer heavy losses!Join Vincent on this new journey in his unique family with the old mafia ways!***Add the novel to the library and vote for it for more chapters.You can leave your opinion, and thank you for your attention.

I'll Surpass The MCChapter 680 I Have Too Many Choices

I claimed to be better than the MC. An Eldritch entity decided to put my claim to the test and reincarnated me into the world of the novel I read. But, I’m not alone. There are five other reincarnates?Wait, wait, wait! Why is the MC a regressor now? That wasn’t part of the script!

You Cannot Afford To Offend My WomanChapter 1022 (A Little Plan)

He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia. There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next.

GREED: ALL FOR WHAT?Chapter 1499 Foolish Dragon Vs Spineless Dragon.

It is said that you shouldn't meet your heroes. Gehaldirah, a high elf of royal bloodline didn't have to meet the realm lord of High Heaven before he became disillusioned.His admiration for the paragon of the high elf race turned into hatred when he got some damning knowledge about why demons kept attacking his home and looting the sacred tree of life. His hatred for the realm lord turned to self-hatred for his weakness and mediocrity.Gehaldirah had a moment of introspection. He isn't at the bottom of the ladder in this strength-based hierarchy. He is a king of law, but that apparently isn't enough to guarantee your fate. His strength is also mediocre because it was granted to him because of his bloodline.He determined he had to change himself. He has to become better. He concocted a plan that is one part genius and one part greed. His plan for reincarnation led him to the trial of heaven that occurs every origin cycle. He needed Origin essence so he participated in the trial.He got more than he wanted from the trial. His plan for reincarnation would be a success after some adjustments. But now he has a different aim. He won't aim for just the realm lord. The realm lord has control of the High Heaven Realm. That isn't enough for Geraldirah anymore.He became greedier. He has his sight set on the movers and shakers of the Void Universe. Only the power to subvert the will of World Gods will do. The plan to create LEGION, the ultimate organism was then hatched. If one person cannot achieve something, what about a multitude of them?His journey will not be easy. He will have to overcome Celestials and their Celestial Supreme, Gods and their GodKings, Demon kings and their Demon gods. The Void Universe is full of obstacles that will like nothing more than to put an end to his path. It is not that they hate him. They will oppose him simply because the era of conquest is coming. There are no friends in the era of conquest. It is everyone for themselves.

Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction LegacyChapter 795 Extract

Faced with a certain death, Kyle has no other choice but to gamble.He was warned that he could perish in the Arcane Academy but he gritted his teeth and took the risk... and because of his decision, he unveiled many secrets about this mysterious world, discovered many mystical practices, touched upon forbidden relics that will change his life, and gained the enmity of powerful existences.Thankfully, he didn't transmigrate alone. The Divine Extraction System was with him as he treaded his chosen Arcane Path…

Advent of the Three CalamitiesChapter 213 Four Empire Summit [4]

[From the Author of Author's POV...]Emotions are like a drug to us.The more we experience them, the more we become addicted.The hardest part is not letting them consume us.But it's already too late for me.I've already been swallowed whole.***I had no knowledge of the game.I was meant to have died.And yet, I found myself in this situation.A game I had never played before. A character I was unfamiliar with, and... A world that seemed to want to swallow me whole with every move I made.What the hell is going on?...and who am I?

Cursed ImmortalityChapter 679 Digging Your Own Grave
ActionAdventureXianxiaMartial Arts

Jacob Steve, an Old Man, died at 116 after living a whole life.But Jacob always had a dark side, which he always suppressed and hid from others.However, in the later years of his life, when death was inevitable, he understood there wasn't any point in having wealth, knowledge, or desires if you couldn't have a life to enjoy them.He became obsessed with fabled immortality and devoted his reaming life to extending his fleeting lifespan, but just like any other failed.However, he mysteriously got another chance at life and found a way that led to fabled immortality.But he was also forewarned that the way led to it was filled with blood and darkness!In the end, Jacob chose it anyway with no way of going back, and it was also the start of his suffering and his icky, brutal journey toward the 'Immortality' he wanted so badly!

From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival ShowChapter 705 Losing My Brain CellsHOT

In a twist of fate, Jun Hao, a ruthless street thug known for his brute strength and sharp instincts, dies at the hand of the boss he served like a slave.When he thought he would die, he saw a screen flash before his eyes—it was a system and a status window![System integrating: Become A Top Idol]Jun Hao finds himself abruptly transported into the body of Choi Joon-ho, a timid trainee hoping to make it big in the cutthroat world of idols through “Rising Stars,” a highly popular idol survival show. In a world unfamiliar to him, where singing, dancing, and charisma reign supreme, Jun Hao must navigate the treacherous waters of an idol survival show or risk losing the life of his beloved younger sister.

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy CaptainChapter 569

Lin Tian, who had reincarnated into the world of One Piece ten years ago met Garp, who was on duty to eradicate pirates, and become his student.In the past ten years, Lin Tian has lived his life as a Marine Soldier and has experienced many amazing adventures and battles in the Grand Line.However, due to the World Nobles incident that shook the world, he became rebellious against the Marine until seriously injured.He escaped and met Luffy, who had formed a small pirate crew, and became Luffy’s vice-captain in that pirate crew.He returns to the Grand Line and begins a new journey with Luffy as his captain.Lin Tian became accustomed to playing the role of a vice-captain who always made plans, had unreliable captains, and always acted before thinking what exciting things would happen…

Atticus's Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A PlaygroundChapter 553 Found

Hardworking Protagonist: Yes, Interesting Side Cast: Yes, World Building: Yes, Overpowered Protagonist: Yes, Transmigration: Yes.Atticus's life took an unexpected turn when a tragedy transported him to a magical world. In this new world, he's determined to overcome his limitations, grow stronger, and seek vengeance against the one who brought him here.As Atticus embarks on his journey, he becomes entangled in a dimension-spanning battle. Guided by newfound purpose, he navigates this wondrous yet perilous world, forming unbreakable bonds with diverse allies. Along the way, he uncovers hidden truths about himself and resolves to protect his loved ones from danger.This is a story of evolution, courage, vengeance, and unwavering determination. Join Atticus as he evolves from an ordinary individual into a formidable force, journeying through valor and sacrifice to save a realm on the brink of chaos. With each step, Atticus discovers the depths of his potential.A/N1. There's no harem.2. The MC cares only about himself and his family. He doesn't mind crossing the line if it means he can keep himself and his family safe.3. He has an extremely vengeful personality. Regardless of the reason or what you're going through, he doesn't care. What matters is that you hurt him, and that's all he needs.4. There will be no 'hiding of strength.' He'll be cautious about what he shows, but he won't lose if he can help it.5. The MC works hard for his strength; don't be fooled by the system tag.6. Lastly, if you have any semblance of liking for this novel, give me your everything, hahaha. Just kidding, please give me power stones and drop reviews. Thank you!

My system allows me to copy talentsChapter 417 Bonding

Takahashi Hiro after committing suicide gets reincarnated into his younger self. A genius footballer from a young age, he loses all his footballing talent after a horrendous injury.But despite that he perseveres through the odds and overcomes his tragedy. Finally when he could make his dream come true after getting scouted by a professional team, he faces yet another trouble.Having lost his final hope of making alive, he takes his life by committing suicide.But to his surprise, instead of dying he wakes up in his younger body. Having returned back to time, he again dreams of being the greatest footballer.This time with the help of the system which allows him to copy talent of any footballer, will he make it as a pro? Will he be the G.O.A.T?Notes: Characters in this story are fictional, The story might progress slowly, A huge emphasis has been paid to emotion of the characters, The story will not focus solely on football and system and it will focus equally on the lifestyle of the protagonist and the people closer to him.

A Journey That Changed The World.Chapter 820 Just Watch Husband

Behold the epic tale of Archer, a boy who had long yearned for the love of Alexa, the girl of his dreams. Just as he finally won her heart, tragedy struck, and he was torn from the familiar world of Earth and cast into a new and wondrous world.Lost and alone in this strange land, Archer soon discovered that it was teeming with magic, adventure, and danger. With his mysterious and potent magical abilities, he set out on a quest to carve out a name for himself and make his mark on this world.His journey was fraught with peril and uncertainty, but he remained steadfast and resolute, knowing that the rewards would be great if he persevered. As he roamed through the wilds and cities of this new world, he encountered many powerful and alluring women, each with her own unique talents and quests.Some became his trusted allies, while others sought to thwart his ambitions and claim his life. But Archer was undaunted, and he learned many skills and mastered the mana of the world, facing off against fearsome beasts, treacherous foes, and cunning rulers.Join Archer as he embarks on a legendary journey that will change the world.

Wizard World IrregularChapter 657 Griffin Court [Part 1]

Ethan accidentally rode the wrong train and ended up in Brynhildr Magical Academy where Wizards and Witches are taught on how to use Magic.As someone who didn't have any magic powers, he thought that he would be punished for being in a place where he wasn't supposed to be. Fortunately, due to a stroke of luck, the teenage boy managed to avoid the worst case scenario, and ended up staying in the Magic Academy to learn magic.Ridiculed by many for being magically crippled, Ethan strived to adapt to his new school life with the help of his new friends, who made him realize what True Magic was all about.

Return of the Unrivaled Spear KnightChapter 274Side Story
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Unrivaled Spear Knight. The stereotype that knights must use swords is broken by the brightest star of a duke’s family. The hero that brought an end to the empire’s civil war. The name of that person is Joshua Sanders. Despite his reputation of being called the empire’s unrivaled spear, he was bleeding dark red blood. Not just anyone but by the hand of his own emperor, Kaiser… “Kaiser! Don’t think it will end like this!!” Moments before death, incurred by magic circle, the spear that spent its years together with him, ‘Lugia’, started to emit an enormous amount of energy… This familiar place, it can’t be… the stable that I used to live in when I was young? My body became young?! Lugia, what the hell are you? Joshua returned to his younger self. His ultimate revenge starts here!

Complete Martial Arts AttributesChapter 2306 - : Shadow Fortress Ultimate Skill! (2)HOT

The dimensional rifts link the earth to the Xingwu continent. This is the dawn of the martial arts era! I will be useless if I don’t practice martial arts? Don’t worry, I have a system that allows me to pick up attributes. When other people drop attributes during their training, I can pick them up secretly. Huh? Did you just say that beating up people will make them drop attributes too? In that case... You defeated a sword skill genius. He dropped Enlightenment×2, Sword Talent×1... You’ve picked them up. Your insights have improved and you’ve gained a beginner stage sword talent! You defeated a blade skill talent. He dropped Blade Battle Technique×1, Malicious Blade Intent×1... You picked them up and learned a rare blade battle technique! You’ve also figured out Malicious Blade Intent and have become extremely fierce! You defeated a physique talent. He dropped Physique Scripture×1, Holy-Blood Dominant Physique×1... You picked them up and learned a new top-grade scripture! You are exceptionally lucky to have received the Holy-Blood Dominant Physique. It can change your physique completely and you earned a god-level title ‘Endless Health’. Someone killed a powerful star beast and dropped Spiritual Sight×1 and Blank Attribute×60... You picked them up secretly and receive a spiritual eye talent as well as 60 points to add to any of your current attributes! You defeat many opponents in your life. You accidentally kill an innocent devil and split the universe into two when you’re practicing your blade at home. You burst the sun with your fist and the world is engulfed in darkness... That’s when you realize... You’re invincible!

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire!Chapter 231: Truth

Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man!She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood.He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty.The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account:“My dear wife, can we not divorce?”Everyone was confused.[Strong Female Lead, Undercover, Dominator, Powerful Confrontation, 1V1]

I Shall Be Everlasting In the World of ImmortalsChapter 81: Abnormal Heavenly Moon Wolf
Martial ArtsAdventureSlice Of LifeAction

Lan Chang’an has gone through two lifetimes of reincarnations, and in the third life, he aimed for stability until reaching the Nascent Soul Realm in hopes of unraveling the mysteries of the Nine Seal Stele. Consequently, he cultivated the Ancient Trees Evergreen Technique, which wielded modest power in return for greater lifespan.His approach is not one of fearlessly engaging in battles, but of navigating with steady precision and forging meaningful bonds with others.Throughout his long cultivation journey, he encountered individuals at various stages of their cultivation, including a Decent Faction Head, a Prodigious Beauty, a Giant Demon Lord, an Evil Cultivator, a Thousand-Year Old Demon, and a Puppet Master Pulling Strings From Behind The Scene.Observing the ebb and flow of the world, witnessing its ups and downs, he unknowingly became a living fossil in the realm of cultivation, akin to an evergreen tree spanning through eternity.In the world of mortals, the flow of life is steady, shrouded in the illusion of longevity, yet decisions are made decisively, with a clear sense of morality.

Ascension Through SkillsChapter 230: 52nd Floor (1)

The labyrinth that swallowed humanity. Four choices were given to them.Easy Mode, where anyone can survive. Normal Mode, where only those who fight survive. Hard Mode, where only 1% can survive. And the Solo Mode, where only one person survived.The strongest returnee of humanity, Kang Taesan, was an Easy Mode player.He heard countless times,“What if you had chosen the Hard Mode, or even the Normal Mode?”Regretting his cowardly choice while dying amidst destruction, he gets another chance to choose.“This time, I won’t make the wrong choice.”The strongest Easy Mode player has returned.

Gacha Addict in a Matriarchal WorldChapter 63: Preparation

Gacha – Civilization’s Ultimate Game.Spin now for a shot at fortune.Spending that doesn’t disrupt your lifestyle? That’s virtually free-to-play.Keep spinning until you strike gold – success is guaranteed.……Today, yet again, I’m at the gacha wheel.“Did I get a 5-star?!”

Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a GameChapter 179: Battle For The City (1)

After struggling to survive for three hundred years in another world, Yang Qiu finally returned to Earth.However, he was shocked to find that only one day had passed in Earth time. More surprisingly, his own sister didn’t recognize him…And what’s worse, he hadn’t escaped from that terrifying dark magic plane at all!To save himself, he has no choice but to take on the role of a savior…[Fourth Crisis: Influx of Gamers] A deranged black mage disguised a magic plane as a game, deceiving even more deranged Earth players to rush into this other world and wreak havoc.Starting with just a skeleton frame, equipment is obtained through plundering… and confiscation!Undead, bandits, calamity—a trinity of a storm from another dimension engulfing the continent of Navalon, bringing both terror and the potential for peace, justice, order, and enlightenment.Elder gods resurrections and the void encroaches—the battle for the end of the world begins. Since the three major calamities have gathered, the only ones who can stand against them are the fourth calamity!Simple-minded Earth players, heed my call and take up your weapons to save this dark and magical OtherWorld!

A Nascent Kaleidoscope.Chapter 527: Part 2

An experiment gone wrong, or possibly right? A Nascent Kaleidoscope opens his eyes.A reincarnated Zelretch story. Previous Fate-series knowledge recommended.A Fate/DxD/Multi Crossover.In Light of the horrendous new update, know that I do cross post on Fan Fiction dot Net.

Theatrical Regression LifeChapter 67

Theatrical regression life of an old-fashioned villain (kkondae) who recalled his past life.“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a better life.”——Survival in the ‘Otherworld’; a place where only the insane can set foot in.

I'm the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation OrganizationChapter 366

Babel Tower, a mysterious organization, suddenly appeared in front of the world. In the name of saving the world, they studied mutation technology and dealt with all kinds of terrifying natural disasters. They forcefully controlled Knight, Psychics, Witch and other big shots to join their organization and become operators.“Everything is under the Savior’s control.”“I’m the queen of the Vampire, I won’t kneel before you! Damn it! I can’t control my body!”“Please, let me rest. I don’t want to go on another mission.”…Everyone believed that the mysterious leader behind the Babel Tower, the savior, was definitely the force of God.After hearing this, I panicked.

Fey Evolution MerchantChapter 3095: Disloyalty!HOT

A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world’s awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new path—spirit qi occupations! Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also evolving toward their ancestry line or developing spiritual mutations. Lin Yuan realizes that he can assist feys in evolving limitlessly and constantly purify their bloodlines. He starts off with a small fey evolution store on the Star Web and rises up from there. Lin Yuan: “There is no problem that I cannot solve to deliver the goods. If there is a problem, it is because the goods are better than expectations!” This is a story purely about pets!

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