Affinity: Chaos-Chapter 1093 Encountering Someone From The Vaergahl Family

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Chapter 1093 Encountering Someone From The Vaergahl Family


An ice dome could be seen, two figures were squeezed inside the dome.

"F*ck! I can't believe we have to hide like this." Reynolds complained, annoyed, he looked at Klaus and said, "Didn't you say you could hold them back for three seconds?"

"Shut up! Didn't you see that they were too strong? I'm only at the Peak of the Sage Plane, why didn't you try fighting against them alone? Moron." Klaus retorted angrily.

When he set up the defensive wall, he made a quick decision. The moment he sensed the aura of their attacks, he knew that there was no way the wall would hold up, so after breaking through the building, he used the help of the sword, drilled a hole into the ground and they hid there, hiding their auras.

Although Reynolds was complaining, he was also sweating. He could sense that the people had caught up with the Elemental Warrior. The moment they noticed the sword was not with it, they attacked it instantly. Given their current predicament, he didn't dare to allow them to extinguish the Elemental Warrior and quickly whisked it away from them.

The duo quickly came out of the ground and ran away. They couldn't wait for the others to come back. Since they've realized that the sword and the duo were not with the Elemental Warrior, they were certain that they had hidden on the way.

Klaus and Reynolds ran as fast as their legs could take them. Although flying here was dangerous, as long as they didn't go a certain height, they would be fine. But if they took the sky, then they would be easily tracked, hence they decided to run on the ground.


While Klaus and Reynolds were running for their lives, on another side of the ruin, a familiar figure was in a tight spot.

"Don't go too far, I already left it to you." Gilbert said coldly.

His father was standing behind him, and they were confronted by three figures. They were fortunate to see a treasure, but just as he obtained it, these three appeared and told him to give it to them. Although he was in the First stage of the Elemental Venerable Plane, his opponents were also in the Elemental Venerable Plane, and only one of them was still at the Peak of the Sage Plane.

He couldn't fight all three of them simultaneously, so he compromised and gave the treasure to them. But now, they were threatening him to give them his storage ring as well, unless they would kill him.

"Little girl, don't be too greedy, it will not do you any good." Gilbert's father stepped forward and said with a calm voice.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" The young lady in the First stage of the Elemental Venerable Plane asked coldly as he looked at the figure covered with a cloak.

Gilbert wanted to speak but his father raised his hand for him to stop. He looked at the young lady and when she stared at his eyes, she froze for a moment and a sense of danger welled up in her heart for a brief moment.

'What's this feeling? He's clearly injured.' She thought to herself as she looked at Gilbert's father.

A second later she concluded and turned around, "Let's go."

She gave up on wanting to rob them. She didn't know if what she felt was real since it all happened within a quarter of a second, but she didn't want to take the risk. What if she died?

She didn't know who the man who stepped up was, but since Gilbert was with him, he shouldn't be too weak too. Although they could sense that he was injured, they couldn't sense his cultivation stage. If he was strong, they felt Gilbert wouldn't need to hand over the treasure, the fact that he handed it over proved that the person was not strong. But now, she was having second thoughts. Thinking of the fact that powerful people couldn't make a move here made her apprehended, maybe this person was a powerful figure and didn't want to receive a backlash from the place.

Gilbert looked at his father, "You didn't have to step forward, I would've handled it."

"We don't have the time to waste on these things. If not for the fact that that thing piqued my interest, I wouldn't have allowed you to waste time on it. Since they've taken it, let it be. Let's go." Gilbert's father said

Gilbert nodded, looked at the back of his father, and followed behind. He didn't know why his father told him to come here, but he felt it must be very important. He was also curious, how did his father know about the thing he wanted to take in this place?

His father said there was something here he needed, and this place was only discovered recently. He speculated that his father might've been here before, if not, he wouldn't come, especially when he was injured.



On another side of the ruin.

Alice was heading to the deeper parts of the ruin. Not everyone was as lucky as Klaus who managed to see something beneficial to them.

Although she had seen a few things, none of them were of any use to her, so she didn't bother with them. From how good the things she saw were, she knew that going deeper was the best choice.

However, as she went deeper, the danger increased. There were still Magical Beasts here, and they were all attacking any human they came across.

While moving through the woods, she encountered a group of people fighting against the Magical Beasts in the forest, and all of them were fighting with their physical bodies.

One of them was particularly eye-catching, his body was covered with scales.

When Alice saw this person, she couldn't help but stare. This person was strong and was even using his physical body to dominate the Magical Beast that was on the same level as himself. It was a rare sight, but seeing a human with scales was even rarer.