After Being an Improper Control Group as an Abandoned Wealthy Wife, She Effortlessly Came Out on Top

Authors : Chilly Countenance

Status : OnGoing

Genres : Romance , Comedy

Chapters: 278

Last update: 7 days ago

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In wealthy circles, Meng Chuyuan was known to be an abandoned wife. Her husband was rarely home, and both her younger brother-in-law and mother-in-law have terrible tempers.Others mocked her for living an undignified life, but only Meng Chuyuan knew how comfortable and free she was.She had endless money to spend and didn't have to have children.However, one day, her brother-in-law, who was a popular figure in the entertainment industry, dragged her to a rural reality show.Before the show started, Meng Chuyuan, as part of the control group, ranked first on the list of unfortunate marriages and cold relations with her in-laws!After the show aired, Meng Chuyuan's radiant appearance completely overshadowed the negative publicity!The netizen's focus began to change.Abandoned by a wealthy family? With that 40-carat diamond ring, anyone would want to be in her shoes!Discord between in-laws? Please! They were so in sync with their playful banter. They acted like real siblings!Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflicts?During the family day event, Meng Chuyuan's mother-in-law was practically her number one fan!Unhappy marriage? Her husband's possessiveness practically overflowed from the screen.If they were a so-called fake couple, netizens would live stream themselves eating their shoes! Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .