Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 707: Death King Tree going for broke

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Chapter 707: Death King Tree going for broke

Mo Ye used two Holy Army Coat abilities to kill Zhang Dalong.

The first was the black spear, one of the set skillsthe Black Pattern Spear. Its attack was 300% of her own bodys attack.

The second was the three split images at the end. That came from the gloves--- Three Hits. Every four hours, you could use a triple fist strike or three attacks from the weapon the glove was holding onto.

The Holy Army Coat previously added many stats to Mo Ye, and she had a lot of strength. Along with the spears 300% buff, it made her attack extremely strong.

The Three Hits skill also turned this attack into three attacks.

Even if a fully equipped Shengyuan were here, he probably wouldnt be able to block it, much less Zhang Dalong, who was not good at defense.

As for Zhang Dalong, who was squashed into meat paste by the giant log, there was no way he could block it.

Things were like that sometimes. When survivors got equipment or learned a skill, their confidence would increase, and they would think that no one was their match. But the truth was that others might get better equipment or skills!

For example, Ye Zhongming. Although he revived, he didnt think that he was invincible. He still started as an ordinary person, while others had a strong starting point. Such people were common, be it during peacetime or during the apocalypse.

Ye Zhongming still recalled some words that he heard before the apocalypse.

If you revived, are you sure that you could turn into Buffet or Bill Gates? Ask yourself and think about it. If ten thousand people were revived, probably only one person could reach Bill Gatess heights.

But since you knew the future, you would definitely succeed.

Chance, luck, help, choices, connections, timing Etc, it concerned too many areas.

Even rebirth was like that, much less someone trying to get stronger.

Zhang Dalong was strong. If he hadnt bumped into Mo Ye and instead fought someone else from Cloud Peak, he would have been the winner. Unfortunately, he faced Mo Ye.

The nine-star evolved in his last life, and Ye Zhongming changed his destiny. Not only did he fail to live for ten years, he died in Linhai, which he probably didnt even come to in his last life.

Ye Zhongmings rebirth started to change this world and everything in it.

Park Xiuying ran over and used Gentle Chains on her face. Those dense wounds started to heal but as the black wind was a darkness skill, some remnant energy was hard to clean. Even if Park Xiuying healed her, it would probably take some time to heal.

Ye Zhongming, Xia Bai, and Mo Ye all won, which tilted the scales towards the humans. The three of them charged at the Death King Tree from three directions. Although it had retreated a distance and sent many dried corpses to block for it, none of them could stop the three. It was a matter of time before it was caught.

The humans behind were in the dried corpse ocean. They couldnt break free from these fellows even if they went all out.

The only good news was that after Lin Xing died, those humans who listened to him and helped the Death King Tree lost hope. Some started to break out towards one side, one continued to attack, and one decided to rebel. After all, they were all humans.

This caused chaos in the horde. Humans started to expand their defenses outward, allowing more people to fight on the frontline.

Cloud Peak showed its strong foundations. They didnt have the most people and might be fewer than those from Linhai. But they caused the most damage in this stage and had the best effect. They were the ones who killed the most dried corpses.

Be it the Violent Lightning Turret, crystal weapons, or member abilities, they were much stronger than other survivors. Just look at the number of dried corpses they had killed, and you would know. After paying a small price, they had killed tens of thousands of them.

Not enough? Look at how many of them there were. Just a few hundred!

Especially the core Cloud Peak members. They were so strong that even their allies felt numb.

Their attacks were too crazy and too effective. Their jobs were great, their equipment was great, and their coordination was great. With them as the arrowhead, Cloud Peak became the only faction that could pass in and out of the horde.

Ying City Alliances performance was already good enough. Their formation was calm, and they were like an exquisite machine that was killing the dried corpses in an orderly manner. But they were only able to maintain the status quo. (f)reenovelkiss.com

The entire human faction cheered when the three battles ended with Cloud Peaks victory. They saw the hope of defeating the Death King Tree. With those three's strength, everyone believed that they could deal with the level-eight Death King Tree.

This hope scattered the feeling of despair that the death around them had brought them.

In truth, if not for World Nature, Ye Zhongming, Xia Bai, and Mo Ye could handle the Death King Tree.

The woman's face on the tree became really ugly. Its enjoyment was gone, and the fact that its plans had failed so quickly surprised and annoyed it.

It planned to hold back the human experts and use the dried corpses to kill the other humans. After which, she would then deal with these few experts to obtain enough energy for it to evolve.

The three experts were charging at it now that such accidents had occurred. The current Death King Tree was not strong enough to stop them.

Hesitation appeared on its face. It looked at the three of them get closer and made a choice.

It screamed unwillingly. Those dried corpses stopped moving, and all of them withered before exploding. freewebnove(l)

The explosion hit many people, but their injuries werent serious.

After those tubes were pulled out, they continued to stick into the bodies of other dried corpses, and the same scene repeated!

It is absorbing the remaining energy of the dried corpses!

Ye Zhongming was shocked and knew they had caused it to go all out. It failed to kill the humans quickly and used its subordinates to give it the energy it needed to evolve.

When everyones attention was on these dried corpses, the flower that locked the city finally moved.

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