Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort-Chapter 858 - Your opponent is me!

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Chapter 858 Your opponent is me!

However, just when Nangong Aochen was about to attack Bai Shi, Baili Hongzhuang had already blocked Nangong Aochen.

“Your opponent is me.”

Compared to Nangong Aochen’s face full of anger, Baili Hongzhuang looked very indifferent.

For such snobs, they need to learn that there is always someone more talented than oneself.


“Go to hell!”

Nangong Aochen could no longer control his emotions, and he used the Heavenly Devil’s Palm to attack Baili Hongzhuang without hesitation.

At the same time, Baili Hongzhuang’s mind moved the Azure Flame Sacred Palm forward to meet it!

Just after the two attacks collided, Bai Shi had successfully bitten through the flame lion’s neck!

He has no difficulty in beheading whomever he wants!

Nangong Ouyi’s eyes were seething with anger, but as the emperor of Qingxiao Kingdom he couldn’t show it. This Baili Hongzhuang must die!


The two attacks collided abruptly to the horrified eyes of the crowd. At the moment of impact, a terrifying thunderous sound like nine days of thunder erupted.

Ripples of primordial force visible to the naked eye spread out, covering the sky and the sun, darkening the entire sky.

At the moment these two attacks erupted, protective shields around the arena instantly activated, and a layer of light golden protective shields covered the entire arena to prevent energy leakage from affecting the cultivators in the stands.

The Yuanli storm swept across the protective cover, but no one could see the situation inside the protective shields, and no one knew what the result was.

Outside the protective cover, Bai Shi looked inside the protective shielding with the flame lion’s head in its mouth.

As the collision erupted, the master had asked it leave the arena. After all, it would only be affected if it stayed inside with such energy.

Although the scope of this martial arts arena is not small, it was still somewhat dwarfed by the energy collision between Baili Hongzhuang and Nangong Aochen.

However, when everyone saw Bai Shi holding head of the flame lion, they all felt ridiculed.

And the person who had said that it would be good enough if the white lion could survive a single move against the flame lion, kept silent, just hoping that everyone would not remember what he had said.

Nangong Ouyi’s hands were pressed firmly on his knees, his calm face reflecting the majesty of the emperor, but everyone knew that Nangong Ouyi was in a bad mood.

Huan Chuyou and the other people’s eyes were glued to the competition arena, the battle was so explosive that they couldn’t even make a judgment.

A look of worry appeared in everyone’s eyes, and no one knew whose combat power was stronger in this collision.

Logically speaking, Nangong Aochen had the upper hand, but Baili Hongzhuang’s sudden compression of the Azure Flame Sacred Palm surprised everyone, so was impossible to judge the power of the compressed Azure Flame Sacred Palm.

“Hongzhuang should be okay, right?”

Xia Zhiqing clasped her hands together, her eyes fixed on the competition platform. The scale of energy was a bit frightening.

If she was in such an energy storm, it would be very difficult to survive.

“I believe Hongzhuang will be fine.” Zhan Yunfeng said in a solemnly.

She believed in Hongzhuang’s strength. Although Nangong Aochen’s strength was very strong, as far as Baili Hongzhuang’s combat effectiveness was concerned, even if she lost the battle, it would not be life-threatening.

Everyone was silent, they could only wait for the energy storm to dissipate to find out the results.