Bigshot Mr. Fu's Wife is Sweet and Wild-Chapter 984: Improper Fan Shengmei and Fudimo 47 End

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Chapter 984 Improper Fan Shengmei and Fudimo 47 End

Combined with the strong aura of his superiors, the cold voice did not dare to speak.

They didn't expect to make a show on the head of their own proprietress. 𝑓reπ˜¦π”€π—²π˜£π˜―π˜°Ξ½β„―π’.c𝗼m

The leader bit the bullet, "Mr. Fu, it was Qin Shi and his wife who found us... We really don't know about this. In fact, even if we don't accept it, other TV program groups may also accept it."

Fu Ge sneered, "They still have the face to sue? In order to have a son, they threw out their daughter who is in the third year of high school and didn't even pay tuition fees. This is trying to destroy her. I don't deserve to be a parent. What's the matter, now Are you still thinking about destroying it again?"

The TV station is no longer sounding.

This matter, they do not comment.

It's not easy to comment either.

"You can go to the high school where my wife is studying to inquire about it, and you will know the most about it. Besides, there is still half a year before it is time to pay child support. At that time, we will pay according to the local standards stipulated by the state. One point more, not one point less, of course, if they are seriously ill or something, we will pay for the medical expenses, you just tell them these words, as for the meeting, then don't even think about it."

Fu Ge and Qin Jianxi only got married last year, and Qin Jianxi was only three months pregnant, so he wouldn't tell her about these troubles.

When the TV station heard this, they could only nod and leave.

No way, since the family didn’t refuse to pay child support, what’s the point?

No one stipulates that if you want an older sister, you must take care of your younger brother.

It can only be said that the husband and wife were too good at life back then.

It's really irrational to make such a decision when you know that your daughter is excellent.

Otherwise, the Yue family of the richest man...would life still be hard?

After the people from the TV station went back, they brought the words of their boss to Qin Shi and his wife.

This made Qin Shi and his wife very angry. f𝗿eπ™šπ˜Έeπ›πš—π¨π™«πšŽπ™‘.c𝒐𝐦

Seeing that they wanted to be demons, the people from the TV station kindly reminded them: "If you really have to investigate this matter, you won't get any good. Don't say that the things you did are shameless, just rely on them." People move their fingers now, and it's a matter of minutes to destroy a person..."

"There are too many ways to destroy a person in this world. You should be more contented. Save a little for the monthly maintenance fee and your own pension. That's about the same."

The people from the TV station left after saying these words, and it doesn’t matter whether they listen or not.

Qin Shi and his wife fell into silence, and then yelled at Qin Jianxi, all kinds of unpleasant things... After venting, they also became quiet.

No way, the reality is in front of them, they have to think about it.

Listening to what the people from these TV stations said, you can tell that Qin Jianxi is married to an extraordinary person.

If you really want to kill them...they will be fine when they are old, if it ruins their three sons, wouldn't all the hard work of these years be in vain?

So the couple didn't want to go to that white-eyed wolf anymore.

Similarly, they don't teach the triplets those extracurricular art classes that are expensive and rarely used.

Qin Jianxi didn't care about these people. When the time came, Fu Ge knew that she was going to pay the couple alimony, so he automatically took over the task.

Qin Jianxi gave birth to a pair of twins.

It was only after the child was born that she realized that her son had inherited Fu Ge's face blindness.

However, this is not a problem, she believes that her son will definitely meet his rightful girl, just like Fu Ge met her.

In this life, the couple lived very happily...


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Sister Green Tea: You just lost the first time, what I lost was love! Sister, I beg you... Grit your teeth, close your eyes and pass.

Biological father: You are my blood, so you should contribute to the family.

Biological mother: Why are you so ignorant? Donate a kidney? In the future, you will be supported by your younger brother.

Ye Jiu: ...Crawl away for my sister

Isn't it good for her to start her own business?


Everyone knows that the emperor crazily criticizes Bo Shao for hiding a woman in his heart, the kind who loves to death and life, and is very high-profile.

Her innocence, kindness, and weakness... are all illusions.

In reality, she is difficult to deal with.

In the first year of the strategy, she became the archery champion.

In the second year of the Raiders, she became an Olympic champion.

In the third year of the Raiders, she won prizes and got soft hands.

Raiders N years... She pushed him down and became the richest man in the world.

The female protagonist who focuses on her career VS the male protagonist who is crazy about love and brain.

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