Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2129 What If One Is A Dragon And One Is A Tiger! (2)

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Chapter 2129 What If One Is A Dragon And One Is A Tiger! (2) freewebno(v)

2129 What If One Is A Dragon And One Is A Tiger! (2)

At the same time, the surrounding talented warriors were in an uproar.

Tai Beisha's reputation was not small. Being the 10th on the Freshmen Leaderboard and possessing exquisite beauty, she was an extremely rare warrior from the Feather Race, radiating an extraordinary charm.

Many speculated that she might even ascend to the universe goddess ranking in the future!

And yet, such a talented female warrior voluntarily joined the Constellation Society.

Was the Constellation Society so popular?

Those who had left the Constellation Society were regretting more than ever, feeling like they had made a catastrophic mistake.

Who could have imagined that the Constellation Society would suddenly rise like this?

As for the members of the Constellation Society, their emotions were highly elevated due to Tai Beisha's sudden joining.

Tai Beisha not only had formidable strength but also unparalleled beauty. Her joining meant they could be in close proximity to her.

Long live the Constellation Society!

Their president was awesome!

Many Constellation Society members were excited, shouting loudly in their hearts.

Wang Teng chuckled and shook his head at the excited male martial warriors around him.

After Yue Qiqiao made her move, figures like Yue Qiqiao and Boret couldn't sit still. They headed towards the Freshmen Leaderboard one after another.

This scene immediately attracted many gazes.

Since Yu Yunxian had shown his prowess, many knew he was formidable and likely to enter the top ten.

As he challenged the Freshmen Leaderboard, everyone wondered which rank he would choose.

At this moment, a figure suddenly burst out of the crowd, transforming into a black streak of light and flying towards the Freshmen Leaderboard.

"Lu Tian!"

"It's Lu Tian!"

"Yu Yunxian from the Constellation Society is challenging Lu Tian!"

A series of exclamations erupted, as everyone was taken aback by Yu Yunxian's boldness. He directly challenged Lu Tian, who was in the third place.

Mind you, he was outside the top ten previously but decided to challenge the third position. This was a significant leap.

The geniuses of the Constellation Society were quite arrogant!

Even more surprising was that Lu Tian agreed!


Wu Yan's eyes flashed with brilliance, his figure slightly moving as he entered the Freshmen Leaderboard.

He wanted to witness this battle.

Feng Mo and Raynolds also entered the observation space.

This battle was the most anticipated match of the day and a true top-ten showdown. They were all interested.

Especially those who wanted to challenge Lu Tian and vie for the second position couldn't miss his battle.

Wang Teng's gaze flickered, and he once again entered the Freshmen Leaderboard to observe. He also wanted to see how far this crown prince had progressed.

In the battle space.

Yu Yunxian and Lu Tian were both silent types. There wasn't any idle talk. They directly began their battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless sword lights swept across the sky in the battle space, creating a spectacular scene. They were like two torrents of sword lights, immensely grand.

Both of them were genius martial warriors specializing in sword techniques.

One wielded the sword of slaughter.

The other, a majestic and domineering sword!

The battle between these two martial prodigies was much more thrilling than the previous confrontation between Yu Qiqiao and Tai Beisha.

"So powerful!" Tai Beisha also entered the observation space. Seeing the battle between the two, her eyes revealed astonishment, and her expression gradually turned serious.

She had witnessed Yu Yunxian's battle, but she hadn't expected the opponent's swordsmanship to be so formidable, able to contend head-on with the third-ranked Lu Tian.

She was originally very confident in her own light-element sword technique, but witnessing the exchange between the two, her heart was filled with a sense of gravity.

However, one thing she believed she did right was join the Constellation Society.

The fact that such talents were hidden within the organization indicated that this newly formed faction of students was not as simple as it seemed.

She pondered how strong Wang Teng, the president, really was.

Tai Beisha tilted her head slightly, glanced at Wang Teng, who was calmly observing the match. She was unable to discern anything from his expression.

"Lu Tian is about to lose!" Wang Teng suddenly spoke, calmly stating the situation.

"Lu Tian is about to lose?" Tai Beisha, Yu Qiqiao, and the others were slightly surprised. They quickly turned their attention to the battle space.


The sword in Lu Tian's hand suddenly burst into a pitch-black sword light, emanating a pervasive intent of bloodlust that filled the heavens and the earth.

Even though Wang Teng and the others were in a different space, it appeared as if they could feel the overwhelming intent of bloodlust approaching.

It was a purely intense killing intent. In an instant, it appeared as if countless cries of slaughter echoed in their ears, unsettling their minds.

Lu Tian seemed to meld entirely into that sword, transforming into a sword of bloodlust, charging fiercely toward Yu Yunxian.

Unity of Man And Sword!

When he clashed with Wang Teng before, Lu Tian had already mastered the unity of man and sword. Now, facing Yu Yunxian, he did not hold back and once again employed this technique.

Moreover, judging from the terrifying momentum, Lu Tian's mastery of the Unity of Man and Sword had improved.

It was no wonder. As someone who was able to reach the third position in the Freshmen Leaderboard, how could he be stagnating?

Yue Qiqiao, Tai Beisha, and the others were flabbergasted. They stared at the sword in horror.

This was horrifying! freeweb

The immensely powerful sword light and the overwhelming sword intent made people feel an irresistible sense of oppression.

How could Lu Tian, who was this powerful, lose?

What was Wang Teng thinking?

However, in the face of such a sword, Yu Yunxian remained unperturbed. The sword in his hand also erupted with a brilliant golden light, and his entire being became incredibly sharp, exuding an imposing and majestic sword intent.

At this moment, he seemed to transform into a sword!

Unity of Man And Sword!

It was also the Unity of Man And Sword@

Moreover, the sword conscious of the two appeared remarkably close, making it challenging for outsiders to discern the disparity in their swordsmanship realms.


In the next moment, Yu Yunxian made his move. Similarly, transforming into a streak of sword light, he slashed forward, and a golden sword light swept across.

In the combat space, the sword lights collided with a thunderous crash, and countless fragmented sword rays scattered in all directions.


A series of cracking sounds suddenly rang out, and cracks appeared on the black sword of bloodlust.


In an instant, the sword light shattered, and a figure was sent flying. It was Lu Tian.

"You lost!"

Yue Qiqiao and the others were stunned. They turned to look at Wang Teng. He was right. Lu Tian lost.

The onlookers were in an uproar.

The third-ranked Lutian was defeated by a martial warrior who was ranked beyond the top ten. How was this possible?

Wu Yan, Feng Mo, and the others also demonstrated some surprise, and then their eyes revealed a sense of curiosity.

Yu Yunxian was so powerful!

Originally considering Lu Tian as their opponent. They never expected Yu Yunxian to emerge suddenly, completely disrupting their plans.

Moreover, Yu Yunxian was a member of the Constellation Society. Didn't that indicate that the Constellation Society had two top-three potential geniuses?

Adding in Tai Beisha, a talent with top-ten potential!

The Constellation Society appeared a bit terrifying now!

Many people outside also witnessed the changes on the Freshmen Leaderboard. Yu Yunxian's name replaced Lu Tian, appearing in the third position, while Lutian dropped to the fourth.

Everyone was shocked, finding it hard to believe the outcome.

How did this happen?

How could Yu Yunxian be so powerful?

The martial warriors from the Great Qian Empire, after their initial astonishment, sensed it was only natural.

Crown Prince!

This was the Crown Prince of the Great Qian Empire, second only to Wang Teng in the League Of Talents. It could be said that if it weren't for Wang Teng's sudden rise, the Crown Prince would have been the most dazzling genius martial warrior of their Great Qian Empire.

Although he ultimately lost to Wang Teng, it didn't mean he was inferior to other geniuses.

Now the reality proved that the Crown Prince was an extremely outstanding figure in the Stellar Academies. The geniuses from other territories might not be his match.

In an instant, all the genius warriors from the Great Qian Empire were excited, erupting into cheers.

"Hahaha, as expected of the Crown Prince!"

"The Crown Prince is amazing, seizing the third position on the Freshmen Leaderboard!"

"In the future, who would dare to underestimate the martial warriors of our Great Qian Empire."

"Yu Yunxian is the Crown Prince of the Great Qian Empire!" Many people were astounded.

Yu Yunxian rarely appeared in public and was always overshadowed by Wang Teng. Hence, few people noticed the existence of this genius.

Nobody would have considered he was the Crown Prince of the Great Qian Empire!

As the Crown Prince, someone with such a noble status, how could he bow down to others?

This was almost a consensus among everyone.

However, in the Great Qian Empire, there was indeed such an extraordinary case.

There's a saying: "There's no room for two tigers on one mountain."

But what if one is a dragon and the other a tiger?

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