Cultivation Online-Chapter 1121 Fighting For The Treasure(3)

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Chapter 1121 Fighting For The Treasure(3)

Once the Jade Sword Manor and their opponents entered the fighting arena, Huang Lee enclosed them in a separate concealment formation so that they couldn't see anything.

Shortly after they entered the formation, Huang Lee's talisman released a beam of light that shone into the formation, enveloping whoever it was pointing at with a slight glow. However, nobody but the three people inside the formation knew who was chosen.

"You have 10 seconds to decide whether you want to fight or forfeit. Remember, you will forfeit your chance to surrender once you exit the formation and enter the stage." Huang Lee's voice resounded in their ears.

"Sect Leader, I will fight." Disciple Wan Ying said with a resolute expression on her face as her body was enveloped in a faint light.

Yu Jian nodded his head with a serious face, "Good luck."

"I will be back soon." After bowing to him, Disciple Wan Ying left the formation and came face to face with her opponent.

'Thank the Heavens my opponent is not their Spirit King…' Disciple Wan Ying sighed in relief inwardly after seeing her opponent, who was only a single level above her.

Her opponent also did the same.

"As you've already seen many times by now, the fight will begin when the talisman activates, and it will not end until there is only one of you left standing." Huang Lee said to them in a nonchalance voice, almost as though he couldn't care less about their insignificant life.

The two fighters took a moment to prepare themselves.

A few seconds later, the talisman hovering above the arena suddenly shone brightly, signaling the start of the fight.


Both fighters immediately rushed at each other while using their respective techniques.

Their swords and spiritual energy clashed, causing a powerful ripple to sweep the place.

The two of them would go back and forth for many minutes with neither of them slowing down.

Once Disciple Wan Ying eventually started getting pushed back, she quickly retrieved a pill and tossed it inside her mouth.

Under normal circumstances, the use of pills and treasures during a one-on-one match would be strictly forbidden, but their situation was a bit special. Even though they were in a tournament-style match, there were almost no rules, almost as though they were following the rules of the jungle, where one can use whatever advantage they have to win their fight or die trying.

When Disciple Wan Ying's opponent saw her actions, he also started consuming pills.

Since they were able to consume pills to restore their strength, the two of them would continue to go all out, unleashing all of their strength to suppress each other without holding back, almost like two sprinters near the end of a race.

After five whole minutes of fighting, Disciple Wan Ying managed to catch her opponent off guard, sending him to the afterlife with a quick slash in the neck.

Disciple Wan Ying took a deep breath before walking off the platform and returning to the concealment formation without even trying to celebrate her narrow victory.

When Yu Jian and Tian Yanyu saw Disciple Wan returning, their lips immediately curved into a smile.

"You did it!" Tian Yanyu was ecstatic to see that her fellow disciple had survived.

"Great job, Disciple Wan." Yu Jian nodded in acknowledgement.

However, before she could even say anything, the talisman activated again, picking the second fighter.


Yu Jian and Wan Ying turned to look at Tian Yanyu, who was now being enveloped by a light.

"You don't have to fight. There's a fifty-fifty chance that you'll have to fight their Spirit King. It's too risky." Yu Jian sighed out loud.

But to his surprise, Tian Yanyu shook her head and said, "No matter who may be my opponent, I still want to fight."

"Why would you do something so brave yet foolish? Unlike Disciple Wan, you only recently became a Core Disciple. You will have a hard time defeating their Spirit Lord, much less their Spirit King." Yu Jian frowned.

Tian Yanyu responded with a gentle smile on her face, "Because nothing will happen to me. He promised."

And without waiting for a response, as her time limit was reaching its end, Tian Yanyu stepped outside of the formation to face her opponent.


Tian Yanyu's eyebrows twitched when she saw a middle-aged man standing on the opposite side of the stage, and he was emanating the aura of a peak Spirit King!

'Looks like I had picked the short end of the straw…' She sighed inwardly.

"That idiot!" Tian Suyin cursed in a low voice when she saw her own daughter entering the stage. "Why didn't she just forfeit?!"

"Don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're a junior." The Spirit King on the stage said as he glared at Tian Yanyu.

"I wasn't counting on you to, anyway." After putting on a brave expression, Tian Yanyu retrieved her sword.

'I only have one chance to defeat him… At the beginning of the fight when he least expects it!' She had already planned on going all out straight from the beginning. After all, she wouldn't even last a minute against a peak Spirit King.

The moment the talisman shone, Tian Yanyu used her movement technique to close their distance before activating her new technique, Moon Splitting Sword Art.

Perhaps it was due to his arrogance, but the Spirit King didn't move and only quietly watched as Tian Yanyu unleashed her technique.


The Spirit King's eyes widened with surprise when a semi-transparent moon suddenly appeared behind Tian Yanyu.

The disciples from the Jade Sword Manor immediately recognized this technique, as they were mesmerized by its beauty not too long ago.

"A Divine-rank technique!"

A handful of people there exclaimed when they sensed the aura the technique emitted, their faces filled with surprise. After all, it was incredibly rare for people outside the Seven Legacy Families and the top sects to techniques above Heaven-rank.


Tian Yanyu quickly swung her sword at her opponent, who was taken by surprise for a split second because of her technique.

Her blade managed to reach the Spirit King's body, but it could only leave behind a small cut before the Spirit King evaded the rest of her blade.

The Spirit King looked at the cut on his arm and trembled in anger.

"A mere Spirit Lord… I'll fucking kill you!"

The Spirit King exploded with spiritual energy and killing intent, causing Tian Yanyu to feel as though she was being choked by the throat.


The Spirit King swung his weapon, sending a massive arc of energy at Tian Yanyu, who couldn't even attempt to dodge it due to the pressure from it.

'Xiao Yang…!' She cried inwardly.


A figure suddenly flew onto the stage and stood in front of Tian Yanyu.

This shocked everyone there, not because he intervened in the match, but because they were unable to follow this person's movement at all.

After appearing on the stage, Yuan causally waved his hand at the incoming blade of energy, destroying it the moment his skin touched it, almost as though the blade of energy was nothing more than empty air.

"What?!" The Spirit King exclaimed in a shocked voice after witnessing this, even feeling a little scared.