Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy-Chapter 1813 Dishonorable

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Chapter 1813 Dishonorable

Immortal Qi Replenishment pill.

The words alone took Zhou Linfan into a state of utter amazement. How simple a solution that was to a problem every Saint Transformation realm cultivator faced when they started forming Immortal Qi.

He wondered why he didn't have such a thing. There were multiple immortals that he had come across in the past 2 years. Why did he not think to ask that from the man?

He wished he knew such a thing was even possible.

More thoughts raced to surface in his mind, but even as he did the Dragon Emperor stirred in his vision and he saw the spear glow bright white as lightning crackled through it.

Deep and powerful Immortal Qi filled the Noble Dragon Spear and Zhou Linfan understood that his death had come.

There was not a chance that he was going to live through this. Not on his own.

'I should have asked for protection from the Immortals too,' he thought. He regretted not having any protection at the very moment.

"You fight well," the Dragon Emperor said. "But you were always a better chef. The moment you escaped my death sentence, you should have lived your life in peace, never to come in front of me. You could have maybe survived a little longer than this."

The lightning crackled bright and the Emperor gave one last word.

"But, since you wish for it, I shall deliver you to your kin. Now, die."

He launched the attack.

A Tiger's roar filled the sky as the lightning bolt was stopped by the giant head of a White Tiger that appeared out of nowhere.

When the lights and aura subsided, the Dragon Emperor saw Alex standing before Zhou Linfan, panting heavily as he had come so close to death.

He knew Bai Jingshen's protection would defend him from the attack when he teleported in, but feeling the aura of the Immortal lightning strike right in front of him was not something Alex wasn't to feel so close to him.

The technique that the Dragon Emperor used to create this lightning bolt attack clearly used the Dao of Lightning, so there was a layer of added strength this attack had compared to anyone else's lightning bolts he had fought against in the past many hours or even years.

The Emperor stared at Alex with a stunned expression for a few moments before his face twisted into hatred.

"Damn you!" the man shouted and readied another attack to launch toward them, but he sensed the oncoming attack from his side and was forced to defend against it immediately.

He tried to use his Dao of Spatial Expansion to disrupt Alex's teleportation, but there was nothing he could do as Alex teleported away.

"Damn you!" the Emperor shouted, but he couldn't give thought to Alex much longer.

He turned to the side and watched as Yan Yating closed in on him, his sword burning with red hot fire.

"Long Tiankong," he spoke in a deep voice.

"Oathbreaker," the Dragon Emperor said. "Do you really intend to kill your emperor, whom you made a royal vow to always keep alive and follow?"

"I made the vow to follow a righteous man," Yan Yating said. "Not someone like you who would go behind the back of His Majesty, the Azure Dragon to try and kill his wife and son. Someone, who would force his own army to take part in atrocities that they would never wish to be part of."

"You are no Emperor of mine, Long Tiankong, and as such, no vow I made to the empire stands to stop me from killing you here today."

The Emperor scoffed. "I knew I should have changed the vow to be one that was made to the heavens. I will change it going forward," he said and then paused.

"Or perhaps not," he said. "What need is there for me to have any men behind me after today? Once this war is over, I shall have no need to stay in this world or require anything of its occupants." (f)reeweb(n)

The Emperor looked to the sky. "My path ahead is up there, in the world of Immortals where I shall make a name of my own," he said and thought about the things that he nearly got from Alex.

'The Alchemy God!'

"You will die long before it."

Yan Yating swung his sword and began his battle against the Dragon Emperor.

* * * * *

Hannah fought the man in front of her, a man she had come to learn as Long Huoyang, the general of the enemy army.

There were legions and legions under this man's command in this war, and as long as he died, there would be chaos within the enemy ranks.

She wanted to go fight the Emperor, but the task was equally as important.

Her blade was a hurricane in her hands, like a snake that twisted and turned to attack her opponent.

She fought at a close distance with the man, making it hard for him to react to her attacks in time. It was a double-edged sword too as it affected her reaction too, but she was the stronger of the two in general, so she came out on top either way.

She struck out with a fiery sword slash, attacking the man even as he attacked back with his own. The two attacks clashed, but hers was meant to explode upon impact.

The explosion technique she had learned from Alex helped her keep the man on his toes as he tried his best to fight, but he couldn't do that.

Unlike the others, he did not have a high cultivation base and thus did not have that much Immortal Qi.

He had hidden behind his troops all this time, but caught on his own like this, the man could do nothing.

Hannah struck him again and stepped back a little to say something.

"I hear you were the Crown Prince's bodyguard," she said.

"So what of it?" the man asked and swung out another attack, which Hannah stopped quickly.

"Isn't a bodyguard meant to protect his master?" she asked.

The man's eyes narrowed. "Speak not in circles, wench," he said. "Say what is in your mind or do not speak."

Hannah gave a grim look. "Do you not feel any shame at what has happened then? Do you not feel any pain?" she asked.

The man felt a hint of a news in her words and suppressed his shock. "I said speak not—"

"Do you not care that the Crown Prince is dead?" Hannah asked. "Long Fangyu was struck down by his own father just earlier."

Long Huogang paused at the last moment and stared with deadened eyes at Hannah as shock overtook him. "The Crown Prince—"

Hannah's sword dug deep into the man's chest as she dashed forward and attacked while his mind was distracted by the news. freewe(b)

The man tried to attack but Immortal Qi exploded from Hannah's sword, instantly destroying his body as blood rained down on the ground.

Hannah looked at where the dead man stood and knew what she had done would be considered dishonorable by many, to use underhanded means.

But this was war, and she had learned this very day to kill. So, kill she did, one way or another.

She left the place, moving toward Alex, knowing that she had done her work in sending disturbances throughout the enemy forces.

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