Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 990 - Birth Of The Heavenly Dragon God (2)

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990 Birth Of The Heavenly Dragon God (2)

It seemed that his new pet’s potential was at least at that of Master God-Tier Elementary Grade. Moreover, judging from the way it absorbed the Divine Crystals, it was not impossible for it to be at the Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade or even the Advance Grade. Otherwise, it would not have absorbed them so quickly.

“He” threw another 10 True God-Tier Advance Grade Divine Crystals out without hesitation!


Absorb all you want!

Your master may not have much but I have plenty of Divine Crystals.

You can have whatever you want as long as it wasn’t a Master God-Tier Divine Crystal!

With the support of Zhou Zhou’s Divine Crystals, the Wind God Source Embryo’s aura of breaking through to the True God-Tier was even stronger. It had a feeling of pressing forward courageously and fearlessly.

Zhou Zhou could feel it.

With the abundant supply of True God-Tier Divine Crystals, the speed at which the God Spirits in the Wind God Source Embryo were shaping their True God bodies increased significantly.

“From the looks of it, the other party will be able to break out of the shell and become a True God-Tier in less than two to three hours.”

“From the looks of it, the other party will be able to break out of the shell and become a True God-Tier in less than two to three hours.”

“He” silently guarded this place and didn’t go anywhere else.

This concerned the second True God in his territory, so “He” naturally didn’t dare to slack off.

The only thing that puzzled “Him” was that the birth of a second True God-Tier in “His” territory didn’t attract the attention of the people of foreign races.

Not to mention the sneak attack of a Master God-Tier.

Not even many True God-Tiers from the people of foreign races came over.

“He” could even sense that at the beginning, because the Wind God Source Embryo had awakened the Divine Kingdom’s stars, it had attracted the attention of a large group of True Gods and even Lord Gods.

Until now, the gazes of these people of foreign races’ enemies actually decreased instead of increasing. It was as if these people of foreign race God Spirits no longer wanted to care about the birth of this True God-Tier expert in “His” territory.

Zhou Zhou had some guesses about this.

“Strength is indeed the best weapon to deal with all unfavorable situations.”

“I only revealed my True God-Tier Intermediate Grade combat strength and the power of my will. I killed a few True God-Tier and blocked the mental attack of a Master God-Tier expert. I actually made them not dare to attack me easily.” “He” thought.

Then, he stopped thinking and continued to pay attention to the birth of the Wind God Source Embryo.

At this moment, Zhou One, Geralt, and Cessier suddenly teleported in front of Zhou Zhou.

“Your Majesty?”

Geralt and Cessier looked at the two identical Zhou Zhous in shock.

“It’s just a clone technique. Don’t be so surprised.”

Zhou Zhou waved his hand and did not explain further. Then, he pointed at the Wind God Source Embryo and looked at Cessier. “Cessier, your mother’s reincarnation is about to be born. I felt that you had to be present, so I called you over.”

“However, don’t be too agitated, lest you disturb the birth of your mother’s reincarnation.”

“In addition, things might be a little different from what you imagined. After reincarnation, your mother can only be considered your mother’s reincarnation. She’s equivalent to a bloodline successor. Don’t have too high hopes for her… It’s best not to directly treat her as your biological mother before you explain things to her.” freeweb m

Cessier was stunned by Zhou Zhou’s words.

However, “He” was a pure-blooded dragon after all. “He” had many legacies in “His” body, so “He” quickly understood what His Majesty meant.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for allowing me to come back and see this. I will definitely remain calm.” Cessier said seriously.

“That’s good.” Zhou Zhou nodded.

In the following period of time, Zhou Zhou and company had been waiting for the Wind God Source Embryo to be born.

Around the fourth hour…


A shocking dragon roar suddenly erupted from the Wind God Source Embryo.

This voice pierced through space like a gust of wind and spread throughout the myriad worlds.

The trillions of life forms in the myriad worlds vaguely heard this carefree dragon roar.

Then, a green-silver light suddenly erupted from it and transformed into a beam of light that shot into the starry sky, connecting with the Divine Kingdom star that was emitting a sky-blue and bright silver light.

The Divine Kingdom’s stars shone even brighter!

Zhou Zhou and company gazed at the Divine Kingdom star.

At this moment, a scene that shocked thousands of life forms appeared.

The starry sky gradually changed and finally turned into a 100,000-kilometer-long cosmic dragon!

“His” pair of silver-white dragon eyes gazed down at the myriad worlds and the high continent, filled with a high and mighty aura.

This scene was destined to be remembered by billions of life forms!

“This is… a dragon with the potential of a Master God-Tier?”

Many gods who were secretly observing could not help but mutter when they saw this scene.

Right on the heels of that, the Divine Dragon slowly dissipated into the starry sky.

The living beings who saw this scene felt inexplicably disappointed.


A one-meter-tall silver dragon with a slightly transparent body that emitted a faint green-silver glow and a childish voice stood in front of Zhou Zhou and raised its head.

“He” opened his bright greenish-silver dragon eyes and gazed at Zhou Zhou obediently.

Geralt and Cessier watched this scene with their mouths agape.

Who would have thought that the adorable dragon in front of them was the dragon that had just displayed its supreme prestige in the starry sky?

Especially Cessier.

“He” felt like he was in a dream.

This lolit… No, is this Dragon God really my mother’s reincarnation?

“He” had some doubts but “He” knew that the other party was indeed “His” mother’s reincarnation sensing the familiar aura.

It was just that things had changed.

“Dragon God of Heavenly Wind—Kika?” Zhou Zhou grinned at the green-silver dragon.

“I’m still Kika, but I’m not the Dragon God of Heavenly Wind anymore. I’m called the Heavenly Dragon God now.”

“The pinnacle of wind and the vastness of space. The combination of the two is ‘Heaven’. That is the Heavenly Dragon God.” The Heavenly Dragon God, Kika, clarified seriously.

Zhou Zhou grinned and nodded. Then, he unveiled the other party’s attribute panel.

[Pet: Kika]

[Race: Pureblood Dragon]

Divine Name: Heavenly Dragon God

[Divine Duty: Space, Wind, Speed, Cutting]

[Growing Stage: Youth]

[Strength Level: True God-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Skills: Annihilation Dragon Breath, Heavenly Dragon Power, Law Divine Body (Space, Wind, Speed), Law Skill-Space Fusion, Law Skill-Ultimate Speed, Law Skill-Infinite Cutting, Law Skill-Splitting Sky Annihilation Slash, Law Skill -Dragon Flying Clothes, Law Techniques – Gate of Infinite Space, Ten Thousand Winds Gang Yuan Slash, Dragon Language Magic Mastery, Wind Magic Mastery, Space Magic Mastery, True God-Tier Elemental Immunity (Awakening Level 80%), True God-Tier Physical Immunity (Awakening Level 80%), True God-Tier Soul Immunity (awakening degree 60%)…]

[Potential: Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Faith Points: Holy Spirit]

[Character: Free, dreamer, talkative, pure soul, sincere, protective of the Lord, kind, gentle, loves to travel]

[Pet description: Once the powerful Dragon God of Heavenly Wind in several realms, after his nirvana and reincarnation as the Heavenly Dragon God, it has higher potential and a more glorious future. As long as it does not give up on itself, it is destined to reign supremacy in the sea of stars in the future!]

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