Legend of Swordsman-Chapter 5364 - : The Complete Heavenly Demonic Power

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Chapter 5364 - 5364: The Complete Heavenly Demonic Power

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The sound continued to emanate from the VIP room upstairs, instantly robbing the onlookers below of their confidence.

Among the millions present, there were still quite a few wealthy individuals, and soon someone dared to continue bidding. Jian Wushuang promptly raised the stakes by another 5 million.

This suffocating bidding war quickly deterred others from competing.

In the end, the Green Fire Boundary Stone was secured for a price of 40 million.

Soon, someone delivered the treasure.

Holding it in his hand, Jian Wushuang played with it for a while, and flames surged in the palm of his hand, creating a mysterious spectacle.

The origin of this Green Fire Boundary Stone was somewhat similar to the space ne once encountered In the Green Fire Boundary. However, this small piece of Green Fire Boundary Stone, just about the size of his palm, exceeded the entire Green Fire Boundary countless times over.

It was already comparable to an Emperor’s tier 4 fire origin space.

At 40 million, the purchase was not too unfavorable. Although it was relatively rare, it was still available in the outside world, with a maximum price of 35 million.

His bid of 40 million was purely for the sake of making a splash; he couldn’t afford to let go of the first item so easily, and he needed to be a bit ruthless.

The first 20 items were quickly auctioned.

All of them were treasures related to the origin, constituting a certain category.

Only when it came to treasures related to the universe and all things, Jian Wushuang found many of them unappealing and chose not to make a move.

The subsequent auction items were treasures of divine bodies.

Among the strong individuals in the hall, few followed the path of divine bodies.

However, most of the powerful figures seated in the VIP room had indeed chosen the path of divine bodies.

The origin source was too challenging for them, and the divine body, though crude and straightforward, proved to be a shortcut. However, the cost of this shortcut was excessively high.

It was not something an ordinary person could cultivate.

“The skeletal frame of the Purple Pupil Bull Demon King, capable of maximizing the advancement from 10,000-fold to 13,000-fold, starting bid at

30 million godstones.”

Since merging with the Boundless Divine Body, Jian Wushuangs body had already reached 10,000-fold. However, further advancement became increasingly difficult, requiring numerous treasures for a breakthrough.

The skeletal frame of this gigantic Purple Pupil Bull Demon King was indeed a valuable treasure, but it seemed somewhat wasteful to use it at this stage of advancement.

In the brief moment of his hesitation, the bidding had already exceeded 70 million godstones.

It was too insane!

Although it was claimed to enhance from 10,000-fold to 13,000-fold, in reality, it couldn’t add more than 3,000-fold to the divine body.

Even with Jian Wushuangs current state of the Boundless Divine Body, maximizing the improvement could only reach up to 2,000-fold of the divine body.

To spend 70 million godstones for a a 2,000-fold improvement was simply too extravagant.

In his mind, Bai Junwang, the true powerhouse of the divine body faction, spoke lightly, “Hehe, within 10,000-fold is just the basics. The fact that you can transform a regular divine body into an Boundless Divine Body within 10,000-fold times involves an element of luck. However, you should also know that beyond 10,000-fold, impurities will appear in the divine body. For extraordinary materials like the Purple Pupil Bull Demon King, there are very few impurities. Although the surface enhancement is often 3,000-fold times, removing the impurities may only result in an actual increase of less than 1,5000-fold. The Bouondless Divine Body is somewhat special and can indeed be enhanced by 2,000-fold.”

“Oh, I see!”

Jian Wushuang’s favor towards the Heavenly Court was steadily decreasing.

Many treasures were overhyped.

Although he had 8 billion godstones, the primary focus now was on advancing the Extreme Dao. Buying treasures related to the Five Elements of All Things was crucial.

With the breakthrough of the divine body, he was not anxious, thanks to his mother’s support.

The auction continued, and in the first phase, all kinds of treasures were set at 20 items each. However, some of them could be divided into many parts, and many people bid continuously, directly winning them all. freeweb novel.co m

This made him marvel at the wealth of these people.

“Next is a complete divine body technique, the Heavenly Demon Art, plus a pot of Dragon Snake Wine that aids in breaking through the 20,000-fold divine body. The combined starting price is 100 million godstones!”

Upon hearing the starting price of one billion, the people in the hall gasped.

This was too much of a rip-off.

Indeed, the Dragon Snake Wine was useful for breaking through the twenty-thousand-fold divine body, but it was just one of the materials, yet it was priced so exorbitantly!

As for the Heavenly Demon Art, it was originally passed down from the heavens and couldn’t be considered a top-notch technique in the Tiannan. At most, it could be considered above average.

Seeing no one raising the bid, Nalan CVs eyebrows slightly furrowed.

“l believe you are not unfamiliar with the Heavenly Demon Art. This technique has been circulating in the Tiannan for a long time. However, what has been passed down is only the upper half, practicing up to the Six-Arm Heavenly Demon Body at most. But the complete Heavenly Demon Art can be cultivated up to the Twelve-Arm level!”

Nalan Ci’s words had just fallen, and the crowd was shocked!

A Twelve-Armed Heavenly Demon?

Perhaps the Heavenly Demon from ancient times had only twelve arms. How could an ordinary cultivator possibly cultivate to twelve arms?

Jian Wushuang also looked down with interest.

If what Nalan Ci said was really that powerful, it probably wouldn’t be so easy.

He remembered that the strongest figure in the Heavenly Demon Sect back then was only an eight-armed Heavenly Demon, and the time they could maintain it was very short.

In the realm of demonic cultivation, the formidable Daoist Liuyang had only six arms. When it came to the Emperor, not to mention twelve arms, even cultivating to an Eight-Armed Heavenly Demon would probably be enough to dominate the world.

Regarding matters related to divine bodies, Bai Junwang understood more, and he had a slight connection with the Heavenly Demon Sect.

“Cough, the supreme technique is considered top-notch. When cultivated to the extreme, it can reach up to fifty thousand times the power of the divine body. It’s a good choice for you. Your physical body is powerful, and your divine body contains boundless possibilities, making it very suitable,” Bai Junwang commented lightly.

Jian Wushuang was surprised. “l thought it was so powerful, but the strongest can only reach 50,000-fold!”

Because he was used to Bai Junwang boasting about his divine body, which was always 68,000-fold the usual power. Almost every time, Bai Junwang would mention this number, to the point that now anything below Bai Junwangs standard was considered garbage.

“Hmph, aiming too high. It seems you still don’t understand the depth of a 68,000-fold divine body!’

Bai Junwangs tone was very serious. He continued, “If you think you can achieve a 68,000-fold divine body just by smashing treasures, you are completely wrong. Without a profound foundation, relying on treasures can at most reach a 30,000-fold divine body. Breaking through afterward depends on the capacity of your unique technique and the divine body. The physical body is just the surface; the core lies in the divine power contained within the divine body.”

Jian Wushuang agreed with this statement and nodded. Indeed, he hadn’t cultivated any supreme techniques at the moment, and it was something he should consider for the future. Relying solely on treasures wouldn’t be a sustainable approach.

The Heavenly Demon Art was indeed well-suited for the period before reaching the 50,000-fold divine body. Later on, he could consider switching to another technique for further advancement. Pursuing only the absolute best techniques might destabilize the foundation.

“Then let’s bid for it!”

With determination, Jian Wushuang immediately announced, “100 million plus another 500,000 godstones!”

Since no one seemed eager to bid, he added an extra 500,000 to test the waters.

In various VIP rooms, powerful figures, including some elders from sects and clan leaders, were calculating their options. The Heavenly Demon Art could serve as a treasure for their sects, and it was far superior to those incomplete ones. It presented a path towards a 50,000-fold divine body.

“300 million!”

In one of the VIP rooms, a few tier 5 Emperors exchanged a few words and decided to secure the Heavenly Demon Art..

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