Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 12: The Influence of One Sentence

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“Why?” Zhou Wen stared into Fang Ruoxi’s eyes and asked.

Fang Ruoxi’s gaze dodged his, unwilling for their eyes to meet. She shook her head slightly and said, “Don’t ask. In short, it’s my fault.”

Zhou Wen smiled and reached out to press onto Fang Ruoxi’s head. He ruffled her hair and said, “I should be the one apologizing. Someone is out to get me; thus putting you, Tian Xiangdong, and Li Zhi in a difficult position. Now that there’s still time, get another teammate. Make sure to do well, or I’ll feel uneasy. Also, help me apologize to Tian Xiangdong and Li Zhi.”

Fang Ruoxi stared at Zhou Wen blankly. Her face wore a complicated expression. It was a lost, guilty, confused look with a hint of abnormality.

“Alright, move along. I need to work hard as well.” Zhou Wen retracted his palm as he left with a smile.

Fang Ruoxi stood there watching his back and after he had walked quite a distance away, she said with her body trembling, “Zhou Wen, I’ve no idea who you offended, but that person wields great power. You have to be careful.”

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word. All he did was turn his head and smile at her before briskly walking away.

Zhou Wen knew that he didn’t have much time left. Li Zhi’s family was ordinary, but Tian Xiangdong belonged to one of the most powerful families in Guide City. Furthermore, Fang Ruoxi’s family was even better. Rumor had it that her father was a high official in the city and someone with plenty of power.

Someone who had the ability to influence; all three must wield extraordinary power.

Zhou Wen couldn’t figure out who he could have offended, but connecting it to An Jing’s transferring to fight him had clues left behind.

Coming to a spot devoid of anyone else, Zhou Wen took out his phone, thinking of asking his father if he had offended anyone.

However, there was only the voice message that the phone was not in service. He didn’t know what Zhou Lingfeng was up to for him to not even switch on his phone in the day.

After hanging up, Zhou Wen contemplated his subsequent plans.

The most important goal now is to find three students who are willing to join me in the combat test. Zhou Wen frowned in thought.

The combat test was different from the other subjects in the college entrance exam. As it was held in the dimensional zone and although humans had already obtained control over the dimensional zones, reducing the dangers involved, there were still a number of casualties from the yearly test. Therefore, the combat test needed to be voluntary and the team formed freely.

Zhou Wen didn’t know what method of testing the League government would choose for the test. Every year, the result of casualties would result in a massive debate, but the combat test still continued every year. There weren’t any signs of the League changing the situation.

Zhou Wen didn’t mind danger. With his present strength, even if he were to join the combat test alone, he was still bound to receive stellar results.

However, it was a rule by the League government. It required four students from the same school to participate. Therefore, before the application deadline, he needed to find three students who were willing to form a team with him.

I’m still a few days away from the college entrance exam. The students who are willing to take the combat test probably already have their own teams. How am I to find people to form a team? Zhou Wen was rather vexed.

In the beginning, all he wanted was to apply to a reputable school and find a stable job. Then, he could game in peace, but someone didn’t seem willing to give him his peace. They were bent on messing things up.

“Zhou Wen, follow me.” Just as Zhou Wen reached the classroom, Yu Qiubai called out to him.

He had a nasty expression as he took Zhou Wen back to his office. After closing the door, he looked at him and with a grave expression, asked, “Zhou Wen, do you know Overseer An?”

“Who is he?” Zhou Wen asked blankly.

“Overseer An is an honorific title that also includes his rank. His real name is An Tianzuo. Do you really not know him?” Yu Qiubai asked Zhou Wen again with glaring eyes.

“No.” Zhou Wen shook his head firmly.

Noticing that Zhou Wen didn’t seem to be hiding anything, Yu Qiubai revealed a look of puzzlement. “That’s strange. If you do not know Overseer An, why did he criticize a high schooler like you when he came to inspect Guide City?”

“What kind of background does An Tianzuo have?” Zhou Wen got a rough idea about the reason Fang Rouxi and the rest had quit the team. It was likely to do with An Tianzuo.

Yu Qiubai wore a bitter smile. “I’m only a teacher. I have no chance of coming close to a figure like that. I’ve only heard the principal mention a person like that. Earth’s League is split into four districts—north, south, east, and west, and Guide City is just a tiny city in East District. Although Overseer An Tianzuo is young, he comes from an illustrious family. In his twenties, he enjoys a high rank and is a high official in the East District’s military. He wields plenty of power and is an impressive figure.”

“Sir, are you implying that An Tianzuo is targeting me?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“Perhaps not, but he said one sentence criticizing you. However, the people who were trying to be cozy with him are free to think and do many things,” Yu Qiubai said helplessly.

“As a high official, doesn’t he know that a mere sentence is enough to destroy the future of a high schooler?” Zhou Wen said coldly. “Could this Overseer An be related to An Jing?”

“From the looks of it, probably. As for what the exact relationship is, I’ve no idea either.” Yu Qiubai thought for a moment and said, “We can figure this out later. It’s imperative we find you a team to participate in the combat test. The day after tomorrow is the deadline. We don’t have time to spare.”

Zhou Wen said helplessly, “At this point in time, the students who are willing to take the combat test already have their teams. How am I to find others? Besides, even if I found one, can’t the dismantling of my team happen a second time?”

“Therefore, the teammates you will be finding this time must not be ordinary students.” Yu Qiubai appeared to already have a plan.

“Not ordinary students?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback, confused as to what Yu Qiubai was getting at.

Yu Qiubai pondered for a moment and said, “The combat test requires four students to freely form a team. This rule has a huge loophole, but the League has insisted on keeping it without changing it for decades. Under such rules, many students who aren’t too strong but have extremely powerful teammates have obtained results that don’t match their ability.”

After a pause, Yu Qiubai continued, “Our school has a student named Li Xuan. If you are willing to form a team with him, and as long as he’s willing, I doubt anyone will make it difficult for you. However, you have to ensure that he receives good results in exchange. Furthermore, he needs to be the one doing the best on the team.”

“Are you telling me I’ll be carrying Li Xuan?” Zhou Wen wasn’t a fool, so he naturally understood what Yu Qiubai was getting at.

“Under normal circumstances, you naturally wouldn’t have to do so. But in the present circumstances, although you won’t get first in the team, you will still receive quite remarkable results. You just won’t be first. This will be much better than not being able to participate at all.”

Zhou Wen wasn’t a stubborn person. Without any hesitation, he said, “Sir, I’ll be troubling you to help me then. However, does our school really have a student named Li Xuan?”

If Guide High School really had a student with such a striking background, there was no reason for him not to know.

“Although Li Xuan is a student at our school, he has never come to school except on matriculation day. It’s normal that you don’t know him. Even amongst the teachers, few of them know of him,” Yu Qiubai said with a smile. “In short, let’s get over this obstacle first. You can leave any considerations to the future.”