Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1866: Battle of the Heavenly Stairs

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Chapter 1866 Battle of the Heavenly Stairs

Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant when faced with the passageway that the nine Devil pets had opened using their last ounce of strength.

He wasn’t touched by the actions of the nine Devil pets. They went through this effort for the Devil King and not him, Zhou Wen. There was nothing to be touched about.

Zhou Wen was considering a problem. If he left this place, would the woman follow him out?

There were two possibilities. The woman had the ability to leave this place, so even if Zhou Wen didn’t leave, she would still enter the human world in the future.

The other possibility was that the woman didn’t have the ability to leave this place. Then, it would be terrible if she followed at his heels.

Zhou Wen felt that the latter was unlikely. Since the nine Devil pets could tear open the passageway, and the woman’s combat strength wasn’t inferior to the nine Devil pets, the possibility of her not being able to leave was relatively low; after all, her ship managed to enter previously.

“What are you waiting for? Leave now! The passageway won’t hold,” Nine Tribulations Devil Seed roared.

Zhou Wen glanced at the nine Devil pets that were struggling bitterly—they were about to be sucked into the hole of light. He then looked at the light hole and the staircase beyond the passageway.

In that case, let’s take a gamble. Zhou Wen quickly flew towards the passageway that the nine Devil pets had opened up. At the same time, he summoned Demonic Neonate and flew with her.

“That’s…” The woman’s expression changed when she saw Demonic Neonate.

At the instant Zhou Wen rushed out of the passageway, the light hole over the woman’s body stopped circulating as she chased after him.

She had identified Demonic Neonate and realized that Demonic Neonate hadn’t recovered the will of the Devil King. This was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for her.

She originally thought that there was no hope of her daughter becoming the Child of Dimension, but now that she had discovered such an unexpected opportunity, she had to capture Demonic Neonate even if she had to give up the chance of killing the nine Devil pets.

The nine Devil pets were safe, but there was no joy. Instead, they were alarmed and furious.

They wanted to chase after the woman to stop her, but the passageway they had opened had already closed.

“Quick, tear open another passageway. We can’t let her catch up to Master,” Immortal Slaying Ancient Subordinate said anxiously.

The nine Devil pets exerted their strength again and tore open a passageway that connected the lowest level of the dimensional space to the outside.

Unfortunately, this passageway had a random element. After they tore open the passageway and rushed out, they found no sign of Zhou Wen or the woman nearby.

After Zhou Wen rushed out, he was already on the staircase.

The woman rushed out and slashed at him with the blade beam.

However, when she arrived in front of him, the woman’s body suddenly sank and landed on the stone steps of the staircase.

Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw this. The power of the staircase is also effective against her.

Zhou Wen was betting that the power of the staircase was effective against the woman. It didn’t matter if it didn’t have any effect. If it really didn’t have any effect, he would rush straight to the Destiny Platform and use its power to advance to the Apocalypse grade. He would fight the woman again and see which was stronger-her equipment from some other world or him.

Zhou Wen unsummoned Demonic Neonate and walked up the stone steps.

The woman held the blade of light and chased after him. The two of them kept climbing the stairs, one chasing after the other.

All the Cubes in the world and the dimension lit up. People were surprised to discover two humans appear on the Cube’s screen.

“That person… seems to be Human Sovereign… Who’s that woman?”

“Human Sovereign is attempting the level!”

“Can two people enter the Destiny Platform at the same time?”

“Why does it look like that woman is hunting down Human Sovereign?”

“Aren’t abilities forbidden on the staircase? What’s the light blade in the woman’s hand?”

All the major media outlets quickly began broadcasting. Professor Gu and Su Yi also began their program.

“Professor Gu, do you think that person is Human Sovereign? Why is he being pursued by a woman? Who is that woman?” Su Yi said as she watched the scene.

“Based on available information, the person on the staircase should be Human Sovereign. There’s no reliable information on who the woman is. However, from the looks of it, she likely has a deep grudge with Human Sovereign. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have chased after Human Sovereign on the staircase.” Professor Gu paused before saying, “From the looks of it, that woman’s speed of ascending the staircase isn’t slower than Human Sovereign’s. It’s really surprising. I never expected so many hidden experts to appear among us humans. With their strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for these two to ascend the Destiny Platform. The only problem is, if they both ascend the staircase, how will they rank in this challenge?”.

“I really want to know what kind of love-hate relationship this woman has with Human Sovereign. They are actually fighting up the stairs,” Su Yi said with a smile.

“Among us humans, I’m afraid only Human Sovereign and this woman have the ability to do such a thing,” Professor Gu said with a smile.

The audience’s gossipy souls were also burning. They wanted to know what was going on.

Due to the restrictions of the staircase, the woman could only walk up step by step. However, her uniform was indeed magical. Her speed on the staircase was even faster than Zhou Wen’s.

Thankfully, Zhou Wen could directly ignore the rules of the staircase. However, he deliberately slowed down and didn’t rush up the Destiny Platform. He only pretended to be as fast as the woman and lured her into following him.

Their pursuit continued quickly as they approached the Destiny Platform.

When they were less than fifty steps away from Destiny Platform, the woman’s speed clearly slowed down.

Zhou Wen also pretended to be affected as he continued luring the woman up.

At the end of the day, the woman was only an ordinary person who relied on the combat suit. She was very strong, but her understanding of the essence of strength was far inferior. It was impossible to tell that Zhou Wen had deliberately suppressed his speed.

All she wanted was to capture Demonic Neonate. She relied on her combat suit to charge forward without any regard for the staircase.

Zhou Wen saw that there were less than ten steps left on the staircase and knew that it was about time. He stopped walking up.

He couldn’t really walk onto the Destiny Platform and let that woman rush up. Who knew what would happen?

It might be a good or bad outcome, but he didn’t wish to take the risk.

“Who are you?” Zhou Wen stood on the stone steps and asked the woman.

When the woman saw Zhou Wen stop, she didn’t immediately rush over. She pointed the blade of light at him and said, “You don’t deserve to know who I am. Hand over the Devil King and I’ll spare your life.”

“It’s not impossible to hand her over to you, you have to at least give me a reason.” Although Zhou Wen had already roughly guessed the situation, it was ultimately just speculation. He wanted to know the truth personally.

“Die or hand her over. You have no choice.” The woman walked towards Zhou Wen step by step. From the looks of it, she wasn’t in the mood to chat with him.

“Who lives or dies is still up in the air.” Zhou Wen knew that he couldn’t get anything out of her, so he pulled out the Human Sovereign Stone Saber and spread out the six wings on his back. Terrifying energy gathered towards him.