Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 5: Strength Test

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Tian Xiangdong’s words were clearly directed at Zhou Wen, but the latter wasn’t angered.

The combat test at the college entrance exam was key to the latter half of an average person’s life. Anyone would hope to do their best and not have others affect their own results.

Whether one could attend a reputable school, find a decent job after graduation, or even have the chance of entering high society, was highly tied to the test.

Furthermore, the strength of a teammate affected one’s safety. No one wished to use their lives as a joke.

Even Zhou Wen had aimed for a reputable school before he obtained the mysterious phone. This gave him more opportunities to become stronger and not let his talent go to waste. Therefore, Zhou Wen could fully comprehend Tian Xiangdong’s rationale for saying such things.

After Tian Xiangdong said his piece, he stopped looking at Fang Ruoxi and stared at Zhou Wen.

Fang Ruoxi looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Zheng Yi might be outstanding as well, but I think Zhou Wen is the best candidate.”

By the side, Li Zhi thought and said, “We know you have an eye for talent, Ruoxi. Zhou Wen is indeed outstanding, but the combat test results are very important to all of us. We have to treat it with utmost seriousness. Let’s do this. If Zhou Wen doesn’t mind, we can do a simple test. Once the results of the test are out, it will be obvious if Zhou Wen suits our team.”

“Li Zhi’s right. I agree,” Tian Xiangdong said immediately.

“What kind of test?” Fang Ruoxi asked.

“Wouldn’t that be simple? I’m the weakest among the three of us. Let Zhou Wen fight me in combat. As long as he wins me, he will naturally be qualified to join our team. You wouldn’t call that bullying, right?” Tian Xiangdong hurriedly said.

Fang Ruoxi didn’t say a word and looked at Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen knew that he needed to voice his opinion at such times; otherwise, it would be difficult for him to join the team. Although he wasn’t too interested in joining this team, he still wished to get good results for the combat test. Fang Ruoxi’s team was likely considered the strongest team at Guide High School, so there was definitely no harm in joining them.

“I’m fine with that. However, actual combat has risks. It would be terrible if anyone gets injured,” Zhou Wen said with a nod.

Tian Xiangdong laughed in response. “Zhou Wen, I know you’ve been cultivating Ascetic Meditation. Your Constitution and Strength must be extraordinary, but your Speed must be lacking. I won’t take advantage of your weaknesses. Why don’t we determine the winner through a Strength competition?”

Fang Ruoxi couldn’t help but frown when she heard Tian Xiangdong.

Tian Xiangdong cultivated Lightning Art and it was also a Primordial Energy Art that primarily unleashed massive bursts of strength. Tian Xiangdong had also coupled Lightning Art with a Primordial Energy Skill, Lighting Fist. Tian Xiangdong’s Lightning Fist had only reached Rank 1, however, among typical high school students, the chances of them coming into contact with a Primordial Energy Skill was rather low. To grasp one Primordial Energy Skill, especially one that matched their Primordial Energy Art, was very rare.

Fang Ruoxi didn’t know Zhou Wen’s family background, but from the way he cultivated a Primordial Energy Art like Ascetic Meditation, without ever purchasing any supplementary Primordial Energy Crystals, it was highly likely that his family wasn’t well-to-do. If he couldn’t even afford Primordial Energy Crystals, how could he have the money to buy the expensive Primordial Energy Skill Crystals?

Furthermore, in his battle with An Jing, he hadn’t used any Primordial Energy Skills.

Fang Ruoxi’s lips quivered, but she didn’t say a word. She thought inwardly, “Let’s see how Zhou Wen will handle this.”

Zhou Wen looked at Tian Xiangdong and asked, “How do we compete in Strength?”

“Although the school has a Strength-measuring device, those lifeless numbers don’t mean much. Let’s exchange blows. Whoever retreats loses. How about that?” Tian Xiangdong said with squinted eyes.

“I think it’s better we use the school’s Strength-measure device,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“Why? Are you afraid of me injuring you?” Tian Xiangdong said, curling his lips.

Zhou Wen smiled without a word. He was more afraid of killing Tian Xiangdong with one punch.

Tian Xiangdong’s Primordial Energy Skill, Lightning Fist, wasn’t a secret at school. Just relying on strength alone probably couldn’t beat him. Therefore, if Zhou Wen used Vigor Divine Fist, he was afraid that a single punch would obliterate Tian Xiangdong’s arm as well as his body.

“Alright. Since you’re afraid, let’s use the Strength-measuring device,” Tian Xiangdong said, feeling some regret.

For the past three years in high school, all the teachers and students had claimed that Zhou Wen was the number one genius of Guide High School. Tian Xiangdong naturally wasn’t very accepting of this accolade and had long wished to prove himself by defeating Zhou Wen.

This was a tiny wish many top students at the school had. After Zhou Wen was defeated by An Jing’s single blow, this desire subsided significantly.

However, since there was a chance to defeat him, Tian Xiangdong still held some anticipation and excitement. After all, Zhou Wen was once honored as Guide High School’s number one genius.

The only thing that left Tian Xiangdong regretful was that he couldn’t personally defeat Zhou Wen as An Jing did. All he could do was defeat him with numbers on a Strength-measuring device.

Now that it was lunchtime, the device room didn’t have any students. As always, Yu Qiubai was inspecting the various devices personally, checking to see if there were any problematic ones that could receive timely repairs.

Just as Yu Qiubai sat inside a spacecraft-like Primordial Energy-measurement device, he heard someone push open the door. Following that there were footsteps.

It’s lunchtime. Who would come here? Yu Qiubai looked out the observation hole from inside the device and discovered that it was Fang Ruoxi, Tian Xiangdong, Li Zhi, and Zhou Wen. He couldn’t help but be somewhat surprised.

These four students could basically be considered the top elites of Guide High School’s graduating class. Apart from Zhou Wen’s wallowing in self-misery, the other three were highly anticipated to do well.

For the four to come to the device room, including Zhou Wen, left Yu Qiubai curious. He had no idea what they were doing here.

Four… Could these four be forming a team to participate in the combat test… But with Zhou Wen’s current state… How could Fang Ruoxi and the rest be willing to form a team with him? Yu Qiubai’s heart stirred as he remained inside the Primordial Energy-measuring device. He was curious as to what they were up to.

“Who’s going first? You or me?” Tian Xiangdong walked to the Strength-measuring device and turned to look at Zhou Wen.

“Anything works,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“Anyway, everyone gets three tries. The highest one shall count. Since it doesn’t matter who goes first, I’ll do the honors first,” Tian Xiangdong said as he walked in front of the device.

Tian Xiangdong took a deep breath as he circulated his Lightning Art and gathered his strength before smashing his fist into the pressure board on the Strength-measuring device.

The pressure board was made up of a metal alloy with hydraulic machinery behind. Based on the different amount of strength delivered, the board would jerk back and produce a figure onscreen.

When Tian Xiangdong threw the punch, a series of numbers lit up on the display one after another. It only stopped when it reached 7.

Tian Xiangdong hadn’t used Lightning Fist and had only relied on pure Strength. With regard to that, he was rather satisfied with the value of 7.

For the average high-school student, a Strength value of 7 was undoubtedly head and shoulders above their peers.