Monster Integration (Web Novel)-Chapter 3585 Trap

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Chapter 3585 Trap

'This place should be good,' I thought as the pearl appeared on my hand, before falling to the ground.

It is a good place to set abode. A plain ground that nobody would expect, someone had set the abode here and hiding.

As long as they didn't see me entering inside. They could forget finding my abode.

The invisible gate had appeared, and I stepped inside.

There, I quickly removed my clothes and took a shower outside, before wearing a new set of clothes.

A few minutes later, the meal appeared in front of me, and I began to gorge on it. Since I had started practicing the dance; I had started to get hungry.

Before, I used to go for days eating nothing. Though I would feel hungry, it was manageable. Now it is not; I need to eat, at least once a day, two if possible.

The food also needed to be with the specific elements in it or I would feel hungry again within an hour.

Thankfully, I am a healer and culinary master. I know what my body needs and have the ability to provide it most delicious.

The method is comprehensive and even after practice; it is working and consumes enemies and it is my responsibility to provide those energies.

I have even created a special bar for those energy needs. I couldn't always stop for lunch or dinner.

Soon, I ate everything and got up.

After washing the dishes, I went to the bathroom and lay down, falling asleep in less than a minute and waking up exactly three hours later.

Usually, I do not count each minute, but with practice, of the dance of ukasanavor daily. I need to save up as much time as possible because practice isn't the only thing I do.

I quickly freshened, walked into the practice room, and stood in the center of it.

The clothes on my body had already disappeared and the formation of ancient runes appeared in front of me, before covering me from head to toe.

I took a deep breath and started with the first move of dance; I did it real slow, 35% slower than I did on the first day of practice.

I have been practicing the method daily and understood quite a lot of things. Including the speed at which I should practice, which will help me practice the method safely.

No accidents have occurred, but it didn't make me forget how dangerous the method is and how easily it could kill me.

Soon, I practiced the twenty-fourth move and started with the twenty-fifth. Immediately, I started to feel the changes and it was far clearer than what I had felt about the first day.

As I had said, I am improving in the method with each passing day.

I have a goal in mind, which is to practice this level 0 method, while I am Sovereign. I do not want to take it to Earth Sovereign; it will be hard, but I will try my hardest to achieve it.

From Earth Sovereign, I will practice the level 1.

Unlike most methods, the levels of this method aren't designated to stages of power. Like Level 0 for Sovereign, and Level 1 for Earth Sovereign.

It all depends on the practitioner of the method.

The strand of mystic worldly energy begins to materialize and with each more, it gets denser and more powerful. At the thirty-sixth move, it had completely materialized in all its glory.

It is 10% bigger than the first day and brighter.

At every session, the mystic worldly energy would increase. Its increase depends on the way I practice and how much my body would bear it.

At forty-ninth, it had entered my body, and the method became really hard.

The river of sweat begins to pour down on my body, and it has even blocked my vision, but it is the least of my worries.

I am feeling torturous pain, but even in it, I need to make perfect movements, keep my breathing as the method wants, and manipulate my soul according to it.

Not to mention my heartbeat; I need to beat it as it demanded. It is not easy to do it, in a challenging condition, like this.

I continued with one more after another, through the increasing pain. As more essences came into my body, through the needles and more mystic energy merged in them.

Finally, the runes entered inside and began to absorb a massive number of essences.

Buzz! 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑤𝑒𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

When they finally satiated, they buzzed and turned into a thin film, which enveloped the internals, before seeping deeper.


It disappeared at the same moment; I finished the one hundredth and eighth move and fell down hard.

I was asleep, or rather unconscious before I even fell to the ground. It turns out, the method, put such pressure on my body and soul, that it shut down, the moment I let go of everything.

I woke up nearly two hours later.

I didn't get up, only burned impurities and other things, before closing my eyes and entering my core. I appeared directly on the second continent, where all the data had been sorted by my clone.

I didn't have to come inside, since I already know it all, with the clone being part of me and all.

Still, I studied the data and gave my input.

With me hunting the bloodline, Grimms. 85% of all essence had been mixed with forbidden energy; only 15% was part of strengthening.

I am far ahead in strengthening and will remain as such till I get out of this realm. The new circumstances have made things dangerous for me, but they will also provide more Grimms to fight.

Some of those Grimms will have bloodlines.

I stayed in my core for a few minutes before I stepped out of the practice room and directly went out to shower.

After I finished with it, I once again had a delicious meal that my clone had cooked.

Once I finished with it and washed the plates; I opened the recording and was surprised to see there was a battle an hour ago. It was between the two natives, which seemed to have finished within a few minutes.

Seeing there was no one waiting for me outside. I summoned my armor and stepped through the gate.

It was a morning, with gentle sunlight and the sound of monsters. That put a smile on my face.


However, that smile remained only for a few seconds, before my soul sensed discovered something, that made a raging anger appear in my eyes.

I took a deep breath and investigated it further.

'A trap,' I thought and shook my head.

A few miles away from me; there is a Dogman eating a native flesh. It is not alone. There are two more that are hiding, and those two are quite powerful.

With my power, I would only be able to handle one at most, two, I couldn't. Three will be my death.

While I want to kill those three bastards, I know I will need to keep myself in control, no matter how much I hate doing that.

I took deep breaths and walked away.

Though, I still kept sending the soul waves toward Grimms. To keep eyes, on any opportunity that pops up, but unfortunately, it didn't.

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