MTL - Heaven-devouring Dragon Emperor-Chapter 7399 Tenten area

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Entering Tianyu

The results of the soul search also confirmed this point!

The words of the **** battle are true and false, not honest.


Jiang Tian killed the **** battle with one palm, and then devoured the opponent's blood essence!

He has just completed the advanced stage, and his blood spiritual power has reached 30% of the total!


There was panic in the Blood Saint Sect!

The majestic master of a sect has fallen like this, and there is no chance to resist at all!

Bloody battle, death is really humiliating!

The Blood Greedy Wolf seems to be in a mess, but in comparison, the **** battle is even more unbearable!

"After all, it's still blood!"

Jiang Tian looked back in the direction of Xueze, his eyes flickered!

Stepping forward, he came to the treasure hall of the Blood Saint Sect.

Pull the entire treasure hall into the Zixuan Realm, open the Great Formation of Transforming Space and flee back to Xuefeng's foothold.

"grown ups?"

"Back to the blood!"

blood pool!

Jiang Tian returns again!

Bring the blood maple directly, and appear above the blood clouds in the sky!

The results of the soul search showed that the entrance to Tianyu was just above the Blood Lake!

"At the peak of the Blood Emperor Realm, you can enter the Heaven Realm. Although my realm is not enough, my combat power is enough. Give it a try!"

Jiang Tian muttered to himself.

At this moment, he already understood the truth of the invisible barrier above.

That is an obstacle to Tianyu, to be precise, it is the boundary power emanating from Tianyu!

Although his strength hastily passed, there is a great risk.

But he can't control that much anymore!

After finally coming to the Blood Realm, he must try his best to track down the whereabouts of the Yinxu Kunmu and the Dragon Clan of the Blood Realm, and he cannot give up halfway!

If you leave here, you will definitely leave a huge regret!

"Xuefeng, you are free!"


Xue Feng's expression changed instantly!

"My lord... why did you say that, I would like to follow you forever!"

"I'm going to the Blood Realm, your strength is too weak, and I'm afraid you'll die if you get there!"

"My lord, I'm not afraid!"

Xue Feng's face is determined!

"Since the day I stepped into martial arts, I have lived a life of narrow escapes. It is a great fortune to be able to live until now and become the blood emperor, and this kind of fortune is given by adults, so even if I must die, I will die." I am also willing to follow the adults!"

"In that case, come on!"

Jiang Tian turned on the magical power of phantom eyes, and at the same time let go of his divine sense to search around.

After a few days, they finally found a place where the barrier was relatively weak.

And in the past few days, Xuefeng searched for opportunities in the blood clouds all over the sky, and refined all kinds of rare treasures.

Coupled with Jiang Tian's forcible improvement, his cultivation has entered the middle stage of the Blood Emperor!

"Let the adults down, let alone become the peak blood emperor, the villain didn't even reach the later stage!"

Facing Jiang Tian, ​​Xue Feng felt deeply guilty.

This is still the result of someone pulling her and pushing her and forcibly improving her.

Without Jiang Tian, ​​she might not even be able to reach the Blood King Realm now.

What a shame!

"I can't wait that long, let's talk about it after entering Tianyu!"

With Xuefeng's qualifications and conditions, even with his help, it will be difficult to advance to the peak of the Blood Emperor in a short time.

Instead of wasting time in the lower domain, it is better to go to the sky domain first, and then do follow-up processing.



Jiang Tian rushed towards the relatively weak barrier with Xuefeng.


As soon as Jiang Tian approached, an invisible coercion erupted instantly, trying to block him.

"Void fairyland!"


Jiang Tian launched the Void Immortal Realm to fight against it.

The two forces collided, stirring up waves of void!

"Void Immortal Physique, go up!"

Taking advantage of the fluctuations in the strength of the sky barrier.

Jiang Tian urged the Void Immortal Physique fiercely, and led Xuefeng upwards to escape.


Even though the Void Immortal Physique was activated, and the Void Immortal Territory enveloped the two of them.

The power of the sky barrier is still extremely amazing!

Huge waves descended one after another, crushing the Void Immortal Territory in an instant.

A huge coercion descended directly on the two of them!

This kind of pressure is enough to kill Xuefeng instantly!

Jiang Tian kept urging the Void Immortal Physique, covering Xue Feng with the power of the Void to prevent her from being affected.

"Void fairyland, go!"

Jiang Tian sacrificed the Void Immortal Realm again, and detonated it directly in the air!


The violent roar resounded through the void, and the power of the sky barrier fluctuated violently!


Jiang Tian speeded up and rushed forward.

But the power of the barrier he faces is getting stronger and stronger.

One after another void fairyland was sacrificed and detonated by him!

After repeating this hundreds of times, he finally broke through the invisible barrier with Xuefeng and came to the heaven!


The mighty clouds scattered wildly, and Jiang Tian and Xuefeng were in a fairyland-like boundless white cloud!

"This is Tianyu?"

Jiang Tian was taken aback!

The situation here is completely different from that in the Lower Domain of the Blood Realm!

The lower domain of the blood world is filled with rich blood energy, and the blood pool is even shrouded in blood clouds all over the sky.

It can be said that the entire Lower Domain is a world of blood!

And after coming to Tianyu, the environment here looks the same as Daoyu at first glance!

It's just that the aura of heaven and earth is more pure and intense!

" this Tianyu?"

Xue Feng was also stunned!

The situation here also exceeded her imagination!

In her opinion, the environment in Tianyu should be more terrifying than that in Lower Domain.

Unexpectedly, the world has changed!

Jiang Tian took a deep breath, carefully feeling the aura of heaven and earth here.

He shook his head and said, "It's not that there is no blood essence here, but it's relatively diluted. You can understand it after you feel it carefully!"

"Little man try!"

Xuefeng took a deep breath of Tianyu's aura, then closed her eyes and felt it silently.

Immediately it shines!

"Sure enough!"

A faint essence of blood energy is hidden in the aura of heaven and earth.

Although it is relatively thin, its rank is far better than the strong blood energy of the lower domain!

It is conceivable that under such an environment, more powerful warriors will definitely be created!

"The environment in the blood world is really extraordinary!"

Jiang Tian muttered to himself, and stepped into the air with Xuefeng.

Although he came to Tianyu, he had to get rid of the boundless white clouds first, and then he could make plans for the next step.

Since he stepped into martial arts, he has experienced a lot!

From the lower realm to the upper realm, and then from the middle realm to the dao realm, I have seen many special environments and cultivation conditions.

But it seems that none of them can compare with the situation in the two domains of the blood world!

It would be more appropriate to say that the Lower Domain and the Heavenly Domain are two completely different interfaces than one world and two domains!

Because the contrast between the two is really too great!

Half a day later, Jiang Tian and Xue Feng escaped from the white cloud.

Seeing the true face of Tianyu!

Looking around, there are boundless mountains and plains in sight.

The environment is almost the same as that of Zhongyu and Daoyu!

But Jiang Tian understood that this is the world of the real strong!

The strength of the fighters here is by no means comparable to the peak blood emperor in the lower domain of the blood world!

As for why the contrast between the two domains of the blood world is so huge, he still doesn't know yet.

"Blood maple!"

"The villain is here!"

"The most urgent thing is to find a place to retreat and improve your cultivation base, so as to improve the efficiency of treasure hunting!"

"The villain understands, please arrange it!"