MTL - Master Dan Dao-v2 Chapter 8419 Directly single-handedly conspiring as a cover

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The envoy of the Case family was the first to raise objections.

"Admiral Feng, isn't your plan too simple? And even if this plan is realized, it will not be able to cause substantial damage to Jia Luo. It just reduces the number of his disciples. What's the point?"

After Jia Luo's operation last time, in fact, the big demon families have a clear understanding of their own position, and they are no longer the lambs waiting to be slaughtered. The seeds of resistance had already been planted.

Only this time, they also came with their own plans.

Especially the Case family, they have made a careful plan, just waiting for Jia Luo to get into the trap this time, and then give Jia Luo a fatal blow.

To put it bluntly, their plan was simpler and more brutal, directly targeting Jia Luo, a key figure.

Feng Tianxing said bluntly.

"What do you guys think?"

The envoy of the Case family spoke loudly.

"In fact, the source of all the troubles now lies in Jia Luo alone. If we can kill Jia Luo, all problems can be solved."

"That's why the Keith family will take the lead in this Blue Sparrow Conference. Let each family come up with elites to fight against Jia Luo. When the time comes, the cup will be thrown as a sign, and Jia Luo will be caught off guard."

"As long as Jia Luo is killed, all the remaining problems will be solved. No matter how many disciples he has, without him as the leader, he is just a group of stragglers, nothing to fear."

Hearing this, Feng Tianxing just let out a sneer, and then he picked up the wine glass to himself, as if he was going to toss about you casually.

This attitude directly made the old man Nuo Siqianyuan unable to sit still. With a light cough, he interrupted the envoy of the Case family, and then looked at Feng Tianxing.

"God, you seem to have a different opinion."

Being able to let a strong man like Nuo Si Qianyuan lead the conversation in front of so many demons, Feng Tianxing's face is full. Under such circumstances, Feng Tianxing naturally wants to simply sort out these demons. some.

He casually cut off the big tree on the map he had condensed just now, Feng Tianxing smiled.

"Do you think this tree can still live?"

Nuo Siqianyuan fell into deep thought, but the envoy of the Case family looked puzzled.

"Admiral Feng, what do you mean?"

Feng Tianxing got up directly and said.

"In my hometown, there is a way of logging. Instead of cutting down the trees directly, we bury some poison under the roots of the big trees. In half a month, the big trees will fall when they are pushed."

"If the tree is cut directly, it will definitely grow into a giant tree after a hundred years."

"So the method of logging is different, and the purpose is also different."

The envoy of the Case family still shook his head.

"Admiral Feng might as well speak more bluntly. I don't quite understand this twist and turns. Shouldn't Jia Luo be our biggest enemy?"

Feng Tianxing smiled, and made a gesture of invitation to the North patriarch beside him.

"Just now I saw that the patriarch North was thinking, and I think he should understand."

The North patriarch hurriedly got up, first cupped his fists at Feng Tianxing, and then spoke.

"I think what Admiral Feng means is that this Jialuo is like a towering tree. If you want to solve the problem from the root, you have to get rid of his disciples. As long as there is a problem with their foundation, Jialuo will only be a problem sooner or later. "As for why you didn't use the method of killing Jia Luo, I think it should be that such a foundation is still there, and it will definitely be used by people with ulterior motives. I am afraid that the speed of recovery of Jia Luo's power at that time will not be a hundred years, or even a hundred years. only need to

One or two years. "

With the endorsement of the North patriarch, the demon messengers present became more cautious in their words and deeds.

Nuos Qianyuan, the big killer, gave Feng Tianxing a head start, and the patriarch of Nuos personally expressed his support for Feng Tianxing's plan, which almost got the support of the entire Nuos family.

Feng Tianxing is no longer that simple admiral status, they naturally have to pay attention to what they say, and don't waste Admiral Feng's time with nonsense.

After thinking for a moment, the envoy of the Case family spoke again. "Admiral Yifeng means that we can't do anything to Jia Luo now? This is a rare and good opportunity. Jia Luo will definitely show up. Although his strength is strong, he will not be able to crush the power of so many of our families.

. "

Feng Tianxing still shook his head.

"It's still the same sentence, what you and I can think of, Jia Luo can also think of, Jia Luo will show up at the Blue Sparrow Conference, but I'm afraid there are thousands of confidants around him."

"Playing these conspiracies, you can't play Jialuo better, so we can only play Yangmou."

"Yangmou is, I made it clear that I want to attack Jia Luo's disciples, but he has no choice but to show up at the Qingque Conference, and he can only watch his disciples fall."

Nuo Siqianyuan frowned.

"Jia Luo's strength can completely support any disciple. When he intervenes, things will be difficult."

Feng Tianxing said directly. "Please don't worry about this. Jia Luo clearly distinguishes the priorities. What he needs to do most is to confirm the legitimacy of his power at the Qingque Conference. This is the most important thing. He will definitely control it firmly. If he leaves , even if only half a column

During the fragrant time, I think you can make a lot of troubles, and Jia Luo won't lose the watermelon and pick up the sesame seeds. ""And if Jia Luo wants to borrow the identity of the emperor, he has to protect her side. Although he is a disguised emperor, he can't get away from him. Otherwise, if he can't even protect the daughter of the devil, then we there are a lot of reasons

Question his legitimacy. His plans would be thwarted. "

"I just put a choice in front of Jia Luo. Whether he wants an apprentice or a princess, he can only choose one of the two."

With Feng Tianxing's explanation, everyone can see clearly how deadly Feng Tianxing's seemingly simple move is.

One side is his own foundation, and the other side is the source of continuing to expand his strength.

Jia Luo has only one person, he can't do both.

This is destined to be a difficult choice.

The problem was posed in front of Jia Luo, and the next thing was waiting for him to choose.

Nuo Siqian nodded directly.

"Okay, then do as Admiral Feng said. This time, my North family followed! Tianxing, who do you want to go with you? I will arrange it now."

Feng Tianxing pondered for a moment and said directly.

"I want the demons with the highest prestige among the demons in your families to follow me. The strength is second, and the most important thing is prestige. If you have prestige, Jia Luo will not dare to do anything casually, and we will have unlimited right to speak. "

"Besides that, please arrange other manpower as soon as possible, especially the encirclement and suppression of Jia Luo's disciples as soon as possible. Just wait for the Qingque Conference to start, and set up a situation to kill!" "It is necessary to thoroughly dig out the foundation of Jia Luo come out!"