MTL - The Peasant Girl’s Splendid Manor-Chapter 1168 Extra : Modern Times (1)

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Chapter 1168: Extra Chapter 35: Modern Times (1)

 After the full moon banquet, Xue Tuanzi's spiritual power finally returned to its peak. The first thing he did was to prepare to break through the void and take Mo Yan back to his home in another time and space.

"Yan Yan, with my current strength, I can let you stay in that time and space for three days at most. If you want to go back in the future, you will have to wait at least another ten years."

It was night, and when everyone had fallen asleep, Xue Tuanzi lay in Mo Yan’s arms and communicated with her in the sea of ​​consciousness.

"So long?" Mo Yan frowned and asked worriedly: "Tell me honestly, will it hurt you to take me home?"

Although she really wanted to go back to her home in another time and space, wanted to see if her relatives were well, wanted to tell them that she was living a good and happy life, and let them stop being sad about her death, but these were all things she wanted to do when Xuetuanzi was safe and sound. Under the premise of things.

Hearing this, Xue Tuanzi was moved and nuzzled into Mo Yan's arms, and said arrogantly: "Of course there is no danger. I am the only weapon spirit in the world that relies on merit to transform, how can I be in danger? "

 There is of course danger, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to go back only once every ten years. Every time it breaks through the void, it will enter a dormant period to repair the damage caused by the time and space storm. It takes at least ten years to heal each time. During this period, it will be very weak, but it is relative. Its spiritual power can still be used and it can still protect its master.

After hearing this, Mo Yan still felt uneasy. She squeezed Xue Tuanzi's little fleshy hand and said, "Don't lie to me. In my heart, you are just like my relatives. If they let you get hurt just to see your parents, I’d rather not see you!”

This is Mo Yan's innermost thoughts. Family is very important, and Xue Tuanzi is also a family member. She doesn't want Xue Tuanzi to get hurt at all.

"You're worrying!" Xue Tuanzi rolled his eyes and became more determined to send Mo Yan home to "visit relatives": "Just think carefully about how to get rid of my father and the others, and how to go home without being noticed. "

It is indeed difficult to go back home, but it is finally "born". You have to see your grandparents, right? Yan Yan likes to have random thoughts, and she must complain to her grandparents when she goes back.

At this moment, Xue Tuanzi has adapted to his new identity very well. Don’t be too smooth in front of Mo Yan when he opens his mouth to call daddy and shuts up to call sister!

Seeing Xue Tuanzi acting like this, Mo Yan felt relieved. After thinking about it, he said, "It's too difficult to leave for three days without letting them notice. Is there no way for you to make them forget about us for a while?"

Xue Tuanzi rolled his eyes again: "There is a way, but the time flow rate between the two time and space is different. If you go back to the present for three days, here it will be thirty days. Even if my father and the others forget us in thirty days, You two, someone will always remind them that they still have a wife and mother. If all the people involved lose their memory, it will be a waste of spiritual power, and I won't be completely sure that I can bring you home safely."

Hearing this, Mo Yan had a headache: "What should we do? You know I can't find a suitable excuse to take you away from their father for seven months!"

Xue Tuanzi thought for a while and came up with an idea: "Why don't you just tell dad the truth? If you're worried, wouldn't it be better to erase dad's memory when we come back?"

be honest?

Mo Yan's brows furrowed even more tightly. She had never thought of telling her biggest secret to her closest lover. This had nothing to do with trust, but it was better not to say it than to say it.

Xue Tuanzi didn’t urge her. The decision of whether to tell or not was in Yan Yan’s hands. Although she could predict that Dad Ku would be surprised at most if he found out, he would never do anything to hurt Yan Yan.


Mo Yan couldn't make up her mind to tell Xiao Ruiyuan the truth. In the next few days, she kept looking for suitable excuses to leave home for a month, but after much deliberation, she never came up with it.

In the end, she had to discuss with Xue Tuanzi to see if there was a way for Xiao Ruiyuan to leave home with the child. Then she would find an excuse to stay and avoid the girls waiting around.

Unexpectedly, Xue Tuanzi actually thought of a way, which was to give Chu Heng a hint and ask him to take all the civil and military officials to Phoenix Mountain for autumn hunting in advance. An autumn hunt would take at least half a month. It would take seven or forty-nine days for her to find an excuse to go to the nunnery to worship the Buddha. By then, she would take all the beasts with her. As long as they stayed in the nunnery, no one would doubt her. She's gone.

Mo Yan thinks this idea is a good one. Autumn hunting has been planned for a long time, but no one expected that floods and plagues would break out in the south. Who has the heart to prepare for autumn hunting? Now that the floods have receded and the plague has been resolved, it is normal for Chu Heng to go hunting in autumn.

 The mother and daughter planned the follow-up matters together, and that night, Xue Tuanzi gave Chu Heng a hint. Sure enough, in the morning court the next day, Chu Heng issued an order for the autumn hunting in half a month, and all officials of the third rank and above were required to participate with their families.

As the minister of Humerus, Xiao Ruiyuan was naturally among them. In addition, Xiao Wan and others had long been talking about going for autumn hunting, so it was even more necessary to take them with them.

After confirming that the father and son were going, Mo Yan sent the girls to pack their bags and told Xiao Ruiyuan the excuse that she had already thought of: "Xiao Liu and Xiao Qi are still young and I can't take them to the hunting ground, but there must be someone at home watching over them. That’s all, I won’t go to the autumn hunting this time, you can keep an eye on the children.”

Xiao Ruiyuan frowned unconsciously and said disapprovingly: "Just let the maids keep an eye on the two little ones, or leave them with the hair balls, so there will be no problem if you are not around."

No matter how much he imagined, he could not imagine that his wife had other plans. He only thought that her wife was really worried about the two children, so she was unwilling to go hunting with him in autumn.

How could Mo Yan agree? She hugged her little son who had just woken up and said arrogantly: "Don't worry, I don't! This time I will stay at home with my son and daughter. You can either take the children with you or stay at home." Accompany our three mothers."

Xiao Ruiyuan wanted to accompany him and could not stay at home. Seeing his wife's firm attitude at this time, he knew that no matter how hard he tried to persuade her, there would be no result, so he had no choice but to say: "Then you can take care of the children at home peacefully, and I will take you with you when my husband comes back." Go back to Liuyang Town to relax."

Mo Yan secretly breathed a sigh of relief and agreed with a smile.

 (End of this chapter)