My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 890: A New Day, a New Beginning. 2

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Chapter 890: A New Day, a New Beginning. 2

"Y-Your Majesty." The women blushed furiously when they saw Victor.

"Where are the visitors?" Despite already knowing where they were with his senses, Victor still asked the question. The reasons for such a question were numerous, but the main one was a sense of purpose for these Maids.

A Maid with 7 black tails and Fox Ears approached Victor and said: "Your Majesty, the guests are in the recreation area."

"Mmm." Victor stared at the fox woman's ears for a few seconds. His gaze then went to her tails before he turned away. "Thanks."

"Y-You're welcome."

Victor began to float towards the recreation area, where a deep pool, game room, manga room, movie room, and library were built.

It was a place where he gathered all the 'culture' that his Wives wanted.

When Victor left the girls' sight, the Vampires and werewolves looked at the Kitsune with subtle looks, accusing her of several things without saying anything out loud.

Seeing the Maids' look, the Youkai smiled like a vixen.

'Cunning fox!' Veins bulged in the heads of the Vampires and the Werewolves as both groups snorted and went back to doing their activities.

Arriving at a giant doorway, the doors automatically opened, revealing a paradise that came straight out of Weebs' most hardcore dreams.

"...Ruby and Pepper sure went overboard with this place..." Victor looked around curiously. He smiled gently when he saw the Ice Castle in the distance, a castle he had given to Ruby on their first date in the past.

"Heh~, isn't she sweet?" Feeling curious, Victor floated towards the castle.

Entering the castle, he saw flaws in its very structure. "I was too inexperienced, huh…" He lightly touched the castle with the utmost care so as not to damage it.

With his current Ice Mastery experience, he could make the same castle even more sturdy and defined than before, but although he could do that now, he didn't.

After all, this was a memory for him and Ruby. "But... I can reinforce it." Victor snapped his fingers, and soon, white Energy covered the entire castle, making it essentially invulnerable.

Victor floated over the castle, and he smiled when he saw the photos of him and Sasha at the penis festival in Japan. "I still think Japan is a strange place..."

Just who puts on a penis festival? Better question, is there a Penis God?

Thinking about what this God would look like, Victor shuddered slightly in disgust. 'Yes, it's better not to think about it.'

Floating around the place, he saw the hotel bed where Victor had his first time with Violet. In fact, the entire hotel room was present here in the most real way possible. He even had a Déjà Vu when he saw this place.

"...I don't know how to feel about this...Just who came up with this idea?" Victor thought about it for a while: "Knowing my Wives, it was probably Kaguya, and when Violet heard it, she thought it would be a great idea."

Victor floated again and saw several things he bought when he and Sasha were on their first date. Even the landscape of the night he was with Violet on their date was recreated.

Even the version of Natashia's castle that was in the Adrastella Clan was present here, a castle that he broke due to 'mistreating' Natashia too hard in bed.

"...Just how did it fit in this Ice Castle?" Victor used his senses and tried to understand the Ice Castle, and soon, he saw that the entire castle was being powered by Draconic Runes and the Energy of the Alioth Clan.

"This design… Zaladrac, huh."

Victor sighed lightly when he realized that he had been so busy that he missed some important moments. This thought made his existence distort slightly, similar to the creature from his dreams, but he quickly controlled himself.

His reaction may be exaggerated for some, but to Victor, it wasn't. He is, after all, a Family man. He often preferred to be with his Family than to be in a war. Unfortunately, the world didn't seem to want to leave him alone. Because of this, he took control of everything so that he could have peace.

But even this peace was temporary... After all, his Sector was growing in Power and would soon become a High-Level Sector, and soon, this Sector would become infested with self-centered aliens.

"Tsk." He clicked his tongue and decided not to think about it. He just had to spend more time with his Family from now on. With Natalia's and Victor's Powers, he could spend millennia on this planet, and only one day would pass out there.

Thinking about Natalia's Power, he created an apple in his hand and tried to speed up the apple's Time with his Divinity stolen from Kronos.

And as expected, he succeeded, as the apple rotted, but... He was unable to access the most advanced form of this Power. The reason for this was that he did not have the Divinity related to this Concept.

Because of this, his Power was limited to small things.

"If I had the Power of Predation back then... I would have achieved Godhood with this." Victor narrowed his eyes slightly.

In his fight with The Elder Gods, the greatest boon he obtained was Ikor's Predation. This Power strengthened his own Absorption Power.

If the current him wanted some Power or Divinity, he could just eat a Being in possession of it, and he would acquire that Power in its full capacity and not in an incomplete form as before.

Before, when he consumed a Power, that Power was added to his own existing Power. An example of this was when he ate Zeus, and his Lightning Power became stronger. n--01n

Now, such a thing would occur again, but it would also add a completely separate new Power if the origin of the Power was different than what he currently possessed.

This was good because he could achieve complex Divine Concepts like Time and Space, but it was also complicated because he would have to train these Powers from scratch.

After all, Divinity Proficiency was not inherited.

Although, there are exceptions. If the Power is not of Conceptual Origin, he would acquire 100% of the capacity of that Power.

For example, if he consumed a Mortal who had the Power to control metals, he would acquire that Power in its entirety.

Although... He wasn't planning on doing that. The reason?

The Control of Creation he had as the Dragon could already do all of this. Before, he was limited in the scope his control encompassed. But now that he had the Divinity of Negativity and Beginnings, the only limitation was his imagination.

Deciding to move on from this train of thought, Victor floated around the Ice Castle and saw various goals, places, and photos of his Wives. Even the first Odachi that Mizuki created was here.

"...I see... This is a memorial... That was smart, Ruby." She used the castle he had made for her as a place to hold all their important memories.

"For such a 'cold' woman, she sure is very kind." He smiled.

After thinking for a bit, Victor decided to do something. He walked towards the center of the Ice Castle, and with a gesture of his hand, a gigantic globe of Blue Energy was created. A dark-colored pillar made with Divine Materials came out of the ground, and in the middle of that pillar was Victor's palm print.

Victor created a small, very simple wooden tablet and inscribed upon it with the claws of his hand.

"Pillar of memory. Made by Victor Alucard/Walker for the most important people in his life."

Victor nodded, satisfied. The next moment, he placed a claw on his forehead, and soon, a thin, entwined strand of darkness and white came out of his forehead. This was a tiny fragment of his Soul, which he then proceeded to throw into the blue Energy.

For a moment, the Energy stopped spinning and was stagnant until the entire globe was painted black before shifting to red and eventually turning into a violet hue.

The previously blue Energy became a violet Energy with shades of crimson and black.

Nodding in satisfaction, Victor walked towards the black pillar with his handprint on it, and he whispered in Draconic Language.

"These memories should only be visible to those who are worthy."

The black pillar glowed slightly. Complex words were not necessary; the Draconic Runes were all a matter of intention, and Victor's intention in making this artifact was that only his Wives and daughters would see his memories. In the next moment, the entire structure stabilized.

With just a few gestures, Victor had created a Divine Artifact that housed all the important memories of him with his Wives. Of course, the more unsafe and very intimate memories were not stored here. Only the 'cute' moments were housed in that pillar.

The artifact knew what to show and who to show it to. For example, Ruby wouldn't be able to witness the 'cute' moments he had with Sasha, and the same applied to Ruby's children, should they come here in the future. They won't be able to see the memories that are not theirs or their own mothers.

The best thing? This pillar would update itself over time; after all, it was connected to Victor.

"Maybe my future children will come to this place to see how cute their mothers were when they were younger." Victor laughed gently at that thought.

Victor had no idea how correct he was with those words, but that was a story for the future. Now, he had to entertain two important guests.

Victor Vanished and appeared in front of two women.

The taller woman was standing like a soldier on standby. The moment he appeared, she almost instantly glanced in his direction, and even though he was only in his underwear, the woman didn't react at all. She had plenty of self-control to limit her reactions.

However, the smaller woman with long black hair and golden eyes sitting under an umbrella while seemingly playing some kind of game on a portable console still hadn't noticed his arrival.

Seeing these two silent women not interacting and just doing their own thing, Victor felt a very strange atmosphere.

"God-Queen Amaterasu, and Lady Velnorah."

Amaterasu was startled by Victor's sudden voice, and she almost dropped her console. She quickly hid it in her robes as she picked up her fan and opened it before looking in Victor's direction. Once her golden eyes settled on him, they opened wide in surprise, and a healthy blush appeared on her face. Luckily, she had her fan to hide it.

"I'm sorry for the delay. As you know, things have been quite busy these days. I assume you guys wanted to talk to me?"

The two nodded.

"Very well." Victor snapped his fingers, and in the next moment, three sofas, a very large umbrella, and a small table were created.

Velnorah's eyes twitched a little at this casual display of Creation Control. 'He almost looks like a God of Creation. Although, he isn't 'creating' anything from scratch, but rather just using the things around him to create things.' She thought.

Victor floated towards the sofa and made a motion of sitting down, but to the women's more attentive eyes, they noticed that he was not actually sitting but was simply floating mere centimeters above the sofa:

"Please, sit down." Black shorts, slipper sandals, and a long-sleeved shirt appeared on Victor's body, a very casual choice of clothing.

These clothes indicated that their environment was not professional but more personal and intimate. Therefore, they did not need to worry too much.

It was a subtle gesture that these experienced women understood, so they also followed suit.

Velnorah's armor retracted completely, and soon she was left wearing white pants with neon blue stripes, black sneakers with sharp blue stripes, and a white shirt similar in design to the pants she was wearing. It was a choice of clothes that seemed to come out of science-fiction.

On the other hand, Amaterasu's choices were more traditional for her country, merely composed of a simple pink Yukata with gold details.

Victor nodded in satisfaction before snapping his fingers once more, producing refreshments and an assortment of food on the table, the choice of dishes being Japanese. He then looked at Amaterasu with his Draconic Eyes.

"Let's start with you, God-Queen Amaterasu, what do you want from me?"

Amaterasu picked up an Onigiri on the table and bit down lightly, widening her eyes slightly at how delicious this riceball was. After swallowing the piece she bit off, she started to speak.