Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 814 Burn! (Part 2)

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Chapter 814 Burn! (Part 2)

?"Damn it," Carla cursed as she wiped away the small trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth. (Carla— the beginner level rank two Drayd who entered the Tomb with Even and Cedar)

The area around her was littered with blood, broken limbs, and flesh. Hundreds of vines releasing faint green smoke slithered around her like snakes, giving the scene a horrifying appearance. freeweb

"You bi*ch, just you wait. Once my friend comes over, I will chop off your limbs and use you like livestock..." A man with black hair, pale white skin, and blood-red eyes said in a voice filled with hatred as he struggled to expel the poison invading his body. freew ebnov el

Carla paid no attention to the vampire's threats and focused on stabilizing her injuries. Her body was covered in wounds, and her aura was chaotic.

Observing Carla's indifference, the vampire glanced around at the blood-soaked surroundings. A look of deep fear briefly crossed his face as he recalled the events that had transpired earlier.

Similar to Carla, the vampire confronting her was a Beginner Level Rank Two vampire named Blake. He and his group were on their way to the second layer of the Tomb when they encountered her.

Seeing that Carla was alone, Blake's group wanted to rob her. There were five people in his group, including Blake himself and another Beginner Level Rank Two Core Evolver. The other three were Rank One core evolvers, and all of them were also quite strong.

They thought it wouldn't be difficult to rob Carla who was alone, but they never expected her to be far stronger than them.

The battle lasted nearly an hour, during which, Carla killed all four vampires in Blake's group except for Blake himself. Blake was also seriously injured and even poisoned by her.

The problem arose because Carla had almost exhausted her world essence and stamina after the long fight, leaving her without enough strength to kill Blake despite his injuries.

Similar to Carla, Blake was also depleted of world essence and was trying to overcome the poison, so he lacked the strength to kill her.

Although poisoned, Blake's condition was still better than Carla's, who was on the verge of collapse due to exhaustion after the prolonged battle. She knew her situation wasn't good and wanted to escape, but Blake didn't give her any chance to flee.

As a vampire, the blood-soaked area was a perfect playground for him, making it easy for him to prevent Carla from running away.

Although Carla had infused the poison into all the blood littering the area, making it hard for Blake to control it, he still managed to stop Carla from escaping, who was completely exhausted.

"My friend is a mid-level Rank Two Core Evolver; you will be dead meat once he arrives," Blake said in a tone filled with hatred as he thought about how thoroughly Carla had beaten him despite both of them being Beginner Level Rank Two Core Evolvers.

Carla did not show any reaction upon hearing Blake's words, but inwardly, her mind raced as she thought about a way to escape. She knew that in her current condition, she would definitely die if she fought a mid-level Rank Two Core Evolver.

'I already sent a signal, but I don't know if anyone will come here...' Carla thought inwardly with a bitter look on her face, cursing her own stupidity.

When Blake and the others attempted to rob her, threatening to use her as livestock, she lost her temper and engaged in the fight without considering the consequences.

Considering her powers, if she had chosen to escape instead of fighting, it wouldn't have been difficult for her to get away from there. However, she impulsively joined the fight without thinking things through.

'I should have fled as soon as I saw I was vastly outnumbered...' Carla sighed internally and took a deep breath. The poison vines around her began to shake, and the smoke emanating from them intensified.

Realizing that dwelling on past events wouldn't change anything, she decided to use the last of her world essence in hopes of escaping rather than waiting for a mid-level Rank Two vampire to confront her.

Blake's expression changed upon seeing the poison emitting from the vines. For a moment, fear flashed across his face as he struggled to overcome the poison already inside his body. It would be extremely dangerous for him if more poison entered his system.

"Poison Mist!"

Carla said in a low voice, instantly covering an area of more than ten kilometre in dark green poisonous gas. With her world essence running low, using another skill made her face instantly pale, and her head began to spin.

Although her head started to spin due to exhausting all of her world essence, she gritted her teeth and started to run away from there.

The poison gas skill Carla used wasn't ordinary as it could even block people's spiritual senses.

Knowing that Blake wouldn't risk entering the poison mist in his weakened state, she saw it as her best chance to escape.

Unfortunately, even before she could cross the area covered by the poison gas, a heavy aura enveloped the surroundings. Carla was already very weak, so as soon as the heavy aura enveloped the area, she coughed up blood and collapsed to the ground.

A powerful energy wave surged outward and blew away the poison gas covering the area.

Once the poison gas cleared, Carla saw Blake standing alongside a two-meter-tall vampire with red hair, who had a smug look on his face.

It was obvious that the second vampire was a mid-level Rank Two Core Evolver. Carla's expression turned grim, and she gritted her teeth in frustration when she saw this.

"You bit*h, I told you, you will be a dead meat onc—" Blake spoke in a smug voice, but before he could finish his threat...


A booming sound, like that of a bullet firing, echoed from hundreds of kilometres away.

Carla was stunned when she heard the loud sound, and before she could comprehend what had happened...


She heard the painful screams of Blake and the mid-level Rank Two vampire and saw their bodies were burning in deep orange flames.

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