Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4722 Blind Cat Groping for Mice

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Chapter 4722 Blind Cat Groping for Mice

“Evilmoon, are you sure this will work?” asked Long Chen within the darkness.

“Don’t worry. Leave concealing your aura to me. I can imitate the aura of anyone I’ve killed. Do you think I’m still the Evilmoon from the mortal world?” replied Evilmoon in a haughty tone.

“Alright, then we’ll try it. If it doesn’t work, we’ll start killing immediately,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was pressing his luck this time. After all, these assassins were too crafty, and it was essentially impossible to trap them. With this limited time, he could only throw caution to the wind.

Black divine light then enveloped Long Chen, and his aura grew dark and sinister.

“Suppress your dragon blood power. You don’t need to bother with the rest,” explained Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded. Fortunately, his violet blood was still in a sealed state. Otherwise, it would be all too easy for the Lifehunter race to sense him. After all, the violet blood race was their mortal enemy.

“Your aura has changed. Now, the rest is up to you,” said Evilmoon. It was only able to help Long Chen this much.

However, it didn’t really care whether Long Chen could slip in or not. It only cared if it could kill.

“Alright. I’ll handle the rest.” Long Chen sensed the new aura Evilmoon had given him, feeling amazed by how similar it was to that of a Lifehunter expert.

“In my opinion, we can just charge in and get it over with. With our combined power, I’m thirty percent sure that we can break the laws of that minor world. Even if they run, I don’t think many of them will get away,” grumbled Evilmoon.

“Didn’t you hear Guo Ran? He cares a great deal about getting his hands on the material of the Lifehunter race’s weapons. After all, he has to create new armor and weapons for the Dragonblood Legion. With his character, he only wants to produce the very best things. Even with all the ores I provided him this time, he still wants the ores of the Lifehunter race to raise the level of his items to the very highest level,” explained Long Chen.

Long Chen had been with Guo Ran the longest. Although Guo Ran hadn’t said it directly just now, that was because he was worried about his greed affecting Long Chen’s strategy. However, how could Long Chen not know what Guo Ran was thinking? Thus, if he could wipe them all out, that would be best. However, if he couldn’t, letting a few off in order to get what Guo Ran was dreaming of was still worth it.

“That’s no good! The main thing is to kill them. Those things are only secondary!” protested Evilmoon. freeweb

“Evilmoon, when did you get so bloodthirsty?” Long Chen couldn’t hold back this question anymore. Ever since Evilmoon’s return, it had been incredibly impatient about killing people.

This desire to kill was different from before; it seemed as if it had some other goal that it urgently wanted to achieve.

Evilmoon was silent before it finally said, “Fine, I’ll tell you the truth. This new body of mine exists to kill. I still don’t have complete control over it, so I cannot activate its full potential. Although I’ve absorbed the Emperor Blood Silk Net, its energy seems to be invested away. Although it is mine, I’m not able to fully control it.”

“Didn’t we already condense the Split the Heavens runes? We’re capable of merging our power, right?” asked Long Chen.

“That little bit of power is nothing compared to what I’m talking about. What do you think this body is? It is a weapon with millions of dragon souls within it. In comparison, the bit of power I merged with you is like a single hair from nine oxen. Why am I in such a rush to kill? Because only by killing can I condense my soul even more; only by eating those experts’ evil souls and wills can I get stronger. This is the way for me to gain control over this body. One failure was enough. I don’t want a repeat of the Martial Heaven Continent. I don’t want to taste the feeling of not being able to protect my closest companion a second time. Tch, I’m using the wrong words again. I simply want the name of Evilmoon to shake the world and terrify all those who hear it!” declared Evilmoon.

Long Chen’s heart warmed. Evilmoon wanted to protect him, and he also wanted to protect Evilmoon.

Back then, Evilmoon had unleashed all its power to block the attack of a terrifying expert, shattering in front of Long Chen. That pain wasn’t something he wanted to experience a second time.

“Don’t worry, now that you’ve gone through nirvanic rebirth, when we fight alongside each other, heaven and earth will submit beneath our feet,” said Long Chen as he patted Evilmoon.

Hearing Long Chen’s comfort, Evilmoon’s emotions grew gentler. “I’m sorry. I’m just impatient, but I know that some things can’t be rushed. Go ahead with your plan.”

Thinking back to that battle, Evilmoon suddenly recalled that Long Chen had experienced far more bitterness, and it had essentially picked at Long Chen’s scab. However, instead of blaming it, Long Chen comforted it, making it feel childish and embarrassed.

“Don’t worry! I’m no longer young and super dumb, and you’re no longer the weak Evilmoon. In this world, there is nothing that can stop us,” said Long Chen as he walked off.

“What are you planning to do?” asked Evilmoon, changing the subject.

“I’ll deal with anything that happens as it pops up. Just keep my aura concealed,” replied Long Chen. Just like that, he swaggered into the Cloud Rubbing Fantasy Sea.

Long Chen stopped once he was at the border and just stood there, staring outside with a cold gaze. It wasn’t that long before the slightest spatial fluctuation appeared. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to sense it.

Long Chen coldly said, “Hand over your identification tablet.”


After saying that, Evilmoon appeared in his hand and swept through the air, wiping multiple figures out of existence.

“Damn, that was the wrong thing to say.”

Long Chen stood at the entrance to the Cloud Rubbing Fantasy Sea, well aware that the sentries they had identified as decoys lay further within. Walking forward, he intercepted any newcomers approaching his territory.

“Hand over your tokens!”


“What’s the signal?”


Long Chen shouted several different things, but the newcomers always reacted badly, so Long Chen had no choice but to immediately kill them. Fortunately, Evilmoon could completely absorb the other side’s auras so that they left no traces.


“Fantasy Sea Floating Life.”

After seven failed attempts, space twisted, revealing four figures that lit Long Chen’s eyes. He had finally guessed right.freewebno(v)el

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