Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 1285 What a heavenly trial, my Lord!

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Chapter 1285  What a heavenly trial, my Lord!

All sorts of mental images flashed past Liam trying to drown him in unadulterated intoxication. Rather than mental images it was as if he was submerged in glimpses of what his life could be or was currently. Everything was blurry and it was difficult to differentiate reality and illusion.

Liam saw beautiful women all around him, wearing only the bare minimal clothing which was somehow more enticing than if they had been utterly naked. These women begged him, yearned for him and threw themselves at him in all sorts of ways.

Liam tried to block the visions and rushed out of the room, only to be further besieged by other beautiful vixens carrying aromatic wine and delicious meat. These women around him were from all races and lineages and each one of them was indescribably attractive, enough to captivate any man and enamour him for days if not years. Even Nymphomania couldn't come close to this kind of pleasure palace.

Liam found himself getting carried away quite a few times as he fondled the slender waists and juicy melons that blocked his path. However, he snapped out of it instantly, pushing the women away.

The white intoxicating haze that was lingering in the air also did not help. It was as if he was walking in a dreamland that countless men wished to enter.

Liam's instincts screamed that this was danger and he needed to be out of here as soon as possible. Every moment that he delayed, the pressure on his mind only worsened. He was getting more and more pulled into the fantasy, even going as far as to disrobe a demoness who was particularly alluring.

At the last second, he grit his teeth and once again broke out of the entrapment. It wouldn't take long for him to dash out of this place but he did not do so. This was because while surviving in this pleasure palace was difficult with one's intellect intact, this was also one of the easier floors he had run into. The difficulty in the second segment of the Spire was sure to skyrocket. If possible he wanted to gather the rest of the group and check how everyone else has fared. Ultimately, this was still a race to the top but Liam was willing to spare a few hours if it would help them recuperate and increase their chance of survival. Besides, not all of them had healing skills and he could definitely help them in that department.

It took a few minutes but Liam finally managed to navigate through the maze and get a grip on himself. He was now in firm control of his senses and was no longer affected by the enticing illusions and temptations that the floor threw at him.

While the mental illusions of the floor weren't that strong, Liam suspected that their effect was so pronounced because of the drugged atmosphere in the palace. But now that he was somewhat used to the muddle-headed feeling, he ran through the corridors and opened the doors in the palace to search for familiar faces. Every now and then he fondled a few women, acting as if he was still under the influence of the drug. It was still not time to alert the big boss of this place. Liam had a strong feeling that if he was found out or if he stepped out of this place or if he killed the person in charge of this establishment then the trial would swiftly come to an end.

So he tried to be as subtle as possible in his search. As he meandered through the opulent halls, he kept his senses sharp, filtering through the haze and noise to detect any hint of his team members. He wandered from room to room, feigning indulgence in the pleasures offered.

As he moved deeper into the palace, the debauchery grew more intense, but Liam remained focused. Not so surprisingly, the first person he came across was Eldrin. The elf was also out of his private chamber.

However, he showed no inclinations of doing anything. He simply walked aimlessly, groping all women around him to his heart's content. As he pinched a lion girl's nipple and poked another woman's belly button, the elf's gaze finally landed on Liam.

The shameless guy instantly revealed a big grin. "What a heavenly trial, my Lord."

Liam chuckled helplessly. Seeing the elf's behavior, he couldn't help but wonder for a second if the elf had fallen for the illusions. It turned out that he was fine after all.

"Have you seen anyone else?"

"Ah.." Eldrin shook his head. "I assumed you were going to close this trial just like you did with the other floors. So… Cough. Cough. I was simply trying to make the best of it."

"Careful. There is something in the air. You might fall without even realizing that you are not in control anymore."

Eldrin quickly nodded his head in obedience. "Of course, my Lord. I would be a fool to underestimate any trial in the Spire."

Liam frowned. Though the elf's mouth was moving, he did not look believable at all. Either way, the guy had proven himself capable until now so he continued moving.

Liam cleared all of the first floor and was yet to come across anyone else. He now stood before a set of stairs with a choice in front of him, up or down. In this kind of setup, he felt that perhaps going down would lead to the big boss so he decided to head upward.

However, the moment he stepped on the stair, a loud explosion rang in the bottom floor. Liam instantly rushed over to find that parts of the building's wall had been ripped open.

At the same time, another person as well arrived next to him. "Guild leader." Once again, Lan Deming greeted him.

Liam saw that the assassin style fighter now possessed a brand new pair of daggers which should have been his reward for clearing the first segment. This was good because his class mainly relied on the weapon and a good weapon can go a long way in increasing his strength.The inception of this chapter's publication is linked to n(0)vel(b)(j)(n).