She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 154 - Sheng Xiao Is in Love!

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Chapter 154: Sheng Xiao Is in Love!

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Yu Donghai knew that the Divine Realm Academy would be on break this afternoon, so he had been waiting for Yu Huang’s call.

Yu Donghai’s phone rang, and he hurriedly answered the call. Staring at Yu Huang’s appearance on the screen, Yu Donghai finally smiled.


“Is everything alright in school?”


Yu Donghai was relieved and asked her again, “What’s the name of your professor?”

“professor Gold Ingot.” As soon as Yu Huang finished speaking, she saw Yu Donghai’s expression tum strange. She hurriedly asked Yu Donghai, “Father, you know Professor Gold Ingot?”

“How could I not know him?!” Yu Donghai revealed a helpless smile. He said, “That fellow is a cultivation madman. During our school days, he would challenge the young master in the arena every time. He gets miserably defeated every time. I have never seen anyone more stubborn than him.”

This suited Professor Jin’s personality.

“If that fellow finds out that the student he painstakingly fostered is the child of his sworn enemy. Tsk tsk, that scene would surely be very interesting.” Yu Donghai hoped to see that scene occur.

Yu Huang did not dare to imagine that scene.

The two of them chatted for more than half an hour before Yu Donghai reluctantly said, “Let’s talk again next time. You should also give your master a call.”


After Yu Donghai hung up, Yu Huang gave Lin Jiansheng a video call.

Lin Jiansheng accepted the video call. Seeing that Yu Huang’s gaze had become sharper after staying in the Divine Realm Academy for two months, he smiled and said, “It seems that Gold Ingot taught you well.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang guessed a possibility. She asked Lin Jiansheng, “Mentor, did you ask the dean to give me to Professor Gold?”

Lin Jiansheng did not deny it. He said, “Gold Ingot is very good at teaching students. Cultivate well with him and you will achieve something.”


Lin Jiansheng asked her again, “Have you made any new friends?”

Yu Huang nodded and told Lin Jiansheng, “I live in the same dormitory as the youngest daughter of the Sheng family head. There’s also a little mermaid girl.”

Lin Jiansheng blinked his eyes indecently and said, “You didn’t make friends with Mr. Sheng?” He deliberately emphasized the word ‘friend’. Clearly, ‘friend’ wasn’t referring to ‘friend’.

Yu Huang was silent for a moment before saying, “This person isn’t easy to win over.”

“Useless! Don’t call me again before you win him over. You’re embarrassing me!” Lin Jiansheng was about to hang up the phone when he thought of something and said to her, “Remember to visit the Purifying Spirit faculty when you’re free. You can learn something from the professors in the faculty.”


After ending the call, Yu Huang switched on her phone and surfed the internet. She read through all the major events that had happened in the past two months before turning off her phone.

Yu Huang stood up and was about to return to her dormitory when she suddenly received a message.

Sheng Xiao: “Where are you?”

Yu Huang raised her eyebrows and replied, “Central Lake”

Sheng Xiao replied, “Wait for me.”

Although she did not know why Sheng Xiao was looking for her, Yu Huang still sat there and waited for him.

Soon, Sheng Xiao arrived.

Since it was the break, Sheng Xiao did not wear his school uniform.

‘The weather turned cold and he wore a navy blue windbreaker with a white shirt inside and a sapphire collar pin at the collar. His black trousers were wrapped around his long legs and he wore a pair of combat boots.

He was handsome and spirited.

Sheng Xiao walked toward Yu Huang from the other end of Weiyang Lake. He looked elegant and graceful.

Yu Huang was not obsessed with looks, but she liked Sheng Xiao’s face very much. Yu Huang felt guilty when she thought about how she had fallen in love with such a young child at her age.

Sheng Xiao only realized that Yu Huang was still wearing a dress when he walked to her side. He stared at Yu Huang’s arms and legs. He frowned and asked, “Aren’t you cold?”

The people in this season wore clothes randomly. Because Yu Huang was in her beast form, she was more afraid of heat than most people, so she was still wearing a skirt.

Yu Huang extended her hand toward Sheng Xiao. She wanted him to touch the back of her hand to see if she was cold.

But Sheng Xiao misunderstood. He stared at Yu Huang’s slender hand. His ears turned red. “It’s not good to hold hands, is it?”

Yu Huang froze.


She retracted her hand and asked Sheng Xiao, “Why are you looking for me?”

Sheng Xiao said, “I’m taking you to the trading market. Are you going?” Yu Huang had been training behind the mountain for the past two months. Sheng Xiao guessed that she did not know that such a place existed in the school.

“Trading market?” As expected, Yu Huang did not know that there was a trading market in the Divine Realm Academy. She asked Sheng Xiao, “Where is it?”

“at the central square. Every afternoon on the 15th of every month, students and professors would set up stalls at the central square to sell some trinkets. Do you want to take a look?”

Yu Huang did not say anything. Her eyes scanned Sheng Xiao like X-rays.

His slightly long hair was combed carefully, revealing his clean and plump forehead. His chin was clean, and there was a sapphire collar pin on the collar of his white shirt.

No matter how she looked at it, he looked too dressed up.

Yu Huang narrowed her eyes and said, “Brother Xiao, are you inviting me on a date?”

“No.” Sheng Xiao’s gaze remained calm, but his slightly red ears betrayed his thoughts. “Are you going?” Why was this girl so annoying?

“Tm going!”

Sheng Xiao finally relaxed when she agreed.

“Then let’s go.”

‘The flying birds in the academy would only be used for free for the students during group activities. Usually, students would have to accumulate points if they wanted to ride the flying birds to a certain place.

Under such circumstances, everyone would usually go to the back of the mountain to catch a bird as a transportation means.

Yu Huang had the wings of a Vermillion Bird. She could fly directly. Sheng Xiao, who advanced to Supreme Master level, could also fly on objects. It saved them a lot of points.

Yu Huang spread her wings and was about to fly when Sheng Xiao took out a motorcycle from his interspatial ring.

Yu Huang retracted her wings and asked Sheng Xiao, “Shall we ride the bicycle over?”

Sheng Xiao nodded and got into the car. He took off another safety helmet and handed it to Yu Huang. “Come up.”

Yu Huang took over the helmet and noticed that there was a brand new label on it. She knew that Sheng Xiao had just bought the helmet.

She might be the first person to sit behind Sheng Xiao’s motorcycle.

Sheng Xiao saw her looking at the helmet and asked, “Do you know how to wear it?”

What did Yu Huang not know? She deliberately shook her head and asked him, “If I don’t know, can you help me?”

Sheng Xiao really reached out and took the helmet from her hand. Seeing that there was no one around, he said, “Take off your mask.” She could not wear the helmet unless she took off her mask.

Sheng Xiao had seen the scars on her face before. Yu Huang did not feel burdened at all. She took off her gold mask under Sheng Xiao’s gaze.

Sheng Xiao stared at her scarred face and suddenly said, “There’s a professor in the Department of Healing who is good at repairing skin. Shall I bring you to her when you’re free?”

Although Yu Huang was already dazzling enough, her disfigured face was still a flaw. Sheng Xiao hoped that Yu Huang could regain her former appearance.

Yu Huang asked, “Can it be healed?” Although whether or not she was ugly or beautiful, Yu Huang would live well, being able to live beautifully was better than being ugly.

Sheng Xiao said, “We have to try.”

Yu Huang understood that Sheng Xiao was not suggesting that she was ugly or embarrassing. He was sincerely hoping that she would lead a better life. She smiled at Sheng Xiao. “Sure, let’s go for a try.”


Sheng Xiao put the helmet on Yu Huang and reminded her, “Sit tight.”

Yu Huang crossed her legs and sat behind him. She put one hand around Sheng Xiao’s waist.

Sheng Xiao lowered his eyes and looked at the hand on his waist. Then, he stepped on the accelerator. The motorcycle sped along the cement road at lightning speed.

Forty minutes later, they finally arrived at the central plaza.

The usually empty central plaza was especially lively today. The students prepared tables and cloths and set up stalls on the plaza, forming a circular market.

The items in the bazaar were sold in two ways. One was to exchange for items, and the other was to buy with points.

Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang, “You can tell me if you like something.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “I have points.”

Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang, “You can tell me if you like it.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “I have points.”

Yu Huang could buy anything she liked. But since Sheng Xiao had asked, she agreed. “Sure!”

The two walked side by side towards the market.

All the students in the school knew Sheng Xiao. When they saw Sheng Xiao walking with a woman with an enchanting figure and strolling around the market, they were all surprised.

Yin Rong was also setting up her stall at the market tonight. When she saw Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang appearing at the market together, she knew that her guess was right.

Yin Rong would come to the market on the 15th of every month to set up her stall. In the past six years, the number of times she saw Sheng Xiao at the market could be counted on one hand. This was the first time she saw him bringing a girl to the market.

In the Divine Realm Academy, inviting girls to the market was equivalent to a date.

Xiao Shu was helping Yin Rong. When he saw Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang, he could not help but mutter to Yin Rong, “Why is Brother Xiao here with Yu Huang?”

Yin Rong felt that Xiao Shu was blind. “Can’t you tell? Senior Sheng is dating Yu Huang!”

Xiao Shu widened his mouth in shock and exclaimed, “What? Brother Xiao is dating?!”

Xiao Shu’s voice was so loud that half of the people in the market heard him. Instantly, many people turned to look at Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang.

Their eyes were burning with disbelief.

‘When they saw Sheng Xiao and his junior, they were wondering about their real relationship. Even though they had guessed that they might be dating, they were not sure.

However, Xiao Shu was one of the few people in the school who was close to Sheng Xiao. When he said ‘Brother Xiao is in a relationship’, it proved that Sheng Xiao was in a relationship.

‘When they saw Sheng Xiao and the girl beside him, some people recognized that the girl was Yu Huang, who was in the first grade. Their expressions became ambivalent again.

It was shocking that Sheng Xiao would fall in love with a disfigured junior.

Sheng Xiao was outstanding. He had an excellent family background, ability and appearance. If he wanted to, all the unmarried girls in the Holy Spirit Continent would be willing to queue up for him to choose. But why did he fall for a disfigured girl?

But who would dare to comment in front of Senior Sheng?

No one dared.

Sheng Xiao noticed their gazes, but he did not care. He stood beside Yu Huang calmly and took the initiative to stand at the side where there was the most traffic. He did not want anyone to bump into Yu Huang.

Yu Huang noticed Sheng Xiao’s thoughtfulness and liked him even more. He was such a good child. Not only was he good-looking, but he was also considerate of women and did not lust for beauty.

She really liked him.