She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 249 - Untitled

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Chapter 249 Untitled

Among the five players, Lie Gang was the tallest and was a strength-type player. Yin Rong arranged for him to be the center player.

Yin Yang was relatively short and was about the same height as Yu Feng. His personality was relatively gentle, and he was a few years older than everyone else. He had very strong coordination and battle awareness. He was the rear guard of the control team.

Zhong Luoxue was the rear guard while Yu Feng was the small vanguard while Xiao Shu was the large vanguard.

Yin Rong acted as the referee to supervise their training. Liu Lifeng and the other two substitute members would occasionally go on stage to train with everyone.

Playing basketball seemed to be entertainment, but it was actually cultivation. After more than half a month of training, Yu Feng’s ability to swing her fists and beat people had improved greatly.

Soon, it was October 5th.

Yu Huang’s basketball team was going to represent the academy to participate in the battle at the capital’s basketball stadium in the Divine Realm Continent. Yin Rong had customized a dark green jersey for the team. On the left chest area of the jersey, the school badge of the Divine Realm Academy was embroidered with golden threads.

After putting on their school uniforms, the eight of them stood in front of the school to take a photo. Then, they returned to the dormitory to pack their things and prepared to leave.

While Yu Huang was packing, Sheng Yang and Na Luo finished their seclusion and returned from the Cultivation Hall.

After knowing that Yu Feng was going to represent the academy to play the basketball match, Sheng Yang exclaimed, “Sister-in-law! You must enter the grand finals. When you enter the grand finals, I’ll drag my entire family to cheer for you!”

Sheng Yang’s entire family were all the residents of Yufu City.

Yu Huang hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Don’t be so high-profile. You and Na Luo can just be there.”

“Hehe.” Sheng Yang asked her again, “Where’s my brother?”

“He’s in seclusion on the 18th level.”

“He won’t go with you?”

“No.” Yu Feng put the clothes into her bag and said, “I’m an adult woman. I can kill a wolf with one hand. Why should I let him follow me? I’m not a baby who can’t walk.”

Na Luo gave Yu Huang a thumbs up. “I like your independence and rationality, Yu Huang.”

Yu Huang carried her bag and waved goodbye to Na Luo and Sheng Yang.

When Sheng Yang waved at her, the clothes on her chest trembled slightly. Yu Feng stared at Sheng Yang’s chest and suddenly said, “Has your body started to mature recently?”

Hearing this, Sheng Yang beamed with happiness. She lifted her school uniform and revealed the sky-blue cute bra inside. She said happily, “It’s finally not flat anymore.”

Yu Huang couldn’t bear to look at her.

She quickly walked over and put Sheng Yang’s clothes down. She lectured her with a straight face. “You’re a girl. Don’t open your clothes so easily to show others your body. Don’t you have common sense?”.

How could Sheng Yang not understand? It was just that she trusted Yu Feng and Na Luo too much and didn’t treat them as outsiders. “I understand. Hurry up and leave. Yin Rong and the others are waiting for you at the field.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Yu Huang carried her bag and ran towards the field. After meeting up with Yin Rong and the others, she left the Divine Realm Academy on a bird.

The Beast Tamer Basketball Association was built in Jingdu’s Wuwen District. The organizer was the Beast Tamer Alliance. During the competition, the accommodation of the participating students was free, but the school had to pay for the food.

Sitting on the flying bird, Yin Rong held a notebook in her lap. She said, “There are nine of us at the same table. If there’s anything you want to eat, say it. Write up the menu in advance and take turns eating. Anyway, the Academy is paying.”

Since there was reimbursement, everyone naturally ordered expensive foods.

Xiao Shu said, “I heard that the dishes in Jingdu’s Imperial Cuisine Restaurant are good. We must go there and have a meal!” The Imperial Cuisine Restaurant had long become a chain restaurant, with the boss behind it being Mo Yuelou.

Yin Rong made a signal behind the Imperial Cuisine Restaurant.

“I want to eat a roasted Kola Beast. I heard that there’s a barbecue shop in the capital that has a Kola Beast that’s especially delicious!” The Kola Beast was a type of level 2 demon beast. This type of demon beast had no other special characteristics, but was soft and delicious.

Everyone drooled when they heard the name of the Kola Beast.

Yu Huang licked her lips and suddenly said, “I want to go to the restaurant to eat seafood. I heard that the shark meat at Jingdu’s Shenghui Restaurant is top-notch.”

Hearing shark meat, Xuanyuan Jing instinctively looked at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang happened to catch the other party’s gaze and realized that Xuanyuan Jing’s beast form was the Rotating Tooth Shark. Yu Huang was stunned and subconsciously explained, “I’m talking about the meat of the Jumping Shark, not the meat of the Rotating Tooth Shark.”

The Jumping Shark was a kind of small shark with a tender fleshy body that was most suitable to be eaten fresh.

Xuanyuan Jing acknowledged with a complicated expression.

Lie Gang said, “I want to eat the Peacock Feast. I heard that the Peacock Feast in the capital is the most visually appetizing feast.”

The so-called Peacock Feast wasn’t about eating real peacocks. Instead, a painter would paint on the skin of beautiful men and dress them up as peacocks for the guests to eat the food directly from them with their tongues..

Eating a Peacock Feast in the capital was equivalent to visiting a brothel in the red-light district.

Xiao Shu was the first to hold Yin Rong’s arm. He shook his head and said, “I’m not going to eat the Peacock Feast. I’m not interested in those peacocks. Rong Rong, believe me.”

However, Yin Rong narrowed her eyes and said yearningly, “The Peacock Feast? I’ve long heard of it, but I’ve never been there before. Since everyone wants to go, let’s go to the Peacock Feast tonight!” After saying that, she placed a checkmark behind the Peacock Feast name on the list.

Xiao Shu was speechless.

Everyone held in their laughter and turned to cough.

The basketball knockout round would start in the morning after tomorrow. All the participating academies would reach Jingdu before tomorrow afternoon.

When they arrived at the hotel, Yin Rong communicated with the manager for a moment before the manager handed her the nine room keys. Yin Rong walked over with the keys and said, “One room per person. Everyone, pick one yourselves.”

Yu Feng waited for everyone to finish choosing their rooms before taking the last one. She was adaptable and could stay in any room.

Zhong Luoxue found that Yu Feng’s room was next to hers. When they took the elevator upstairs, Zhong Luoxue said to her, “We can watch a movie together tonight. I found your favorite movie, Cross Race Love.”

When Yu Feng heard about the movie “Cross Race Love,” her mind went blank. She thought about it and then remembered that this was the Host’s favorite movie.

Yu Feng stared at Zhong Luoxue in shock as a strange thought surfaced in her mind. “Senior Luoxue, you’re my fan?”

At the side, Xuanyuan Jing also pricked up his


Zhong Luoxue nodded fiercely. Her eyes were burning as she looked at Yu Feng. She said, “I’ve seen all your movies. I still have those movie tickets intact. Oh right, five years ago, I even went to your meetup and took a picture with you!”

As she spoke, Zhong Luoxue quickly took out her phone and opened the photo album to find a photo of her and Yu Feng at the bottom.

In the photo, Zhong Luoxue was wearing a T-shirt from the Yu Feng Fan Club while Yu Feng was wearing a red dress. Her skin was fair and she looked ravishing.

The two beauties were extremely eye-catching when they stood together.

Zhong Luoxue revealed a reminiscent gaze. She said, “You even signed a TO for me. This shirt is still hanging in my closet at home. I couldn’t bear to wash it!”

Yu Huang was stunned when she heard that.

At the side, Xuanyuan Jing heard this and vaguely understood the real reason why Zhong Luoxue refused to accept his pursuit.

So she was actually Yu Feng’s loyal fan. And since he had hurt Yu Feng in that situation, it would be strange if Zhong Luoxue had accepted him.