She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 482 - A Game

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Chapter 482: A Game

Su Qianqian took the initiative to remove her gas mask and everyone recognized her.

She cursed as the officer dragged her to the bus.

Wherever Su Qianqian passed, all the citizens quickly covered their mouths and noses with their clothes or masks and took a step back in fear, for fear that they would be infected by Su Qianqian.

The double-storey bus in the Prosperous Capital could seat a hundred people. Now, there were already 20 infected people on the bus.

When Su Qianqian saw the pairs of despairing and lifeless eyes in the car, a strong sense of fear suddenly overcame her.

“I don’t want to get in the car!” Su Qianqian hugged the car door tightly and refused to get in.

The officer was very tall and sturdy. He was a Beast Tamer who had awakened his beast form.

After the incident of an officer being maliciously retaliated against by an infected person, Sheng Xiao quickly organized two teams of Beast Tamers to be in charge of handling the infected citizens.

The ordinary soldiers were in charge of maintaining order.

The officer escorting Su Qianqian looked to be in his forties. Because he had been in battle for many years, his gaze was extremely sharp.

He pried Su Qianqian’s fingers away from the car door one by one.

With every finger that was pried off, the despair in Su Qianqian’s eyes deepened.

“Sir.” Su Qianqian bit her lip and looked at him with tears in her eyes. She said, “Sir, please let me go!” Su Qianqian deliberately bent down, revealing her cleavage.

Su Qianqian was very confident in her beauty.

In the entertainment industry, there were countless seniors and big shots who coveted her body.

The officer in front of her looked like the type who stayed on the front line all year round and rarely came into contact with women. Su Qianqian pretended to be calm and smiled charmingly. She said in a weak voice, “Sir, I’m the female celebrity, Su Qianqian. Let me go. After this Death Curse is cured, I’ll look for you personally.”

Su Qianqian bent down even lower, revealing more of her cleavage.

She looked at the officer seductively and hinted, “From now on, I will only serve you.”

The officer was speechless.

“How f*cking disgusting! Do you think I’m so pitiful that I can’t find a woman?! Do you think you can be better than others just because you’re good-looking?” The officer mercilessly pulled Su Qianqian’s fingers away from the door. Then, he picked up Su Qianqian’s arm and roughly pushed her into the bus before closing the door.

* *

When Qin Hengzhi saw that Su Qianqian was infected and sent back to the bus, he immediately felt uneasy.

The officer in charge of the test stared at his arm a few more times before picking up the second seal on the table and stamping it on Qin Hengzhi’s form. “Qin Hengzhi, go to Boat 1 to quarantine.” After a pause, he said, “And Mo Bei.”

Mo Bei was Su Qianqian’s assistant.

Qin Hengzhi and Mo Bei were sent to Boat 1.

There were two Level 5 Purifying Spirit Masters on Ship No. 1. They were responsible for the second physical examination of the isolated citizens who were sent to Ship No. 1. Once they were discovered to have been infected, the infected people would be sent back to the city. Those who were not infected would go to Ship No. 3 or Ship No. 4.

Because Su Qianqian was infected, Qin Hengzhi and Mo Bei were naturally quarantined.

The surveillance work continued in an orderly manner. At the same time, more and more citizens in the Prosperous Capital discovered that they had been infected. Most of the citizens accepted their fate after discovering that they had been infected. They gave up the chance to escape and chose to stay with their families to wait for death.

Of course, there were also a large number of people who were like Su Qianqian. They clearly realized that they were infected, but they tried to smuggle through.

At night, the infection test continued.

At night, the secretary of the mayor handed the latest data of the infected people to Lu Yubei.

Lu Yubei took the data report and saw that the total number of infected people had exceeded 1.2 million. He immediately leaned heavily on the pearwood chair.

Lu Yubei put down the report and pinched his glabella with his index finger and thumb while revealing a sad expression.

In just half a day, 1.2 million people were infected.

By tomorrow morning, this number would definitely double.

Lu Yubei opened his eyes and perked up. He picked up the phone on the table and called the headquarters of the Beast Tamer Alliance in Jingdu.

The person who picked up the phone was Fu Yu’an. “Hello, this is the secretary office of the President of the Beast Tamer Alliance. I’m Fu Yu’an.”

“Secretary Fu, I’m the mayor of the Prosperous Capital, Lu Yubei.”

Fu Yu’an immediately stood up, and there was more respect in his voice. “Sir, what’s the situation in the Prosperous Capital now?” As he spoke, Fu Yu’an had already picked up the phone and walked into Sheng Lingfeng’s office.

Lu Yubei sighed sadly and said, “As of the data I obtained just now, 1.2 million citizens of the Prosperous Capital have been infected. I estimate that by tomorrow night at the latest, the entire Prosperous Capital will fall.”

In the face of the Death Curse, Lu Yubei was helpless.

He had called to ask if the Alliance Headquarters had any countermeasures.

“Secretary Fu, are you really planning to abandon the Prosperous Capital?”

Fu Yu’an stopped in his tracks.

He stopped and said to Lu Yubei in a low voice, “This is the most tragic disaster in the history of the Holy Spirit Continent. None of us want to see it happen. But it has already happened, so we have to minimize its impact.”

“I know that abandoning the Prosperous Capital is inhumane. But if we don’t abandon the Prosperous Capital, then the entire Holy Spirit Continent will fall.”

“Abandoning the millions of citizens in the Sheng Capital is for the future of humanity and the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Lu Yubei suddenly cried on the phone. He roared in a low voice, “But there are millions of lives! Didn’t we boast that we were powerful? Don’t we have Prime Masters?! Why can’t anyone save them?!”

Facing Lu Yubei’s breakdown and rampage, Fu Yu’an was not angry at all.

On the contrary, Fu Yu’an did not feel good either.

Fu Yu’an told him, “This is actually a game. It’s a game between the Blood Peacock and all the Beast Tamers in the cultivation world of the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Fu Yu’an told Lu Yubei, “We have already received a letter of challenge from the Blood Peacock Organization. They publicly admitted that the disaster in the Prosperous Capital was caused by them. They also said that they have a way to resolve this disaster. However, the Blood Peacock made a request.”

Lu Yubei was stunned. “The Death Curse was activated by the Blood Peacock?”


An hour ago, the Blood Peacock Organization took the initiative to call the President’s secretary office. Su Xuanye admitted his crimes against the Prosperous Capital on the phone. He also said that he had a way to resolve this crisis.

However, if they wanted to save the lives of the millions of people in the Prosperous Capital, they had to promise him one thing.