She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 67 - Su Tingxue Is Not Dead?

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Chapter 67: Su Tingxue Is Not Dead?

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Whoa, so her duck was a phoenix!

She could not be blamed for her ignorance. It was just that the little duck’s appearance was too deceptive. Even someone as knowledgeable as Sheng Xiao recognized it wrong, let alone her.

After knowing that her beast form was not a duck but a Divine Feather Phoenix, Yu Huang felt her heart skip a beat. She felt that she had instantly become more impressive.

Lin Jiansheng closed the book and placed it back on the bookshelf. He said to Yu Huang, “Alright, let’s go.”


They were the last batch of people to leave the Myriad Book Pavilion. Once they left, Mr. De sealed off the Myriad Book Pavilion and did not allow anyone else to enter.

In the late night, Lin Jiansheng raised his head and looked at the starry sky above him. He turned around and said to Yu Huang, “If there’s nothing urgent, let’s stay in Jingdu for the night.”

Yu Huang shook her head. “There’s no urgent matter.”

“Alright.” Lin Jiansheng tilted his head and looked at the Purifying Spirit Academy. He told Yu Huang, “Then let’s stay next door tonight.”

Lin Jiansheng was the President of the Purifying Spirit Academy’s branch in the Prosperous Capital and was also one of the Elders of the association. He had his own room in every Purifying Spirit Academy in the Divine Moon Empire.

The number of guards at the Purifying Spirit Academy’s headquarters was far more than at the Prosperous Capital branch. They stood tall under the moonlight with stern expressions that made people stay away from them.

Upon seeing Lin Jiansheng, the guard quickly came forward and asked with cupped hands, “Mr. Lin, what brings you here so late at night?”

Usually, if there was nothing, someone of Lin Jiansheng’s status would not visit the headquarters for no reason.

Lin Jiansheng used his sleeve to cover his beard that had been burned. He glanced at the guard captain sideways and said mysteriously, “I left something here last time. I came to get it.” It wasn’t appropriate for him to tell the guard directly that he was here to freeload.

The guard quickly said, “Please come in.”

Lin Jiansheng said to Yu Huang, “Follow me!”

The guard naturally would not stop Lin Jiansheng from bringing Yu Huang in, but he could not skip the necessary procedures. He asked Lin Jiansheng, “Venerable Lin, who is this lady?”

“My disciple!” After saying that, Lin Jiansheng brought Yu Huang into the Purifying Spirit Academy.

Lin Jiansheng’s room was located on the eighth floor of the Purifying Spirit Academy. It was late at night, so he did not pay Xuan Ye a visit and instead brought Yu Huang to his room.

His room was a suite, and there was a small living room outside the bedroom. Yu Huang would sleep in the living room tonight.

She spread the blanket in the living room while Lin Jiansheng shaved in the bedroom.

Yu Huang spread the blanket and was about to sleep when she heard Lin Jiansheng exclaim. He cursed in frustration, “What’s the use of this lousy shaver?!”

Yu Huang hurriedly walked to the bedroom.

“Mentor, what’s wrong?”

Lin Jiansheng held a mirror in his left hand and a shaver in his right. It had been many years since he had shaved, and Lin Jiansheng felt rusty. He had accidentally had his chin cut by the shaver.

Lin Jiansheng raised his head and asked Yu Huang, “Do you know how to shave?”

Yu Huang said honestly, “I’ve only shaved pig hair.” In the Doomsday Era, pork was very rare. When Yu Huang was 30 years old, her mother went out to search for supplies and was lucky to find a pig.

That day, the entire camp was very happy. Everyone sat around the bonfire and chatted. Yu Huang and the mercenaries slaughtered pigs and shaved their feathers while holding a barbecue banquet.

The pig fur she shaved was fair and smooth. It was beautiful.

Lin Jiansheng was obviously stunned. “Are you calling me a pig in a roundabout way?”

Yu Huang hurriedly waved her hand. “No, no, no. You are the most perfect man in my heart. How can a pig be compared to you?!”

Yu Huang took the shaver from Lin Jiansheng’s hand lightly. “I’ll help you.”

Yu Huang bent down and spent a few minutes helping Lin Jiansheng shave.

After shaving, Yu Huang was stunned.

Seeing that she was in a daze, Lin Jiansheng asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Huang stared at Lin Jiansheng’s face, which had instantly looked much younger. She was extremely shocked. “Mentor, you look so young.” Without a beard, Lin Jiansheng did not look old at all. He looked more like a handsome man in his thirties or forties.

Lin Jiansheng laughed and said, “The stronger a Purifying Spirit Master is, the longer their lifespan will be. Of course, I’m young.”

“Then why do you always have a beard? You look like an old man.”

The reason Lin Jiansheng gave was: “It’s very annoying to shave every morning.” Because he found it too troublesome to shave, he decided to grow his beard.

Yu Huang was speechless.

“Then I’ll go and sleep.” Yu Huang put down the razor and was about to leave when she heard Lin Jiansheng say, “Why sleep? The Purifying Spirit Academy in Jingdu has rich Spiritual Energy. Stay up tonight and take the opportunity to absorb more Spiritual Energy.”

The cultivation of a Purifying Spirit Master was a process of repeatedly tempering one’s mental strength. However, a Beast Tamer’s cultivation required them to absorb the spiritual energy of the world. Jingdu’s Purifying Spirit Academy was the territory of Xuan Ye. Every tree in the academy possessed an incomparably dense spiritual energy.

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang naturally wouldn’t sleep anymore.

She sat cross-legged on the ground and released her beast form before beginning to expel the spiritual aura. Yu Huang opened every meridian in her body and mobilized all the energy in her body to let them absorb new spiritual aura.

Pale golden Spiritual Energy flowed into Yu Huang’s body like thin smoke. Seeing that Yu Huang could absorb Spiritual Energy efficiently without his special guidance, Lin Jiansheng attributed all of this to her powerful beast form.

When the Spiritual Energy entered her body, Yu Huang felt her body relax. It was a very mysterious state. It was as if a person who had been dried up for a long time had finally drunk a bowl of clear water. A person who was burned by the scorching sun had finally found a shade.

Just as Yu Huang was feeling happy, she discovered that the Spiritual Energy in her body was secretly flowing towards her Spiritual Abode. Then, it disappeared, as if she had fallen into a bottomless pit.

Yu Huang was somewhat surprised.

Logically speaking, as a Beast Tamer, every trace of spiritual energy she absorbed should have been fused into her beast heart. Why would they enter her Spiritual Abode?

Could there be something absorbing this spiritual energy in her Spiritual Abode?

Could it be the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly?

Was that thing still alive?

Yu Huang hurriedly entered the Spiritual Abode. She roamed and searched in her vast spiritual sea. This search went on for the entire night.

Only when the sky lit up did Yu Huang find traces of that thing.

It was a black shadow. It was very weak and was hiding at the bottom of the spiritual sea in the Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode.

If it had not smelled the aura of spiritual energy earlier and could not help but greedily absorb the spiritual energy, Yu Huang would not have known that there was such a thing hidden in her Spiritual Abode.

Yu Huang grabbed it and was about to crush it when she heard the thing say in a sharp and unpleasant voice, “Little girl, lend me your Spiritual Abode to hide in. I’m willing to help you become a Level 10 Purifying Spirit Master!”

Yu Huang stopped.

Yu Huang did not really believe the words of this ghost, but found it funny. “Do you think you’re the Purifying Spirit Grand Master Su Tingxue? You can help me become a level-10 Purifying Spirit Master? Are you dreaming? Dream on!”

Yu Huang really felt that it was ridiculous.

The translucent black object suddenly fell silent. After a long while, it said, “That’s right.. I’m Su Tingxue.”