Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1350 How long… have they been doing this…?

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Chapter 1350 How longa?| have they been doing thisa?|?

1350 How long... have they been doing this...?

"What are you standing here for?"

Faustina questioned with a frown on her face as she returned to Solitude's End.

"You returned faster than I expected."

Vyriana muttered as she glanced at the Human Progenitor. Then, a small smile appeared on the Dragon's face, and, "You were rejected, weren't you?"

She guessed and even though Faustina didn't show any particular reaction, Vyriana could tell that she was right.

"I guess the Shadow Demon was correct, huh." freewebnov(e)

"You cannot predict what these women would do. This is the first time I have met such a group of individuals. It is as if their goal is completely different from others."

Faustina replied as she recalled the conversation she had with Amaya.

'I am simply trying to make sure we all make progress,

Since I know that my husband wouldn't leave anyone behind and if he stops, the rest of us will follow.'

Normally, you would see beings with such insane talent rushing to increase their strength even further, and if in that, they are forced to leave a few people behind, they wouldn't hesitate to do it. f reeweb

Even if the people they are leaving behind are the love of their lives, it wouldn't change anything.

'I will come back to them once I become strong enough'

This is how things usually go.

Faustina had seen the same thing repeat countless times.

Not everyone they recruited into the Order was similar to Vyriana. Some of them had people they loved and when they tried to recruit them, their first question was about their family. However, the moment they witness the power the members of the Order hold, they decide to move, promising their families to return.

However, after joining the Order and living their lives in all the dimensions with different timelines, they soon forget about the people they leave behind, and by the time they realize it, it is already too late.

These people, however...

Faustina didn't know what to say, soon however, her expression changed and, "So where is he? Why are you standing here? Do you not wish to observe him any further? Did you finally get something?"

Faustina asked a series of questions, Vyriana, however, just snorted in disgust, "I do not want to observe anything he is doing right now."

Finding her expression strange, Faustina extended her senses and in an instant, she realized what was happening.

"How long... have they been doing this...?"

"It has been three weeks."

Vyriana snorted and Faustina just stared at her in silence.

"And for the past three weeks you..."

"What? I am not like you, Lady Faustina, I still need to train in order to improve."

"..." Faustina turned silent, she could sense that the Dragon was not in the best mood right now, therefore, she decided to take it easy and changed the topic.

"Now that you think about it, 3 weeks is not a very surprising number. With the Stamina the cultivators have, going for that long isn't impossible. However, I doubt the passion would be the same after the first few hours pass."

Soon, however, a wry smile appeared on the Progenitor's face, "I guess the passion isn't the problem in their case, huh..."


Vyriana didn't say anything and started cultivating with her eyes closed, completely ignoring the woman in front of her.

Yes, the decision to change the topic was indeed good, the choice of the new topic, however... Faustina, who quickly realized her mistake couldn't help but chuckle as she noticed Vyriana's expression.

Seeing her smile, it was hard to guess whether it was truly a mistake or not.


Another day passed by and finally, Nux destroyed the room he created using the Dark Amethyst. He had a fresh look on his face as he exited the room, his clothes were fixed, there was a big smile on his face and no one could tell that he was the same man who had been going at it for 3 whole weeks without stopping.

"I am back."

He spoke as he appeared near the two women.

"You sure took your time."

Faustina chuckled.

"I was desperate."

Nux replied with a silly smile on his face as he scratched his head.

"Anyways, who did you choose?"

He questioned.

"What do you mean?"

"You were rejected by Amaya, weren't you? Then who did you choose out of the others? Or have you not made your decision yet?"

"How did you know I was rejected?"

"Lane said not to keep your hopes up, didn't she? She wouldn't have said anything if she wasn't sure."

Nux shrugged, he had complete trust in his wives.

"Well, I have still not made a decision, I would like to take my time in this matter.


Faustina muttered as she glanced at Nux.

From the look on her face, it was clear that the woman was no longer interested in getting a disciple, rather, her focus was currently on something much more interesting.

Nux chuckled.

"Well, that is fine, you can take your time, mother."

"So shall we move forward with your training?" Faustina questioned, by now, Vyriana had stopped cultivating as well and was staring at Nux in silence.

Nux nodded and once again, he formed a Fireball and started the same, boring task.

3 more years passed by just like that and after 5 years of constantly firing the same spell again and again, The power of the skill improved to a level of... a 5 Star Spell.

Yes, the results were extremely disappointing, the rate at which the skill was improving had slowed down to a point where it felt like nothing major was happening, but at the same time, one couldn't call it a threshold either since it was still improving continuously.

And what's worse?

It had been a year since they reached this point and even now, the skill was still improving despite the progress being so monstrously slow.

Only one solution could be made out of this,

The threshold they all wanted to find,

It didn't exist.

There was no endpoint to Nux's improvement, it is just that the progress he makes slows down so much that it becomes impractical to train a certain skill any longer.

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