The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife-Chapter 499.1: Eldest Brother Is Coming

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The enemy’s battering rams quickly caught fire, and the soldiers from the State of Chen scrambled, their heads held in their hands as they fled from the flames!

Inside the city gate, Gu Chengfeng, Deputy General Li, and the others heard the wails from within the city gate tunnel and understood that the fire oil plan had worked.

Deputy General Li looked at Gu Chengfeng excitedly, "Lord Gu, you truly are a brilliant strategist!"

It wasn't him, it was Gu Jiao.

The modifications to the moat bridge and the mechanism's setup were all Gu Jiao's ideas. He simply put them into action.

In truth, he felt that if Gu Xiaoshun were here, he might have done an even better job.

The city gate was temporarily defended, and atop the city walls, Tang Yueshan led his troops to overturn all the siege ladders, resisting the first wave of the attack

After the period of zishi(11 pm-1 am), the State of Chen's army sounded the horn to recall their troops.

The State of Chen's army suffered a defeat in the first battle, losing two thousand soldiers. The State of Zhao's army also incurred significant losses, with a steady stream of wounded soldiers being sent to the rear camps.

Gu Jiao and the physicians of Yuegu City were urgently busy. Gu Jiao conducted initial assessments of the wounded and applied differently colored strips of cloth based on their injuries. Soldiers then transported them to the appropriate tents.

Despite the large number of wounded soldiers, no one was frantic or at a loss, and everything proceeded in an orderly fashion under Gu Jiao's arrangements.

It wasn't that they weren't anxious.

It was just that every time the physicians turned their heads, they could see Gu Jiao calmly tending to her tasks. Even with the flames of battle raging behind her, she remained composed in the face of danger.

At that moment, their hearts also seemed to calm down.

Surprisingly, the State of Chen's army did not launch an attack the following day.

It was unclear whether they had been frightened by their initial defeat or were carefully planning something. If it was the latter, it would be highly disadvantageous for Yuegu City.

The State of Chen's initial defeat was primarily due to their underestimation of the enemy, not taking the several thousand defenders of Yuegu City seriously. They thought that they could easily break through the city gates even with their eyes closed.

If they were to truly deal with the situation wholeheartedly, Yuegu City would be in great danger.

"Supreme Commander Tang!" Deputy General Cen entered a tent beneath the city walls, and upon seeing Gu Chengfeng there as well, he paused and greeted him, "Lord Gu."

Tang Yueshan was engaged in a sand table simulation, attempting to deduce from where the State of Chen's army would launch its next attack.

"What’s the matter?" He asked.

Deputy General Cen hesitated before saying, "We're running out of provisions and forage."

"It’s already... running out?" Gu Chengfeng asked in surprise.

Deputy General Cen nodded, feeling troubled.

The Prefect's Mansion had very limited provisions, and some had been borrowed when Lingguan City was at war. Even though Gu Chengfeng cleared out the city's shops yesterday and received donations from some civilians, it was still not enough to feed seven thousand troops for more than two meals.

Tonight, they were going to run out of food.

"Prioritize the wounded." Gu Chengfeng suggested.

Tang Yueshan's throat tightened, and he clenched his fists, making a difficult decision, "Feed those who can still fight."

Gu Chengfeng fell silent.

His conscience told him that they should assist the weak and vulnerable. His reason, however, reminded him that the injured and feeble couldn't fight, and only when the able-bodied soldiers were fed could they kill more enemies and defend the city.

A wounded soldier's life was still a life.

However, their duty to protect their homeland and country was paramount.

Deputy General Cen's throat felt sore. What he didn't say was that even if they only allocated food for able-bodied soldiers, it still wouldn't be enough...

Deputy General Cen left the military tent.

Gu Chengfeng was immersed in an inexplicable sense of remorse.

Tang Yueshan furrowed his brow, "What are you thinking?"

Gu Chengfeng responded gloomily, "I'm thinking about why I wasted so much food in the past."

He had never known that the border soldiers endured such hardship, let alone how terrible it could be in war.

After a while, Deputy General Cen returned with a few pieces of bread and two bowls of rice porridge. He offered them to Tang Yueshan and Gu Chengfeng, "Supreme Commander Tang, Lord Gu, you should eat something too."

Tang Yueshan said, "I won't eat."

He knew his own condition and could still endure.

Gu Chengfeng added, "I won't eat either! Take this food to our soldiers! I've had my share of food along the way, skipping a few meals won't harm me."

Deputy General Cen was about to persuade them when there was a commotion outside the tent. He went out to see and was immediately taken aback.

The citizens of Yuegu City were bringing food again.

Last time, they had contributed their own food reserves, and this time, they had even sacrificed their own dinner.

The soldiers, of course, refused to accept it!

Deputy General Cen also stepped forward, intending to persuade the civilians to leave.

However, Tang Yueshan walked out with a tense posture. Holding back his overwhelming emotions, he raised his arms, cupped his hands in salute and gave a deep bow to the people of the city.

Then, he turned around, his eyes sharp and moist. He addressed all the soldiers, "Eat!"

The soldiers picked up the steaming bowls of food. Their throats felt sore and tears welled up in their eyes as they ate in big mouthfuls!

Over the next three days, the State of Chen's army launched three minor assaults and one major attack on Yuegu City.

While the State of Chen’s army suffered heavy casualties, Yuegu City's defenders also suffered significant losses. By the time of the final major assault, Yuegu City had fewer than 2,000 soldiers capable of combat.

The State of Chen's siege ladders were firmly placed on the city walls. Countless State of Chen soldiers poured onto the walls, and at the same time, the city gates beneath the walls were finally breached by the battering rams as well.

This time, they did not use people to counter the fire oil but brought in oxen.

Once the city gates were breached, a multitude of State of Chen cavalry flooded into the city like a tide.

Gu Chengfeng's vision turned red!

On top of the city walls, Tang Yueshan was wounded in his right arm, but he showed no hesitation. As if he had already forgotten the pain, he continued to wield his sword and fight in the midst of the bloodbath.

On the central tower atop the city walls, Deputy General Rong Can of the State of Chen wounded two State of Zhao soldiers with a single sword strike. He then leaped onto the tower’s roof, gripping a longsword with both hands, and ruthlessly cut down the State of Zhao's flag.

He tossed the flag of the State of Zhao into the flames, boosting the morale of the soldiers from the State of Chen, who let out triumphant cheers!!

Rong Can then grabbed the State of Chen's flag and planted it on Yuegu City's tower, saying, "Yuegu City belongs to..."

But before he could finish his sentence, a red-tasseled spear rushed towards him with a sharp whistling sound, but the surrounding battle noises covered its approach, and by the time Rong Can felt a chill down his spine, it was already too late to react.

The red-tasseled spear pierced through Rong Can's shoulder, sending him crashing into the State of Chen's flagpole.

The flagpole couldn't withstand such a violent impact and snapped in two.

Rong Can tumbled down from the roof of the tower.

"Deputy General!"

A State of Chen soldier exclaimed, rushing towards Rong Can, but he was stopped dead in his tracks by a firm grip on his collar. Gu Jiao seized him and threw him away!

After that, Gu Jiao approached Rong Can and pulled the red-tasseled spear out of his shoulder, then she kicked him off the city walls!

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