The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2262 - Invincible

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Chapter 2262 - Invincible

The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord stood out from the crowd. He was only a hundred years old, the strongest genius of the Myriad Lightning Sect who had become a Saint long ago. He was now a second-stage Saint Lord. He was enveloped in a purple radiance with lightning flickering on his body.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord standing out. This person was a genius who could fight those who were stronger than him, and he had recently made a breakthrough, having a drastic boost in his strength. Many people speculated that the future of the Eastern Desolation would belong to Huang Jingyu, Liu Yunlan, and the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord.

“The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord has made a move!”

“The three joined forces earlier to intimidate those demonic cultivators, and now they will do the same thing again.”

“Just the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord was enough to intimidate them before.” Seeing that the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord stood out, everyone’s morale increased.

Their morale fell earlier because the Blood Moon Divine Son still hadn’t made a move. But now that the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord stood out, who would dare to say that there wasn’t anyone in the holy lands?

Zhao Tianyu and the Ying River King merely smiled as they stood on the Flame Dragon’s skull.

“Your cultivation isn’t high, but you’re much stronger than that old man from earlier,” Gu Xinyu smiled, licking his lips. He might seem arrogant, but he wasn’t a fool and had no intentions of looking down on the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord.

The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord said, “I’m fearless even when facing a fourth-stage Saint Lord. So don’t say I’m bullying a first-stage Saint Lord like you.”

“Hahaha!” Gu Xinyu laughed. After all, who wasn’t a genius?

“You know how to put on an act. If I didn’t run into Lin Yun during the Blue Dragon Record, I would have become a divine dragon lord! So, who the hell do you think you are?!” Gu Xinyu’s face became sinister, with crimson flames blazing in his eyes. The crimson flames soon spread throughout his body and reddened the surroundings.

“Karma Red Lotus, ashes to ashes!” Gu Xinyu released the Red Lotus Karma Flame. He turned into a crimson light and charged over. When his hand came in contact with the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord’s chest, a red lotus bloomed behind him with a deity standing on top of it, releasing a powerful aura.

Everything happened so quickly that the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord’s face changed as he tried to dodge. He felt that if he was a tad slower, his dipper energy would have been incinerated by Gu Xinyu. He instantly realized that he had underestimated his opponent.

But Gu Xinyu didn’t let him off, placing the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord in a terrible spot in just ten moves after losing the initiative to the fight.

“Lightning Saint Chains!” The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord brought out a Glory Saint Artifact and thunderclouds enveloped the sky. Nine lightning chains rose behind him that roared as they charged at Gu Xinyu.

Gu Xinyu took a few steps back, and the aura he gave off began to drop.

A powerful wave of saint energy gushed from the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord as he released a bolt of golden lightning. This was the Myriad Lightning Soaring Art of the Myriad Lightning Sect. Empowered by the Myriad Lightning Soaring Art, the lightning chains became even more terrifying, dimming the crimson moonlight.

“The Myriad Lightning Sect… interesting.” Gu Xinyu felt that the Myriad Lightning Sect’s cultivation technique struck the Blood Moon Divine Canon’s weakness. But Gu Xinyu didn’t panic and looked even more excited.

A terrifying saint energy swept out as they fought, pushing everyone away. Another ten moves later; the Red Lotus Karma Flame fused with Gu Xinyu as he stood on the lotus as his palm descended.

Howls could be heard in the ears of the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord, with his soul suffering a huge interference. Something even more terrifying had appeared as strands of sin gushed out from his body.

“Haha! So the righteous genius of the holy lands has such a pathetic side!” Gu Xinyu laughed with ridicule in his eyes.

The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord was in a weakened state. Not only his body, but he, himself, was suffering the torture to his soul. Guilt gushed out from his heart as his mentality collapsed with fear on his face.

“Karma Red Lotus, ashes to ashes!” Gu Xinyu didn’t hold back and waved his hand as though he was judging those who were sinful.

This left the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord dumbfounded, his eyes wide open in disbelief. The karma flame ignited the sin that was on him through the dipper energy. He suffered no physical injuries, but his soul was suffering unimaginable torture. It didn’t take long before he was unable to hold out any more and continued to mutter that he was sinful.

“Hahaha! It looks like the so-called ‘holy lands’ aren’t so impressive!” Gu Xinyu laughed as his aura became even more terrifying under the red lotus.

This made everyone’s faces change because Gu Xinyu was too terrifying. The red lotus could force out the sin that was within someone’s body and ignite them. This move was bizarre and unimaginable.

When Gu Xinyu swept his gaze out, everyone took a step back. His gaze ultimately fell on Huang Jingyu.

Huang Jingyu’s face changed as he took a few steps back, becoming ugly.

“Hahaha!” Gu Xinyu laughed. “The divine son has yet to make a move, and yet you guys are already pathetic. You guys still dare to monopolize the divine flame fragments?”

Lin Yun muttered and wondered if those sins were the same as what Su Ziyao was referring to. If someone was guilty of something, would they have a flaw? He wasn’t fearful, but he felt that the Red Lotus Karma Flame was too terrifying and should have some flaws.

Gu Xinyu swept his gaze around and stopped on Liu Yunlan, who looked back at Gu Xinyu fearlessly. But the Saints around Gu Xinyu were afraid and pulled Liu Yunlan to the back.𝓯𝙧𝓮𝓮𝔀𝓮𝙗𝓷𝓸𝙫𝓮𝙡.𝒄𝓸𝒎

“Ha, is that the best you guys have to offer?” Gu Xinyu mocked.

The surrounding cultivators were afraid and didn’t dare to look at Gu Xinyu. Was this the power of the Blood Moon Sect?

Li Feibai was shocked, before she said, “This is too bizarre. Who hasn’t killed someone before and who has no guilt in their hearts?”

Lin Yun merely shook his head and said nothing. He had seen the Red Lotus Karma Flame before, but it wasn’t as terrifying as he had imagined. However, after Gu Xinyu had become a Saint, the Red Lotus Karma Flame became even stronger. Even so, it shouldn’t be that terrifying.

Gu Xinyu swept his gaze around and looked at Qu Wushuang, who was tactful and didn’t dare to look at him directly.

“Ha!” Gu Xinyu sneered.

Four of the five holy lands stepped back, making everyone feel aggrieved. After all, the Red Lotus Karma Flame was too bizarre.

In the end, Gu Xinyu’s gaze fell on Ji Zixi, who made everyone’s heart clench. After all, they would have to yield the divine flame fragments if the Divine Phoenix Mountain also retreated.

On the Flame Dragon’s skull, Zhao Tianyu looked down with pride and arrogance.

“Ji Zixi, do you dare to fight?” Gu Xinyu sneered.

“A mere clown like you wants Her Highness to make a move?” Before Ji Zixi replied, a voice came from behind the Divine Phoenix Mountain. This shocked everyone and they started to wonder who dared to provoke Gu Xinyu after witnessing the power of the Red Lotus Karma Flame. Even without the Red Lotus Karma Flame, Gu Xinyu was still powerful.

Gu Xinyu’s face changed after he saw a person donning a mask, looking mysterious. The red lotus beneath him bloomed with a crimson radiance enveloping half the sky. He sneered, “Who do you think you are?”

With a wave of his hand, the deity image behind him also waved his hand, enveloping the swordsman who spoke earlier.

Everyone began to flee at this scene, with Li Feibai the first to jump away when Lin Yun spoke.

Ji Zixi found this person familiar, but she couldn’t recognize who he was.

Under the illumination of the red lotus, sin began to gush out of Lin Yun, which looked like black shackles flowing out from his body. Not only that, but his sin even formed into a river of blood on the ground.

This shocked everyone as they wondered how many people this masked man had killed and where he had come from. Just when Gu Xinyu wanted to mock him, his face changed with the corner of his lips changing. He watched as the blood river formed into a blood sea. This sin was enough to make everyone’s scalps go numb, and the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord’s sin was nothing in comparison.

Everyone took a deep breath and was dumbfounded. Gu Xinyu took a deep breath to calm himself down and sneered, “The greater the sin, the faster you die. Let me see who you are!”

“Karma Red Lotus, ashes to ashes!” Gu Xinyu waved his hand as the red lotus descended and the blood sea ignited. The blood sea was like oil being ignited, and this terrifying scene made everyone retreat even further.

“Stop…” Ji Zixi’s face changed because she finally realized who this person was once Lin Yun’s mask was sent ablaze under the flames, revealing his face.

“Holy shit, it’s Flower Burial!” Everyone’s faces changed because this swordsman was Lin Yun, who fell down the Fallen God Valley. But how was this possible? How could he possibly be alive?

What happened next was even more terrifying. Lin Yun was shining brightly under the flames as his sins were being ignited.

“How is this possible? How are you not feeling guilty?” Gu Xinyu’s face changed. Even Zhao Tianyu and the Ying River King were shocked because the blood sea and the mountain of corpses didn’t look like sin but honor.

Lin Yun looked at Gu Xinyu and coldly said, “I have slain countless entities in my life, but those that I have killed are those who deserved to die. So, why would I feel guilty for taking their lives? If killing is unavoidable, let a blood sea and a mountain of corpses forge my path to the pinnacle! I am Flower Burial, burying both flowers and people alike!”

Lin Yun shook his wrist and unleashed a dazzling sword ray. The next second, the entire Flame Dragon Valley became dark with a shining sword ray and the Red Lotus Karma Flame exploded. When the sword ray hit Gu Xinyu, the saint radiance around him exploded and he fell to the ground, creating a huge hole with blood pouring out from his body.

In the Flame Dragon Valley, everyone exchanged a gaze and felt suffocating. With just one sword, Gu Xinyu was defeated. Huang Jingyu didn’t dare to believe this scene, but he wasn’t the only one. Everyone else was also looking at this scene with disbelief.

Who said that Flower Burial has fallen? He is still around, and has already become invincible amongst those of the same generation.

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