Walker Of The Worlds-Chapter 2096 Chains Of Andromeda

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Chapter 2096  Chains Of Andromeda

Lady Kang made several hand seals and chanted a mnemonic as her hands started to glow.

Once both her hands were glowing with power, she pointed them in the air, creating a pattern. The pattern started with 12 dots which she then connected with her finger, drawing them across the air.

"Divine Mystic Constellation Art." Lady Kang muttered throwing the pattern towards the Colossal Lava Slug. The pattern entered the beasts body and disappeared before Lady Kang pointed at it with her thumb, index finger and middle finger separated. She then twisted them in the air, causing the pattern she had made to suddenly enlarge.


The pattern rapidly grew to a size that was comparable to the Colossal Lava Slug.

"88 Constellation Series: Nineteenth form- Chained Woman!" Lady Kang chanted as the pattern suddenly transformed.


From the pattern appeared the illusory figure of a woman that seemed to be made out of stars. Her body had twelve shimmering stars composing it while her eyes swirled like there were galaxies within it!

"Shackles of Andromeda!" Lady Kang shouted before swiping her fingers in the air.


Each swipe she made, created a chain that pierced through the body of the Colossal Lava Slug. The chain glowed in a shimmering white light, as if composed out of pure starlight. One end of the chain, was bound to the Colossal Lava Slug while the other end was held in the hands of the the illusory woman.


Lady Kang continued to swipe her fingers, creating chain after chain, until finally the Colossal Lava Slug was fully bound in place.

Even if its body was made out of a liquid, it didn't matter to the chains composed out of starlight. They seeming had a property that transcended normal understanding and kept the slug in one place.

"NOW!" Lady Kang said out loud, letting Lin Mu proceed.

"Perfect," Lin Mu said as he slashed open a large wound on the side of the Colossal Lava Slug's body.


Lin Mu destroyed the fourth Energy core, causing the neck of the right head to explode. ~SHUCK~

Perhaps this time the effect was bigger, or due to a limit being exceeded the Colossal Lava Slug started to shrink rapidly.

Its size quickly reduced to 60% of its original size and the chains that were holding it became tighter as well.

'Ugh, its resistance has gotten stronger too.' Lin Mu realized that swimming in its body was getting harder.

The slug was trying to push him to a corner of its body, so that it could directly expel it out of there.

"You won't be able to do it that easily!" Lin Mu was not one to give up and forced his way to the next energy core that he had sensed.


He extended another claw made of solidified magma and pierced through the energy core.


The back of the Colossal Lava Slug exploded, splashing lava everywhere. This was also the part where the giant tentacle that was showering lava everywhere was attached to and exploded as well.

"Ugh!" But as a side effect, Lin Mu was pushed outside with it too and finally expelled from the slugs body.


At the same time the chains made out of starlight couldn't hold on anymore either and broke part.


And a few seconds later, the illusory figure of the woman also disappeared.

"Are you okay?" Lady Kang asked.

"I'm fine." Lin Mu replied. "I destroyed half of its energy cores." He reported.

"So we still have five more to break… I'll restrain it again." Lady Kang replied.

But just as she was about to activate her skill again, Lin Mu interrupted her.

"No need, at its current size, I have a different method." Lin Mu replied with a smile.