MTL - Did You See My HusbandChapter 88 Finale 88

1. Her husband died in the beast tide in order to save her.Reborn back to the past, Chu Chu resolutely embarked on the dangerous road to find himEvery time she went to a place where she had heard him speak in a previous life, she would ask the people there: “Have you seen my husband?”At that time, Luo Ye was only in his early twenties, with a ferocious temperament, indifference and irritability.When he first found him, he had just finished a battle, sitting on a mountain of white bones with a fierce look on his face, and strangers should not come nearAnd her nose was sore, and in the terrified eyes of others, she plunged into the arms of the boy who was covered in cold air.“husband!”2. Luo Ye has never encountered such a speechless thing in his lifeA silly girl suddenly ran over and hugged him and called her husbandHe wanted to throw the person away with a cold face, but after seeing the other person’s miserable and crying face, he asked mysteriously, “Why are you crying?”And gently help her to wipe away her tearsThen those teammates who knew his temperament were stunned, and he was stunned too.3. I heard that Luo Ye went out and brought back a little girlfriendEveryone wanted to see what kind of a powerful woman could be able to hold down that bastard LuoyeWhen they knocked on Luo Ye’s door, the first thing they saw was Team Luo’s irritable and impatient handsome face.Looking down, they saw a little girl hanging on the chest of Team Luo, who has never been close to women.Tender hands wrapped around his neck, thin white legs were wrapped around his waist, long hair was swept to one side, and there were still red marks on the exposed white neck.The girl was still crying and muttering, “You hurt me”Contrast the cyan in Luoye’s eyes and the stinky face that seems to be dissatisfiedEveryone sent out three consecutive moral questions: Are you an adult? Voluntary? Luo dog, are you human?Luo Ye was expressionless: Go away.——Luo Ye was alone in his previous life. He was betrayed and expelled from the base by the people he trusted. The best brothers died for him.As a result, I saved someone on the way, so I recruited a sticky spirit for myself.He has no fixed place to live, and he is on a dangerous road, thinking that the other party will retreat in spite of the difficulties, and she will follow him without flinching if he does not want to go through the wind and snow.From the clingy spirit full of disgust, to the person he puts on the top of his heartEven if I forget you, I will remember to love you[Protecting you is the instinct of the body, and loving you is a sequence engraved into the gene]A cold boss who doesn’t admit it but is honest in body and mind X A squeamish bag who is very strong but too clingyGuidelines:1. A squeamish person may not be coquettish2. The main emotion, double life, the male protagonist in the early stage has no memory of the previous life3. Looking for a husband at the beginning, will not meet soon, a dual perspective narrationOne sentence introduction: About the fact that my wife will turn into an animalPurpose: Don’t be afraid of wind and waves, move forward bravely for the goal in your heartContent tags: Fantasy space Rebirth Doomsday sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Chu Tu, Luo Ye ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Doomsday’s Rabbit EssenceChapter 166 ·?(two)

Huazhi is a rabbit spirit who has just cultivated into an adult. He was hacked into a post-apocalyptic novel in which the male protagonist is reborn, and became the female supporting role in the book who died early.System: [Kiss, rush, rush! As long as you save enough energy, you can go back and continue to practice and become a rabbit fairy! 】The flower branch of dreaming to become a rabbit fairy: (/≧▽≦)/Chongchongchong!But as soon as he wore the book, the flower branch that had not had time to turn into a human shape was picked up by Jinghuai, and the flower branch who wanted to turn back into a human shape had to stay beside Jinghuai every day, being quilted! he! trample! Smash!After the rebirth, Jing Huai accidentally picked up a little bunny like a marshmallow, with ruby-like eyes, soft and fluffy bunny ears, and a fluffy round tail adorned behind him.The scenery is cold and ruthless towards everyone, but she gently brushes her hair every day, feeds her scarce carrots, and gives her the sweetest spring water…Until one day, Jing Huai put the flower branch on the head of the bed, touched her soft rabbit fur, and was about to fall asleep. Suddenly, the fur on his palm disappeared, and he turned into a girl with soft rabbit ears.Jing Huai: “…”Jing Huai rubbed her bunny ears, her face flushed with indifference, “Change back.”Huazhi retracted his head into the quilt: “No, no.”Carrots really suck!Note: Doomsday CookiesContent tags: sweet textSearch keywords: protagonist: flower branch, scenery Huai ┃ supporting role: ┃ other: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Call Me God of WarChapter 479 Extra two

Say what you want three times:This article has no CP!This is a brainstorming essay.When another space node in the primitive rainforest world overlaps with our living space node, a passage between the two worlds is opened.Plants from another world spread in just a few days and the city fell.Before long, herbivorous, scavenger, and large carnivores appeared.Content tags: fantasy space fantasy magic sci-fi powerSearch keywords: Protagonists: Mo Qingqing, Wu Mengmeng (Wu Nan), Liu Ziche, Feng Qingran - Description from MTLNovel