MTL - My O Got Pregnant After Dressing Like a ScumChapter 177 main text

Liang Shi penetrated into a Lily ABO text.In the original text, the original body was a stupid and poisonous cannon fodder slag A. When the heroine Xu Qingzhu’s family business was facing bankruptcy, she tried her best to marry someone. The glands finally caused the lifelong disability of the heroine’s body.Since then, Xu Qingzhu quickly divorced her, struggling to support the family business, and finally the phoenix was born.The original cannon fodder was revealed that she was not Miss Alpha of the Liang family. The real heir to the Liang family was actually someone else. The original body had countless enemies. In the end, she went begging on the street and was interrupted by Xu Qingzhu’s admirers. , The glands were also dug up and fed to dogs.Liang Shi:  …For a while, I didn’t know who to sympathize with first.Liang Shi, who had just crossed over, was completely stunned. The room was filled with strong Omega pheromones, and the strong smell of strawberry Baoli sweet wine made Liang Shi unable to control it.Is Xu Qingzhu’s estrus coming?Before she could get close, Xu Qingzhu’s voice was hoarse and looked at her with hatred and unwillingness: “Don’t come here!”Thinking of the original body’s end, Liang Shiqiang pretended to be calm: “I’ll tell you a secret, in fact, I’m incompetent in pheromone marking, I can’t.”Xu Qingzhu: “…?”Liang Shi’s purpose is very clear, divorce Xu Qingzhu, take the initiative to stay away from the Liang family, pick up his old business, earnestly make money by filming, and become a well-deserved top player in the entertainment industry.Isn’t it sweet to make money?However, not long after, the broker asked her to meet the investor “Dad”.In the president’s office, Liang Shi bit his head and asked, “Is President Xu thinking about divorcing me?”Xu Qingzhu: “I have it, it’s yours.”Liang Shi: “…?”Looking at Xu Qingzhu’s slightly bulging belly, Liang Shi fell into contemplation.How many scenes does it take to raise the president and the cubs?1V1//ABO has a private setting//If you don’t like it, you can click the forkFemale A has no organs// Female O will get pregnantWenfeng slow heat // anti-theft 80%, 72hDo not accept writing guidance, respect her freedom of writing, thank you.Content tags: childbirth entertainment circle sweet text through booksSearch keywords: Protagonists: Liang Shi, Xu Qingzhu ┃ Supporting roles: Zhao Xuning, Shen Hui ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Helping the Protagonist Escape From the Lunatic, I Was TargetedChapter 100

ABO, AA, Qiangqiang, dual teachers​​After a car accident, Shen Luyang slipped into a tanmei novel he had read, and there was a system in his head.System: Your task is to save the protagonist Shou and let him be beautiful alone from the attack. Mission failure, thunder strikes!Shen Luyang covered his heart: fog grass!​​The protagonist Gong in this novel called “Love Plus” is a high school teacher. As an S-level Alpha, his family is rich, rich and idle, cold-blooded and perverted, and his force is max. Crazy psychosis in one.But he is the only teacher in the whole school who can subdue students, and the grades of all the classes he has taught have skyrocketed.​​All in all, scum is a good teacher, but scum will die.​​The protagonist Shou is a young teacher who has just graduated and was assigned to this high school. Unfortunately, he was attacked and took a fancy to, and staged a violent robbery.The protagonist suffers from being an Alpha, and finally ends up in a miserable life.​​Shen Luyang, the cannon fodder character of the same name in the book, was hit and killed by the attack car in the third chapter because he ran into the attack and threatened the protagonist.And the node where he passed through the book happened to be the scene of the threat of pushing open the office door…System: The mission starts, saves the protagonist, the mission fails, and the primary five thunders hit the top!What the hell!Shen Lu and Yang Erkang: Thank you, teacher! Bridge, Bridge Bean Sack!​​Tips1. The sand sculpture dog who can’t help but flirt with the fishing department is attacked, the math teacher X the physics teacher, and the double Alpha is strong2. The protagonist watched “Sorrowful Love Plus” is a fanfiction, and the original version of “Sorrowful Love” was read. In the original version, Li Gong was a madly criticized law-abiding citizen.3. Gong doesn’t like the protagonist of the original book, the two books are made up by the author, and there is no prototype4. There is no big logic, everything serves the plot, have a good time>35. The copy was written on February 3, 2021, and screenshots have been taken.Content tags: Fantasy space system sweet text through booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Luyang ┃ Supporting role: Xie Weihan Han Ersheng ┃ Others: ABO, double AOne sentence introduction: Accidentally bent by a lunaticPurpose: work hard to live a positive life and enjoy life. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Weak A, She Just Wants To Live To the EndChapter 147 Extra 6 beautiful

Lin Anan penetrated into the novels of the ABO entertainment circle and became a vicious cannon fodder of an 18th-tier weak A. Not only did he end up pitifully, but his abilities were weak like Beta.Lin Anan immediately decided to bypass the protagonists and keep the plot low-key to the end.However, while pretending to be a Beta to make a living, he accidentally marked Er Yu Nanxi, a vicious and drunken woman who was lost in love.Thinking of Yu Nanxi’s methods, Lin Anan had no choice but to run away.When encountering Yun Nanxi’s fever again, Lin Anan, who just wanted to take a detour, was found to have a very high pheromone fit with Yun Nanxi.In order to save enough money to run away as soon as possible, she could only bite the bullet and stay behind, pretending that she didn’t know Yu Nanxi.Just when Lin Anan was saving money and preparing to run away, he was recognized by Yu Nanxi and blocked in the dressing room. Yu Nanxi said coldly, “During this time, you can make me look good.”Lin Anan was cowardly and weak: “Well, I actually don’t know what happened, but I can make it up, really!”“Why don’t I wash it for you? I’ll go with you, but I don’t have enough money now…”The corner of Yu Nanxi’s mouth twitched: “Want to wash it off? It’s beautiful!”Lin Anan: ? ? ?—After becoming famous, Yu Nanxi, the actress who never took intimate scenes, actually took part in a Double O Lily movie with a kiss scene recently.What’s shocking is that there are not only several kissing scenes with the second girl in this movie, but also many indescribable scenes with the third girl.When the filming of the official film started, the kiss scenes of Yu Nanxi and the second female Tang Xin were all shot in dislocation.Fans clapped their chests and said that Queen Yu Ying is still Queen Yu Ying, how could she film a kiss scene.On the second day, it was Yu Nanxi’s turn to shoot a kiss scene with the third female Lin An’an.Fans looked at Lin An’an, an eight hundred and eighty-eighth-line star profile, and ignored it at all, but saw Yu Nanxi holding each other’s face and kissing him.Fans: ! ! !—-Gao Lengying, who looks pure and arrogant at heart, is the eighteenth-line weak cannon fodder trying to live to the end.—-Most of the content of the article has been revised later! !Other:1. Before Yu Nanxi (attack O) did not differentiate, he liked other people, after he differentiated into O, he liked Lin Anan (accepted A), with double body, private setting: female A has no pendant organs, but emotional organs during susceptible period Contact can make the other person pregnant.2. Emphasis on the emphasis: look at the text after looking at the copywriting settings! This is just a novel, don’t take it too seriously, read the text harmoniously, and don’t need to inform about abandoning the text. I wish every little cutie can find the text they like, thank you all.Content tags: love contract, entertainment, sweet text, modern overhead, main subjectSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin An’an, Yu Nanxi ┃ Supporting role: Wu Xixi, Chen Mi, Tang Xin, Bai Yunshuang ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The County Magistrate is Not Slag Very AChapter 70

Also known as: Modern Alpha dressed as an ancient scumbagSong Boxue woke up and read an ancient sadomasochistic text.The original hostess disguised herself as a man and cheated money and sex. She was the cannon fodder fiancé of the hostess Jiang Fanyin, and she was a small county magistrate who was corrupt.When Jiang Fanyin was most helpless, the small magistrate not only ruined Jiang Fanyin’s innocence, but also drove her out without a penny.Later, Jiang Fanyin was living on the street and was rescued by the male protagonist. With the help of the male protagonist, he regained everything and broke the legs of the small county magistrate.Song Boxue: “…” Her legs are a little weak.When she looked up, she saw Jiang Fanyin who was tied up with five flowers.Is this a plot that has already progressed to the point of destroying people’s innocence?Song Boxue: ! Let go now.After letting people go, Song Boxue immediately decided to move, and it was best to stay away from Jiang Fanyin.Run quickly, if you run slowly, your legs will not be protected!Unexpectedly, the fever period came suddenly…In a trance, she smelled the faint tea fragrance, fresh and sultry.When he woke up, Song Boxue looked at Jiang Fanyin, whose neck was covered with red marks! ! Can I still save my legs when I run now?small theater~~Song Boxue: This official is ill, and his illness is not serious.Jiang Fanyin: Oh, if you are ill, quickly treat it.Song Boxue: I want to kiss you when I get sick.Jiang Fanyin: Oh, continue to be sick.1. A has no extra organs and has a child.2. The writing is white, slow and sweet.3. There are many private settings, which are purely fictitious.Finally: Thank you for your support, hold tight, and turn around~Content tags: travel through time and space, wear a book, disguise as a man, ancient history, main attackSearch keywords: protagonist: Song Boxue, Jiang Fanyin ┃ supporting role: not yet ┃ others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?Chapter 71 Extra

【Background fiction】[abo theme, A has no pendant]Flirting without knowing pure love alpha × gentle and kind omegaJiang Yuchu × Xia YirouSummary of the emotional line: Jiang Zhi flirted with Xia in the early stage, and Xia flirted with Jiang in the later stage.(probably longer period of ambiguity)Business line summary: Gradually develop, but with golden fingers, the development is generally smooth.————————————————————————When he woke up, Jiang Yuchu was shocked to find that she had passed throughThat’s fineThe level of economic development here is lagging behind, decades away from the level of economic development in the world she lived in. (The background is completely fictitious, everything serves the plot)Not only that,The people here are divided into six genders: male, female × alpha, omega, beta.This is also acceptableWho can tell her why she dresses like a scumbagThe original body has a bad personality, does not do a proper job, spends a lot of money, and abuses after drinking…The ex-wife hates her, the daughter is afraid of her, and she was kicked out of the house by her parents (originally made by herself)Unbearable!Really: the beginning is the “peak”!See how the “scumbag” reversed the market and reached the pinnacle of life, with a bumper harvest in career and loveThe heroine has golden fingers and brings good luck.—————————————————————Before we were together: Xiaoxia didn’t want to care about XiaojiangXiaoxia: “Don’t touch me”“leave me alone”“I do not want”After being together:Xiaoxia: “Good morning kiss~”“Good night kiss~”“Farewell Kiss~”—————————————————————————————————Xia Yirou: One day in the future, will you suddenly leave me?Jiang Yuchu: Fool~ There will be no such day. Wherever you are, I will be there.Home is where you are—————————————————————————————————Xia Yirou: It’s you who made me believe that there is really love in this world.Jiang Yuchu: Even if there are thousands of mountains and rivers, I will come to youI will go against my nature, against my instincts, and love you forever – “The Selfish Gene” book review——————————————————————————————! Please correct me a lot, thanks a lot!Content tags: Having a child, a soft spot, traveling through time and space, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Yu Chuxia Yirou ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The President of Spicy Chicken Has Returned My Innocence!Chapter 103

Seventeenth-line actor Liang Xiao debuted for five years, and he is not tepid.Because he was photographed frequently haunting the villa of the president of Star Crown Pictures, he became famous overnight on the Internet.In the villa’s bedroom, Liang Xiao washed up and lay down on the pillow, concentrating on playing games with his mobile phone.“President, are you ready to bite? I’ll go off work after you bite.”2.As the president of Star Crown Pictures, Huo Lan has a secret.He is a special mutant alpha. Only by regularly marking matching omegas can the pheromone remain stable and not get out of control, otherwise it will be life-threatening.President Huo didn’t look like O, so on the first day we met, he pushed the bank card and the contract to Liang Xiao indifferently: “Everyone takes what they need, don’t think about what they shouldn’t think about.”Liang Xiao was bitten diligently, took money steadily, and played games with peace of mind.Until he became a hit in the big production invested by Star Crown Pictures.In the face of the overwhelming amount of black materials, Liang Xiao ran home and found out the contract, ready to ask the president to help him clarify the truth.Huo Lan’s eyes darkened, he took over the contract, scrambled into a ball in front of countless cameras and microphones, and pulled the person back to his side.“Don’t panic.” Liang Xiao was pinched by the waist and pressed against the wall. He calmly hugged Mr. Huo, who buried his face in his neck, and turned to his manager calmly, “He wants to clear my innocence now.”3.The broker is crazy.[Muffled and deserted President Attack x Shattered Mouth Sand Sculpture Health Suffering][abo has no children, let go of the little sweet biscuits easily]​​Content tags: Fantasy space, wealthy family, entertainment circle, sweet textSearch keywords: protagonist: Liang Xiao; Huo Lan ┃ supporting role: agent; housekeeper ┃ others:One sentence introduction: Mr. Huo, how are you? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - ApproachChapter 100

The female Alpha, Jin Zhexi, was accidentally involved in the vortex of time and space during a mysterious mission, and traveled to the 21st century. Because of her agility and gender advantages, she became the most neglected and excluded by chance, with a cold and indifferent personality—— -Miss Three of the Su Group, Su Mochen’s personal bodyguard…It’s unbelievable that she, an Alpha who can be considered super A in the post-civilized world, can only be coaxed patiently in front of the cold-tempered third lady…If we had to talk about where she could overwhelm Miss San, it was probably only on the bed? Ignore the episode where you get kicked out of bed for doing too hard…This is a story of a bodyguard helping an unappreciated illegitimate daughter to counterattack and become a big boss, with full aura and reaching the pinnacle of life…Heart-warming loyal dog Gong VS reserved and cold and proud shou: slowly tear off her abstinence mask! Capture her body and mind!Content tags: childbirth fantasy space karmic encounter supernatural powerSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jin Zhexi, Su Mochen ┃ Supporting roles: Boys, the pre-received articles are also very good ┃ Others: pre-received articles “Lure her into her arms” “I am her medicine”One-sentence introduction: Across time and space, I want to fall in love with you.Conception: Because of you, the world is worthwhile. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After the Memory Loss, the Fishing Department O is Teasing Me Every DayChapter 108 End of text

Indulge in willful princess disease / amnesia stupid beauty Ax gentle and considerate brainless pet / paranoid black belly crazy beauty O#Chapter Thirteen Amnesia/The age difference of six years old is o in the early stage, and it will be divided into a twiceWhen Jiang Jinyi was eighteen years old, her mother brought back a woman and asked her to call her sister.At the beginning, they got along fairly well, but for some reason, Jiang Jinyi began to hate her, and even only hated her because she ran away from home.One day four years later, Jiang Jinyi was attacked and his life was saved, but his memory returned to the year when he was eighteen years old when he first met Jiang Youwan.The cold and elegant omega in my memory took her upstairs into his arms with red eyes and frantically, and said tremblingly, “I beg you, come home with me, okay?”Jiang Jinyi blinked, “Okay…”–Only Jiang Youwan knew that she fell in love with the second young lady of the Jiang family.But the disgust on Jiang Jinyi’s face made her hide her love in her dark heart.She ran away from home, she has been secretly protecting her and helping her, originally thinking of letting her fly, just watch from a distance.But the sudden injury and amnesia caused Jiang Youwan’s inner desire to stir.——Drunk at night, Jiang Youwan took the opportunity to make her say many, many words that she would never leave, and recorded them before allowing her to sleep in his arms.After the second differentiation, Jiang Youwan tempted her to bite her own glands, so that she could never quit.No one knows that omega President Jiang, who is usually abstinent and indifferent, is trying to seduce the second lady in her family every day.Jiang Jinyi is sinking in her gentle hometown and gradually lost…Jiang Youwan hoped that they could continue like this, but Jiang Jinyi still regained her memory, and her dream was broken.Jiang Youwan clenched her wrist tightly, stared at her, trapped her with pheromones, and said, “Don’t think about leaving me!”Six-year-old age difference, weak A is strong O, A is o in the early stage, secondary differentiation into a, female a has no second set of organs.CP has no blood relationship, not real sisters, dog blood warning!Content tags: The rich and powerful family has a special liking for a match made in heaven near the water and the towerSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Jinyi, Jiang Youwan ┃Supporting role: abo┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Princess a Lives By Kissing Me Every DayChapter 112

Lin Moran transmigrated into a book, and became a little maid with the same name in a fictional novel, serving around the eldest princess.In the original book, the eldest princess has a withdrawn personality, is violent and unkind, and often plays tricks on people in applause.Lin Moran was afraid that he would be killed by her, so he usually hides whenever he can, and would rather run to chop firewood and boil water than take the initiative to approach.Unexpectedly, when she fell into the water one day, she was rescued by the Eldest Princess, and then even carried into the Princess’ room for an unprecedented time, and slept on the Princess’ bed.Lin Moran: This must be a dream, it must be a dream…When she opened her eyes, the princess was kissing her fiercely with her hair lowered.Lin Moran:? ? !She was terrified, and quickly asked the system in her heart, wanting an answer.The system didn’t say a word, and directly typed out the cover of the original book and enlarged it in front of her eyes.Lin Moran finally understood the reason when he saw the three big characters of abo.It’s over QAQFrom then on, the eldest princess grabbed her and kissed her twice in three days, but Lin Moran couldn’t escape, so she could only let her hug her crying, kissing before eating, kissing before going out, and kissing before going to bed.Lin Moran couldn’t stand it anymore, so he asked, “Wouldn’t it be annoying for the princess to kiss so many every day?”The eldest princess: “No, it feels very good.” It’s over after being happy.In history, there are many examples of canonizing the eldest daughter as the eldest princess. It does not necessarily have to be the emperor’s sister. You can check it on Baidu, and this article makes up the history.There are private settings, differentiation without organs, the two people are 1v1 throughout the whole process, each other is each other’s white moonlight, and they walk hand in hand from beginning to end with one heart and one mindA: Qian YuanB: moderateO: Kun WeiCute and hardworking by x black-bellied schemingContent tags: soft spot system sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Moran Qin Yuci ┃ Supporting role: Next door “After being forced to kiss my rival’s boss” Please accept it in advance, thank you all! ┃ Other:One-sentence introduction: The eldest princess wants to kiss me every day!Conception: Love can conquer everything, giving people the strength and courage to move forward, invincible - Description from MTLNovel