MTL - Be a Leader In a Primitive TribeChapter 152

Sangyu traveled to the primitive society,As soon as he opened his eyes, he was attacked by an ugly monster.In a critical moment, he was saved by a little savage,She couldn’t find the main road, so she could only follow the little savages to their tribe,However, the tribe was attacked and the leader was killed in the battle.Young people were taken away, leaving only a group of old and weak women and children waiting to die.Sang Yu had nowhere to go, and in order to repay the little wild man, he gathered the remaining thirty or forty people to form a new tribe.She tried her best to teach the tribe members to open up wasteland and farm land, raise poultry, fish, make pottery, and build houses;Establish laws, teach tribal people to read, learn etiquette and pay attention to hygiene;At the same time, dig trenches and build walls to resist the invasion of other tribes;The annexation of the population and continuous external expansion became the first tribe in the primitive era to create a new era.The former little savage gradually grew up and became a tall and sassy little beauty,The little girl is wild, but she is beautiful and obedient, and her combat effectiveness is over the top.She followed the Sangyu guard tribe to fight in all directions, and beat the bandits and other tribesmen to pieces.If anyone dares to covet his lord, he will be beaten to the ground.Content tags: Traveling through time and space farming culture gourmet infrastructureSearch keywords: Protagonist: Sang Yu, Yu ┃ Supporting roles: Ya, Miao, Zhuang, Gao ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - On Her LipsChapter 175 extra seven

Age difference of 700 years, vampire theme, cultivation, grammaticalThis article is also known as “How to fall in love with an arrogant and abstinent old man”That day, the girl was picked up by Mu’s house, covered in scars.Everyone wondered, Mu Fei was so arrogant and cold, how could he accept such a small stutter.The cold-hearted hostess felt a headache, “When are you going to follow me.”“You, like, flowers, I, I think, for you.”The girl’s heart was full of affection, and her little scarred hand held a bunch of purple flowers and handed it to the sweetheart who only belonged to the darkness.An awards ceremony ten years laterSomeone asked her: Why does Miss You always cover her neck every time she shows up?You Ran’s expression was subtle, and he could only explain lightly: “I’m probably afraid of the cold.”In fact, she was also helpless.After all, the adult she admired was a cold-blooded clan who had lived for more than seven hundred years and was picky and obsessed with cleanliness. His greatest hobby was—bit her neck with fangs,Leave that exclusive bite/mark mark.Even if the painful tears fell, she was willing to make each other’s blood-fed desserts.Because she will be her nightingale in the end.“On her lips is what my heart desires”One-sentence introduction: After the pure complex stammering poor cub (true boss) was picked up by the high-cold abstinence blood clan, the romantic love story of “the following crime”.Instructions for reading:1. Abstinence, arrogant vampire noble x stunner in the world, crazily criticizing beauty2. Mr. Mu Fei has two little hobbies: biting Yu and his neck; watching plays and movies.3. This article is empty, the background is private, and the dark color of Cthulhu, please do not delve into it.4. Two-way sweet pet/master/servant/cultivation/birth/age difference 700 years old/HE5. Scarf @ Xia Sugar SuxiContent tags: strong, soft spot, blood family, cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Fei, You Ran ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: “Human” x Vampire, contrast cuteOne-sentence introduction: innocent and crazy criticizing stunner & arrogant abstinence blood familyIntention: Firmly believe in the sun. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - On-duty Woman Penetrates Lily SentencesChapter 56 Extra episodes (including counterattack)

After Gu Jinghe passed through the book, she became a cold and ruthless overlord. The system asked her to abuse her heart and body against the poor heroine, and the world was broken.The heroine is both beautiful and miserable, Gu Jinghe couldn’t bear it, and decided to put on another vest to secretly compensate her.She seamlessly switches between old and new identities, and lives like a genius every day.When she was the overlord, she looked cold and stern, with a mocking smile on her lips, and her fingers raised the heroine’s chin: “Ji Yunyan, the fate of the Ji family is in my hands, you’d better be obedient.”In her new identity, she smiled brightly, and her voice was sweet and soft: “Yanyan, can I go to your house to do my homework?”Probably because of her superb acting skills, the heroine treats her with a cold face as the domineering boss, and smiles like a flower at her new identity.Until one day, when Gu Jinghe routinely confronted Ji Yunyan as the boss, Tian Liang Ji Po, Ji Yunyan suddenly called out her vest name to her.Gu Jinghe agreed…Gu Jinghe: Why don’t you listen to my explanation?Ji Yunyan: (smiling) Make it up, keep making it up.[The story of two people who thought they were straight but were not so straight flirted with each other, and ended up breaking themselves completely](The cover is the persona of Mr. Jing Heba)Ba Zong and Jiaojiao seamlessly switch between the superb acting skills of Shou vs. the attack of the disguised little white flowerContent tags: system sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Gu Jinghe ┃ Supporting role: Ji Yunyan ┃ Others: Chuanshu, Overlord, ActressOne sentence introduction: I fell off the horse in front of the heroineIntention: No matter what difficulties you face, you must stick to your own nature and not fall into darkness. the - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Love Private PossessionChapter 66

# Mistake, the object of online dating is actually a teacher in college ## Sister I Can ## Online dating is risky, my girlfriend is super sweet #Copywriting:Lu Ya has been dating someone online for more than half a year, and when it’s time to meet, the online dating partner panicked and confessed that he is a man.Lu Ya clenched her fists——The pleasant female voice sent by the other party is because the voice changer is turned on!The feeling of being cheated is very uncomfortable, Lu Ya thought for a while, and dialed the phone at the gate of the other party’s community.The same nice female voice answered the phone: “Hello?”Lu Ya tightened his fists and lowered his voice slightly: “Hello, someone ordered takeaway for you, but you need to come to the door to pick it up.”“it is good.”Lu Ya stood outside the gate of the community, and she didn’t know what to do, she just waited for someone to come out and take a look at her true colors before leaving.But after a few minutes, it was the teacher of the professional class in college who appeared in front of him.Lu Ya immediately respected and stood upright: “Mr. Sang, Mr. Sang.”“What a coincidence, you also live in this community.”Sang Qingxu looked at her, and the smile on his lips grew stronger: “Is the takeaway you?”Content tags: urban love soft spot sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Ya, Sang Qingxu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: Help! Online dating to a teacher in college!Conception: Believe that the future will be bright - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Why is the Bright Moon Shining?~ Section II.

See you for the first time.In front of the teaching building, fourteen-year-old Xu Can was sitting in front of the steps crying uncontrollably, when a voice suddenly came from overhead and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”She was so frightened that she raised her eyes, and was amazed again.With tears in his eyes, he sniffed and held it for a few seconds, not wanting to tell the truth, “Teacher, I… I didn’t do well in the exam.”Tong Mingyue sat next to her and chatted with her.The next day, Tong Mingyue passed by the school’s display board.I saw that Xu Can, who spent a long time in teaching her classmates who didn’t do well in the exam, ranked first in the overall ranking list, and almost got a perfect score in every subject.“…”After working hard all his life, he was still unable to cope with the drag of his background. Before Xu Can was forced to jump off the building, he regretted that he could not see Tong Mingyue again.When I opened my eyes again, the computer was lit up with a blank document.Back to sophomore year.Failed subjects, no money, there are still two professional exams in sight…In this life, Xu Can walks without heart and heart, with eyes full of eyes, only Tong Mingyue.Edible guide: 1. Sweetness ++++2. Abstinence and gentle professor X lunatic attribute fake and well-behaved fairy - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Girlfriend Needs To Be Coaxed Every DayChapter 94

Copywriting 1:Late at night in the harsh winter, Gu Nanzhi met a child who ‘run away from home’ in the bar street.The child stepped on the snow alone under the street lamp, looking pitiful.Gu Nanzhi was moved with compassion, and asked someone to drink a glass of milk.I thought that we would meet by chance, and it would be over after a while, but I didn’t want this kid to become her class representative in a year and a half.Later, he became the lover she missed day and night and felt too far away from her heart.Copywriting 2:Lin Zheng, who was 18.9, has excellent grades and many talents. He is the most famous person in the school.It’s a pity that at the welcome party of her first year in school, she publicly confessed that she broke everyone’s thoughts.It’s just that no one knows who the object of this mysterious confession is.Later, at the graduation party, everyone urged Lin Zheng to bring someone out to meet him, so as to calm down the depression that the fat water was flowing to outsiders.Lin Zheng was pushed to the cusp of the wind and waves and had no choice but to call someone to come over.“I’m sorry, she admits she’s born, I’ll go out and pick it up.” Lin Zheng left everyone behind and got up to pick it up.When she came back ten minutes later, Lin Zheng’s hair was loose, her lipstick was gone, and there was still a bright red hickey on the side of her neck.Whistles sounded one after another in the box, “Which little wolf dog is this? Wild enough!”“My family.” Lin Zheng sat down calmly, toasted and apologized, “I laughed, let’s talk about it next time I have a chance.”After the words fell, a lazy female voice came out from the Bluetooth headset, “Little friend, are your ears itchy again?”Lin Zheng leaned back, with the wine glass sticking to his lips, “Your ears are not itchy, but your heart is itchy. Teacher Gu, do you want to feel it?”√ Teacher and student, 1v1, HE√ Soft and Cute vs Gentle and Royal SisterContent tags: soft spot sweet article campusSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Zheng, Gu Nanzhi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: Huh? Isn’t it sweet and obedient?Conception: Daydreams can also come true - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Secret LoveChapter 103

In her previous life, Mu Yanxi fell in love with Yi Jingming like a bewitch, flattered him, and cared so much for him. Only after she died did she realize that she was just cannon fodder in a certain novel, and she deserved everything to make the protagonist.Once reborn, Mu Yanxi said that she would not cooperate. Waiting for her to cooperate internally and externally to inherit the inheritance, right?All right, then she wants to marry Yi Wulan right away, even if Yi Wulan dies, Yi Jingming’s family property will not be his turn.Mu Yanxi ran back to the main hall of the Yi family before the engagement was terminated. Yi Wulan was sitting in a wheelchair with a long skirt sweeping the floor, with a dignified temperament, and a pair of stunning peach blossom eyes showed a sense of rejection and alienation.Mu Yanxi was confident and chattered nonchalantly. She touched the roof of her tongue with the tip of her tongue, and her eyes, which were red from running, flickered: “I like you so much, of course I want to marry you.”Yi Wulan:? ? ?From that day on, Mu Yanxi, who couldn’t live without flirting, took advantage of Yi Wulan’s sleep to give her healing powers awakened in another world. The next day, when she was found to be shaking hands, she could shyly slap her: “I knew you had a deep affection for me and wanted to conspire against me.”Yi Wulan: …Later, on the night of Yi Wulan’s recovery, Mu Yanxi, who failed to escape, was forced to bite the divorce agreement and cry, her eyes turned red.Yi Wulan (attack) VS Mu Yanxi (receive)Note: Gong Shou is 1V1 Shuangjie, the Lord Shou has no children, and Gong Shou is 6 years older than ShouContent tags: City Love Rich Family Rebirth Sweet TextSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Yanxi; Yi Wulan ┃ Supporting roles: Bai Yu’an; Mu Yanqing; Yi Jingming; Yan Che ┃ Others: - Description from novelbuddy