MTL - I’m Just a PharmacistChapter 144 Fanwai: It's good to have you

As an alchemist who was once called a ghost in the world of comprehension, Lin Jing didn’t really have much opinion on changing her shell and changing the world, as long as she could still make alchemy.​​No, the people here don’t practice pills, they only practice medicine. Lin Jing calmly accepted the fact that she had become a pharmacist, and then devoted herself to the great cause of refining magical potions.​​It’s just that when her potion came out, everyone exploded.​​Customer No. 1: “Oh my God, what kind of medicine is this! My stool accidentally touched a little, and it ran away with long legs!”​​Customer No. 2: “What is your stool running away? My pet stole my medicine and even started swearing at people!”​​Client No. 3: “What are you guys? My house drank the potion and flew straight away. Do you feel the horror of waking up early in the morning and finding yourself in outer space?!”​​Lin Jing calmly ignored the unfriendly experiences of the customers. She is just a little pharmacist, she only makes medicine and refuses to bear the consequences.(This article is also known as [Daughter-in-law, she is cute, sweet and sticky], well, this is a sweet pet text in a cool skin (〃?〃))​​Content tags: Time-traveling female strong interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Jing ┃ Supporting role: Ming Weiwan, pre-received for collection → “I like his sister” ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: Only sell medicine, not after-sale! - Description from MTLNovel