MTL - Princess a Lives By Kissing Me Every DayChapter 112

Lin Moran transmigrated into a book, and became a little maid with the same name in a fictional novel, serving around the eldest princess.In the original book, the eldest princess has a withdrawn personality, is violent and unkind, and often plays tricks on people in applause.Lin Moran was afraid that he would be killed by her, so he usually hides whenever he can, and would rather run to chop firewood and boil water than take the initiative to approach.Unexpectedly, when she fell into the water one day, she was rescued by the Eldest Princess, and then even carried into the Princess’ room for an unprecedented time, and slept on the Princess’ bed.Lin Moran: This must be a dream, it must be a dream…When she opened her eyes, the princess was kissing her fiercely with her hair lowered.Lin Moran:? ? !She was terrified, and quickly asked the system in her heart, wanting an answer.The system didn’t say a word, and directly typed out the cover of the original book and enlarged it in front of her eyes.Lin Moran finally understood the reason when he saw the three big characters of abo.It’s over QAQFrom then on, the eldest princess grabbed her and kissed her twice in three days, but Lin Moran couldn’t escape, so she could only let her hug her crying, kissing before eating, kissing before going out, and kissing before going to bed.Lin Moran couldn’t stand it anymore, so he asked, “Wouldn’t it be annoying for the princess to kiss so many every day?”The eldest princess: “No, it feels very good.” It’s over after being happy.In history, there are many examples of canonizing the eldest daughter as the eldest princess. It does not necessarily have to be the emperor’s sister. You can check it on Baidu, and this article makes up the history.There are private settings, differentiation without organs, the two people are 1v1 throughout the whole process, each other is each other’s white moonlight, and they walk hand in hand from beginning to end with one heart and one mindA: Qian YuanB: moderateO: Kun WeiCute and hardworking by x black-bellied schemingContent tags: soft spot system sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Moran Qin Yuci ┃ Supporting role: Next door “After being forced to kiss my rival’s boss” Please accept it in advance, thank you all! ┃ Other:One-sentence introduction: The eldest princess wants to kiss me every day!Conception: Love can conquer everything, giving people the strength and courage to move forward, invincible - Description from MTLNovel