MTL - Mixed In the United States As a Local Tyrant~ The chapter of the new book "Technology Master" seeks support
Urban Life

ps: The 2019 new book “Return to Eighteen Boys” is already fat! !An Feng, a mediocre clerk, obtained super technology and wealth by chance and coincidence. With the ultimate goal of making (cheat) money by manufacturing next-generation man-made diamonds, he traveled across the ocean and dealt with the American people. A series of stories about pursuing dreams, pursuing freedom and changing lives happened.========= - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Wall Street Legend~ New Book: I Really Don't Want to Work Hard
Urban Life

A money laundering expert running on Wall Street in the United States was reborn in the early 21st century after being accidentally killed.Like a mouse falling into a granary, this is a great age full of gold! The crazy rise of Silicon Valley, Wall Street’s global money-making plan, and companies with super potential stocks! !Ye Dongqing was confused. Opportunities to make money were everywhere, but she didn’t know where to start. How to get the first pot of gold became the top priority.This book is an easy-going and daily rich story of richness and sex.Completed the same type of “The Great American Rancher” and “Born in Chinatown”, full-time writer, character guarantee!Group number: 618863420, welcome to join - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - North American Detective: I Am Proficient In All Kinds of American IAIChapter 261 entrust

[Gunfight + case-solving reasoning + decisive killing]“I’ve been black and white, and you said I was an undercover agent???”When Dean woke up, he opened his eyes and saw the scene where the robbers were sharing the spoils.Because of the confusion of the original owner’s memory, Dean mistakenly thought that he was a real robber, so he chose to eat black and white, and emptied the magazine with an American-style Juhe.Just when he was about to take the money and leave.A blond beauty came to the door: “Dean is an intern police officer. The bank in the town was robbed. I ordered you to investigate the suspect. You don’t want to fail your internship, do you?”It turns out that I am an undercover agent!Dean is numb… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Plutocrats From the Gold RushChapter 112 finale (end)
Urban Life

Xie Jin is an international student studying in the United States. Because of an accident, he obtained a special ability that allows him to detect the attributes of all objects within a certain range. Because of this ability, he started from panning for gold and gradually went to the country of Bald Eagle. The pinnacle of wealth. (No abuse, no depression, logical, straightforward and reasonable road to the rise of North American chaebols) - Description from MTLNovel