MTL - Rebirth God of War Lu BuChapter 6576 : The Jin army will be stronger

With a square halberd in the palm, and a red rabbit and horse under him, nowhere can the world go! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dimensional Invasion of the Real EarthChapter 1790 Enlightenment

Parallel planes of the earth, aura is resurrected, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are merging into the earth. Turning on the Internet, Liu Hao finds that he is the only one who knows the plot. You say, should I tell them?Journey to the West, the prehistoric plot is opening - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Plane Development Plan~ Part 7: Fusion or not

Suddenly being able to travel to various familiar worlds, to grow and develop in these various high-risk worlds, you need to follow the following guidelines:1: If you want to get rich, don’t be afraid of death. If you are afraid of death, you can only eat other people’s leftovers.2: Don’t always try to save the world, it will be bad luck to be a Virgin in other planes.3: Don’t let go of good things, maybe you will lose a great opportunity because of this.4: Don’t wantonly flood your feelings, you can only bring back sadness if you can’t take away the girl.…… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Great Desolation: Read the Holy King, Extract the God Statue To Suppress PrisonChapter 600

Crossing the prehistoric times, Chen Changsheng bowed to Tongtianmen and became the most sturdy senior brother of the Intercepting Sect, awakening the reading system.Read [Holy King], extract the god statue, and automatically upgrade it to the immortal way.Read [Perfect], extract the self-indulgence method of his transformation, and automatically upgrade it to chaos and self-inflicted law.Read [Star Change], extract the method of stars, and automatically upgrade Hongmeng Star Change.…Just like that, relying on reading from the heavens, Chen Changsheng became the first person to communicate with each other in the past and present. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - This Infinite World is ShamelessChapter 1605

Accidentally selected by a very H law of heaven and earth, in order to reproduce the glory of the three thousand daughters of the royal ascension to sanctification again.The protagonist takes a magic weapon-shaped little black house called Xinggong, shuttles through the heavens and the world, kidnapping, forcing, bewildering, and deceiving the feelings of beauties.Think about it, is it very exciting and shameless to lie to the little beauty to go to KFC (open a room), then pack it and throw it into the small black room and take it away, and then change the world to continue the crime.This is fiction, not reality! Therefore, the heroine must accept everything, the non-virgins are all supporting roles, and the deaths are very miserable! Not even a chance to be a meat toilet!?① “Legend of Lu Xiaofeng” の【Shameless from now on】… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Summoning In the Snow, My Harem is Too DangerousChapter 264

Xia Ji traveled to the continent of Kyushu and became the Emperor of Xia.I thought I had no worries about food and clothing, and I could enjoy peace of mind.But he never thought that he might be the last emperor.The seven kings of the court were in chaos: Qin Wang Ying Zheng, Tang Wang Li Yuan, Ming Wang Zhu Di, Yuan Wang Genghis Khan, Han Wang Liu Che, Song Wang Zhao Ji, and Qing Wang Kangxi.The harem is full of ruthless characters: Concubine Jiang Yuyan, Concubine Dongjun, Concubine Xuan, Concubine Yuan Zhao Min, Empress Wu? Live? br />This kind of hell start, is it possible to become the last emperor of Xia Dynasty ?But luckily.At the beginning of the game, Xia Ji awakened the National Games Summoning System.Spring and Autumn Sword Armor! Great Confucian Sage of Chu! Soldier in white!Flatten the harem, rule the world, and suppress the seven kings.From then on, the great summer that will never end has been created! … - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Broke Through Again~ Extra Story (Unprecedented 2)

What kind of experience is it to be a true spiritual genius, transmigrating to become the ‘king’ of the Immortal Demon Great Qin?Qualification is supreme, and any technique can be mastered quickly. The so-called barrier of practice cannot hinder his breakthrough at all!Or add luck and become the real master of the plane.Is it to gather the copper of Kyushu, cast twelve bronze figures, hold the souls of millions of Qin warriors, swept across Liuhe, and conquered the world, or the three worlds of warriors?Rare birds and beasts, a world where demons are rampant, a combination of local myths and legends.PS: It is not a hegemony text of the war system, the first choice for the extreme genius stream - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Prehistoric: A Stable Life, Starting From the Journey To the WestChapter 1073

Carrying the strongest reading system through the world of the Tang Dynasty and becoming a scholar who has just been awarded the jinshi, Chen Qi found that the Tang Dynasty was a bit strange.The champion is Chen Guangrui, who has just been hit with a hydrangea by the daughter of the left prime minister Yin Kaishan, and is about to counterattack and marry Bai Fumei.A physicist named Yuan Shoucheng came to the gate of the city. He had three hexagrams a day, and he liked golden carp the most.In addition, he also heard that Wei Zheng, the Prime Minister of the Right, can kill ghosts and gods in a dream…Chen Qi was completely panicked.As soon as you talk about the strategy to destroy the Buddha, you tell me this is Journey to the West?King Tang was displeased, suppressed by hundreds of officials, and distributed to the Hanlin Academy?It’s okay, hide in the small building and become a united, who cares about his winter and summer and spring and autumn!Sixty years later, when Li Tang took a curtain call, the empress ascended the throne, and asked me to come out of the mountains and settle the world.Since then, the heaven will return to the heaven, the world will return to the world, and the monks in the west can only go to the west. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the Worldv2 Chapter 1811 : This 1 knife, 300 times real damage

A young man with strange strength came to the world of the dragon clan.Facing the enrollment counseling at Kassel College, Lu Chen is very generous, the only one who is full of Xiaolongren is not a mixed race…How to pass the 3E exam? Waiting online, very anxious!…This is the story of a young man who gradually became a handle at Kassel College————PS1: Semi-invincible, no abuse or knife, try to find the internal taste, youth no longer regretsPS2: You will get the dragon bloodline laterPS3: The Dragon Clan is extremely long, it’s over when you watch it - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Global Planets: Build An Ancient Civilization From Day OneChapter 607 The battle of dragon slaying has officially started!

Start a planet, civilization depends on creation.Wang Yi, a young man in the 21st century, by chance and coincidence, his soul traveled to a world where everyone has the opportunity to awaken the planet.The larger the diameter of the planet, the more advanced the transformed energy, and the stronger the civilization created.Someone obtains the energy of the planet as “Martial Arts True Qi”, and uses the creation sand table to create a martial arts civilization. The people on the planet are warriors.Someone obtains the energy of the planet as “Xiandao Zhenyuan”, uses the creation sand table to create an immortal civilization, and the people on the planet are all practitioners!Some people gain planetary energy as “fighting qi”, use the creation sand table to create a fighting qi civilization, and the people on the planet are all fighters!Someone obtains the energy of the planet as “soul power”, and uses the creation sand table to create a soul civilization, and the people on the planet are all soul masters!It is “magic” for someone to obtain planetary energy, use the creation sandbox to create a magical civilization, and the people on the planet are all magicians! …Everyone is trying their best to evolve a magical civilization system.However, Wang Yi used the memory of his previous life to start the evolution of the “prehistoric” civilization!“Your world-destroying laser cannon is powerful, and I have Pangu, the son of Dao! A single ax down will bring your world back to chaos!”“Your thousands of angels are powerful, I have three thousand Chaos Demon Gods, and I will beat you every minute!”“Your dark army is awesome, I have a Buddhist quasi-sage who will transform you in minutes!”“…”This is a story of crushing all kinds of extraordinary civilizations with prehistoric civilizations!Ps: This book is purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental! Do not imitate!Don’t spray if you don’t like it! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Tathagata Must Be Defeatedv2 Chapter 233 : The new world (end)

The amiable looking patriarch is gazing at a stone monkey: “Wukong, what do you want to learn from me?” “It’s all up to master’s instruction.” The stone monkey respectfully replied: “As long as I will be able to beat up Tathagata, then it’s alright.” One hundred years later, the stone monkey defeated Tathagata and ascended the throne, becoming the Jade Emperor. - Description from rhadoko

MTL - Into UnscientificChapter 489 The hidden second floor of the underground palace (continue nine thousand words to explode the liver

I once sat and discussed with Newton, and I also walked side by side with Einstein.I messed with Planck’s hairstyle, and I also wrote the preface to Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases.All in all, this is a story about a schoolmaster traveling through time and space in ancient and modern China and abroad, using the wisdom of the predecessors to open up the future of mankind.What? You say this is unscientific?No, it’s very scientific!Note:This book is a black science and technology article, not the flow of the heavens, not the flow of the infinite, the protagonist will not have superpowers, everyone will know after reading it.There is also an old book “Handbook of Conquering Another World” high-end 30,000 orders with an average order of 8,000+, welcome to read. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - On the Wedding Night, Ms. Cui RealizedChapter 60 season finale

Cui’s parents and girls are blind when they come, and their parents don’t love their mothers, and any servant dares not to look down on her.Cui Ti has memories of being cold-eyed and bitter.Waiting to see a lot of her jokes.However, no one thought that she would be welcomed in a palanquin carried by the most glorious son of the Pei family at the most desolate moment.Cui Ti doesn’t understand why Pei Xuan is willing to marry her, it won’t be love at first sight.But she was grateful to Pei Xuan.Not only did Pei Xuan give her respect as a human being, but he was also willing to hold her and protect her. He would support her in time before she fell, and patiently remove small fishbone for her.He would hug her, kiss her occasionally, and never scold her.Cui Ti is satisfied with the marriage.As a blind person, there is only so much you can do.So after getting married, she let go of her restraint and thought about raising children for Pei Xuan to repay his kindness.But Pei Xuan still refused to consummate the house with her.Before being pushed into the lotus pond, she was still thinking: Otherwise, forget it, he just pities me and cherishes me, not loves me.Opening her eyes, waking up from a big dream—Cui Ti went back to three years ago.What’s interesting is that she not only dreamed about all kinds of past events, but also dreamed that a fairy came riding a crane to open her spiritual eyes.This year, Pei Xuan just turned eighteen.In the next life, Cui Ti still married into Pei’s mansion.On the wedding night, before the candles, Miss Cui suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her eyes, and Pei Xuan came out of the tub in a panic after hearing the sound.Seeing the waterfall-like long hair of the “Good Husband” and the graceful and graceful body that cannot be concealed by the snow-white underwear, Cui Ti trembled physically and mentally, blushed and felt hot, and realized…*① Cui is blind, and her spiritual eyes can only see Pei Xuan②Double birth, Cui Tixian is born again, Pei Xuanhui will slowly recover the memory of the previous life③Cui Tishou, Pei Xuangong (mutual attack in essence).Content tags: rebirth, love and marriage, sweet text, disguised as a man, ancient history, mutual attack - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - From White Box To Supervision~ new book released

Beichuan, who loves animation, finally came to study in District 11. After graduating, he always wanted to become an original artist and worked hard for it, but unexpectedly it became a production process. For this reason, his goal has a new change, becoming Supervision!“Lao Xu, please stop your pen.”“Senior Nakamura, you have to continue to live.”Disclaimer: This book is a lot of daily life, it is a white box fandom single heroine, don’t spray if you don’t like it. - Description from MTLNovel