MTL - Even If You Become An Animal, You Have To Serve An Iron Rice BowlChapter 182 (third more)

Being shot through the heart, Shen Qiu thought he was going to be buried in the tomb of the martyrs, but when he opened his eyes, he turned into a cat.His keen sense of smell allowed him to smell the familiar smell in the air. He found the powder that the original owner had hidden under the bed board and immediately took it to the police station.Later… the kitten lost its owner and became the first police cat in the history of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, enjoying a high-standard working meal only available as a police dog, and doing the work of a police dog.Shen Qiu found the most meaningful life after rebirth.Work hard to serve iron rice bowls! Continue to be the pillar of the country and serve the people!…1. “The Police Meow of the Criminal Investigation Brigade” – a cat who was active at the first scene of the crime. (Silver Grey Maine Coon) (Completed)2. “Panda Search and Rescue in the Forest” – I’m here to find the lost people! Dog noses don’t have my nose! (National Treasure Giant Panda) (Completed)3. “Parrots at Grassroots Police Stations” – Fraud? come come come! Sexy parrot recommends: national anti-fraud app you deserve! (Macaw with gorgeous feathers) (Completed)4. “Fox Forest Ranger of Forestry Bureau” – Fighting poachers with wisdom, they are going to drive the poachers out of this area! (flaming red fox) (finished)5. “Dolphin Search and Rescue in the Ocean” – I will protect the underwater world! Saving people and saving fish is a no-brainer! (Water Giant Panda Chinese White Dolphin) (Completed)6. “Healing Dogs in Police Nursing Homes” – here are the people’s police who once stood on the front line, and they should be respected by everyone! (Smiling Angel Samoyed) (Completed)7. “Kiwi at Customs 996” – Don’t try to enter my country with all harmful items! (Stolen Kiwi) (Ongoing)Ps: Maybe it’s a slow wear~ The protagonist will not become a human.PPS: Do not die, do not die, do not die! It would be too difficult for Qiuqiu to be dead if dressed as an animal, I just want Qiuqiu to live his life happily and happily~PPPS: There are a lot of private settings in the text, and all settings that serve the plot are private settings. An article may not meet everyone’s liking, so don’t like it or discard it, don’t tell if you abandon the article, and harmonize you, me and him.PPPPS: There are some unreasonable places in the text, which will be refined and revised after the end. The author is not a professional, and the information in the text is basically searched online. If there is any error, it will be corrected. All legal acts in the article should not be taken seriously, some are set for the plot service, Bo Jun’s laughing work, I hope you will enjoy reading the article.Content tags: Fast wear, modern overhead, cool text, cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Qiu ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received “Becoming an Animal and Serving the People (Quick Pass)” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Those Years of Dressing As An AnimalChapter 216

The perennial 996 social animal Chen Xing’s biggest dream in this life is to make enough money one day and be able to go home and relax for a lifetimeOne day, he died suddenly in front of the computer after being overworked to work hard to earn money.Fortunately, Chen Xing passed throughHowever, instead of being an adult, he was dressed as a variety of animals① Dressed as a national treasure giant panda, holding the basin of milk handed to the paws by the human parents, Chen Xing, the social animal, burst into tears. By selling cuteness, he can eat and wait to die. It is all about the state’s pension. This is what he dreams of. day!② Dressed as a single little milk cat, Chen Xing hugged the shit-shoveling official’s golden thighs with his cuteness, and became a big Internet celebrity Brothers, buy canned food and cat bars!③This time, Chen Xingchuan has become an enemy in a previous life, a dog, or an Erha who can only tear down his home.④Little sea otters who like to rub incense before going to bed⑤I have a little squirrel with a big tail⑥The walking emoji of the Tibetan fox⑦The life of the village tyrant goose⑧ FerretNo cp, pure animals do not change people, do not directly substitute into realityContent tags: system fast wear cool text cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Chen Xing ┃ Supporting role: No cp pre-received “Being a Dad in the Animal World [QuickCross]”, “Non-Humans Must Contribute to Society [QuickChuang]” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel