MTL - My Senpai Knows Magic~ new book released
ActionFantasySchool Life

This is a world where science and magic coexist.Some people here seek powerful magic, and some seek eternal truth.A science tyrant who came from another world, started as a little librarian, with magic in his left hand and truth in his right, kicking the door of the new century with one kick.Some people call him the forerunner of magic, some say he is the founder of science.Some people describe him that way.In the new century, Blair is a symbol of evil. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Blind Date In Time and SpaceChapter 355 game model
FantasySci-fiUrban Life

After the 25th failed blind date, Chen Ji learned from the pain and decided to take the initiative to find a blind date on a public account in the same city.The official account is very powerful, and I recommended four girls to him:The first one, female, human, 28 years old, doctor, lived in the apocalypse four months after the sun went out.The second one, the Nine Realms Human Race, the Empress of Destiny, fell asleep for 100,000 years after being invincible.The third one, the daughter of the sheriff, is an ancient lady who is good at embroidery and loves poetry. She claims to have written a sequel to “Dream of Red Mansions”.The fourth one, the descendant of the god, the saint of light, exudes a black aura all over her body, her limbs are twisted, and she is locked at the bottom of the church to pray devoutly.At first, Chen Ji thought they were playing role-playing, but he didn’t realize until later——“No, are you all real?”“How does this allow me to meet you on a blind date?”“I just had a blind date, how did I save the world?” - Description from novelbuddy