MTL - 94 Diagon AlleyChapter 278 Festival

A heroine dedicated to creating great wands and magic props;A heroine dedicated to 100%(?) avoiding mischief and bad luck;Meet George Weasley, a resourceful(?) daring, careful prankster for twenty years.Is their collision a lose-lose or a win-win cooperation?This is the story of Miss Ollivander, who doesn’t know the development of HP’s story, and the lovely Weasley family, George. In addition to the magical joke product and the Horcrux Deathly Hallows, how can other magical items help in the world of HP?[I want to save all the characters I want to save]Editing!I reread the first few chapters over the weekend and found a lot of typos and bugs. In order not to affect your reading, I will revise a few chapters every few days. The plot will not change, but I will fix the problems raised by my friends in the comments before~ Sorry readers who have read it!Content Tags: Anglo-American DerivativesSearch keywords: protagonists: George Weasley, Gwen Ollivander ┃ Supporting roles: Fred Weasley, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger ┃ Others: HP DoujinOne sentence introduction: If you can’t save the world, then save your brother?Intention: fall in love with George Weasley, do scientific research, and invent. If you can participate in saving the world, accompany your boyfriend to help. - Description from MTLNovel