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Oaks Lin was favored by the force of nature and was reborn in the Marvel world.But this world is at stake…The three avenues against fate—Technology, mutation, magic.So be a scientist who looks like mutants actually use magic?“Just hit De! Just hit De!”In the face of the army led by the Avengers, Thanos was furious:“Why did the one who was hacked to death just now get up again!”“Damn beasts, eat a knife from this seat!”“Big Gugu – Flutter your wings!”“…Turn the fire!”Thanos turned around and slashed through Team America’s shield:“You said you could play all day?”This is a story about a Druid who pretends to be a scientist and survives in the Marvel world.(Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU background)———————————————————————————Completed the works “Pirates of Light Swordsman” and “Guardian of Tirisfal of Konoha”Personality Guarantee - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Lost In AzerothChapter 1198 Closing (The Finale)

There are too many tragedies in the history of World of Warcraft, and there are too many regrettable things.When Su Chen accidentally came to this real Azeroth continent, he had the intention to change these sad endings and save those poor people.Of course, the first person he needs to save is himself, because his current identity is Arthas…******This is actually a story of a Lich King personally leading a group of beauties to brush through various copies of Warcraft.Book Friends Group: 492886215, welcome to chat and discuss together.The new book “Global Game Invasion” has been released. The easy-to-follow article can also be regarded as the follow-up of this book. Friends who like it can collect it and read it. It can still be guaranteed that it will never be too much, and it will definitely be finished. - Description from MTLNovel

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Arcane energy weaves the world, and the ninja world is no exception.The Book of Medivh from Azeroth contains knowledge of two worlds.For mages, knowledge = power.Enemy country? war? Tailed beast? Otsutsuki?In front of the Master, tremble!Time, for me to control; space, let me roam.Parallel time and space, self rise, regret unfortunately, self end.In the name of the new guardian—Master, open a cross-border portal!—————————————————————The boutique “Pirates of Light Swordsman” has been finished, character guarantee~ - Description from MTLNovel

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The half-elf Sharlayan, who was excluded by his tribe since he was a child, got rid of the restriction of anti-addiction on the day he became an adult, and obtained his own golden finger-the “window” that can communicate with other worlds.From this moment on, his every move will be under the attention of countless people from other worlds, but because of this, he has obtained a lot of vital information from the bullet screens of those sand sculpture netizens.About the nature of Azeroth, the future of the high elves and Quel’Thalas, and, as a half-elf, my true origin.The world is beginning to unravel the veil of mystery, and no matter whether Sarlayan is ready or not, the magnificent wave of the era is just around the corner.“Children, embark on a journey, witness this vast and mysterious world with your own eyes, and discover the truth hidden behind it.”“Don’t be ashamed of your half-elf blood, I believe that one day, you will fulfill my and your mother’s expectations, and make the whole of Azeroth proud of you!”“…Also, who said your mother is human? Have you heard of Dragon Knight?”――Father, Julian Deep Shadow - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Ranger Legend of Azerothv2 Chapter 873 God protects and fights too

A World of Warcraft hunter player inexplicably entered the world of Azeroth in his sleep. Turned into a high elf ranger, and at the same time inherited the title of Baron Cheap Daddy (Baron Blood Eagle) who died.But the tragic original history that Blizzard bestowed upon the blood elves made his hair stand on end. He doesn’t want to become a heartbroken person and doesn’t want to die, so he can only struggle desperately to change the original history. - Description from MTLNovel

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What is the bright side?The boundless shadow void.Compared with the power of light that represents the order of the universe, the power of shadow that interacts with it will make people involuntarily have negative associations.The Old Gods, the Lords of the Void, and… the unavoidable loss of control.Is the power of shadow really difficult to break away from the control of the ancient gods and cannot be truly mastered by mortals?The traverser Andrea has a different opinion on this.Accidental crossing, came in Azeroth’s most dangerous period of the ancient war.Andrea, who was blessed by the moon god Elune, had many questions about this world she thought she was very familiar with.“Moon God” Elune, is it really just the Moon God?Since she is not the Titan star soul that people imagined, what kind of existence is Elune?Why did Tyrande gain the strange power of the so-called dark side of the moon when she sacrificed to Elune in the future?“When your heart is toward the light, the shadows are silently looking back at you.” ——by Andrea Moon Shadow - Description from MTLNovel

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Not for the Alliance, nor for the Horde!For the justice in our hearts, to seek an explanation for all the innocents, and to fight for those civilians who are ignored by the nobles, Vanessa VanCleef has set a small goal. I want to push Stormwind City first!Ps: There is an old book with 5 million words, and the quality is guaranteed. Please rest assured to collect it.Ps: Group numbers 639, 265, 715 - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - War Hymn of Warcraft [WOW]Chapter 117 Sands of Time in Nozdormu

I would like to dedicate this article to WOW, which I have been slag for a long time, and my friends.Azeroth, a glorious continent…He has endured the explosion of the Well of Eternity, experienced the infestation of the ancient gods, witnessed the war between humans and beasts, suffered natural disasters, and resisted the fission of the earth…When a person who has disrupted all history appears on the timeline, what changes will it bring?Protect the diversity of wild authors, one less pirated article will make one more author survive, so please raise your hands, Ono thank you~~—–Irregular copy—–Zhan Zhixing originally thought that it was the most mysterious thing that he had passed through, but he didn’t expect that within a few years, he discovered that even more mysterious things were still to come.“Labor and management are human, you let me go.” Zhan Zhixing looked at the brain with a black line and roared, “You are the chief of the dignified tribe, can you stop coming to Stormwind City to find me every now and then? You came here the year before last. At that time, I was thrown to Outland by His Majesty Varian to talk to Kael’thas; the year before last, I went to Northrend to train the two fools of the Frozen Throne; I only purified the Iron Chin last year, and this year you gave it to me in Pandaria For those things. Can you spare me a moment? I don’t want to go for a walk around Draenor again!”“It happens that I will go with you, and see my father by the way.” After finally catching Zhan Zhixing, Garrosh Hellscream will not let go casually, “Isn’t Valian also trying to create opportunities for the two of us? Wouldn’t it be nice if you honestly came to the tribe?”“Go to the Horde?” Zhan Zhixing’s facial expression froze instantly, recalling how he treated Kael’thas and the Lich King before, he couldn’t help but shudder, “Forget it, I’m fine staying in the Alliance. ,real……”#deep demining#This article is an adventure series in pure love. The feelings of the two protagonists are intertwined in the entire war in Azeroth, firm 1V1, mutual attack, long. .Some branch lines are ignored, and a small number of characters’ age and personality are distorted according to needs. Due to the needs of the plot, most of the plots are moderately fictional in the context of Warcraft.Don’t forget to bookmark it, if you have time, you’d better leave a comment, these are the motivation for me to move forward ^_^~~Content Labels: Game Online Games Another World Continent Fantasy and Magic Knights and SwordsSearch keywords: Protagonist: Battle Zhixing ┃ Supporting role: Varian, Illidan, Arthas, Kael’thas, Thrall, Garrosh ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel