MTL - NBA Opening Draw To Twilight Shaquille O’Nealv2 Chapter 1046 restless christmas eve

He can score 20 points and 10 rebounds in a rookie season. His exaggerated performance is unprecedented in CBA history;He is the famous CBA King of Kung Fu;He is a local player;…Back in 2011, after the unexpected fusion of a soul from a later dynasty and seventeen-year-old Wang Zhelin, will the future of the Chinese men’s basketball team turn around this time? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - NBA: No. 1 ForwardChapter 617 The beginning of a new era!

“If I do it all over again, give me excellent physical talent, and give me excellent skills, I will definitely be like those historical NBA superstars.”Lian Dao originally thought that the above imagination would only appear in dreams, but he didn’t expect that such a “good thing” would suddenly happen to him one day. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - NBA Backer King~ full testimonial

The low-ranking behemoth, the iron mountain is invincible in the horizontal push, and it is called the king of the backing. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Healing BasketballChapter 1059 The opportunity to continue the peak

That year, the basketball god retired forever.That year, the four giants of the City of Angels, which shocked the world, came to the fore.That year, the little emperor entered the hometown team with unparalleled talent.…That year, the son of planes, the great magician, the corrector of order… plunged into this era when the opponent was like a wolf like a tiger.Come, come, stand in line one by one… How am I going to carry out this delightful torture (× crossed out)My dream is just to heal your wounded hearts, yes, this is a homophonic stalk. – Liu Xiu.The introduction is weak, I will see it later.Q group: 747103528, you can add~ - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Rest, Only Noisev2 Chapter 1522 plan will come out

Bird and Magic represent an era when professional basketball became popular in the country of basketball, they made basketball so beautiful for the Flying Man, OK Dominance, James, Durant, Curry and more Foundation. Let all of them become billionaires with their own business empires and high social status. But if you go back 40 years, this is simply unimaginable.The league is not popular, and the first man today is a crazy racist;Bob Cousy’s perfect heir suffers from teammates’ jealousy and alcohol;Has the most elegant pick basket in history, but also has the most incomprehensible personality in history;There is a chance to be Michael Jordan, but his chaotic private life keeps him out of all possibilities;The great white hope fell after the knee exploded;Hongdo and Dr.J are unique idols, but one of them won too much and talked too little, and the other won too little and talked too much.The slump of the 1970s continued. Violent conflicts, drug abuse, too many black people, excessive player salaries, and countless problems pushed this future worth tens of billions of dollars into a precarious situation.Crisis is like a synonym for opportunity. The more sinister the situation, the more outstanding people will rise.Let’s see how that guy from the future becomes the most special member in this era of shining stars.He knew very well that when he won everything, everything was over.The rest, only noise.PS: If you are a fan of opening your mouth to save the NBA, this book may surprise you - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Basketball: Start with the NeuroknifeChapter 289 end of season

“Ding, the strongest template system is officially opened!”“Generating template…”“Calculating…”“Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining a B-level template!”“Extracting…”“Ding, congratulations to the host for getting the JR-Smith template!”Start with Neuroknife and become a legend! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Bamboo Horse AlphaChapter 81 extra three

[Fake kindness, real black belly, occasional playwright and road idiot Gong x soft-hearted, dislike integrity and obsessive-compulsive disorder]Yu Jiu is a beta, good looking, good at learning basketball and playing well, even better than Alpha in fights, he is recognized as an outlier in school.Nobody knew he was actually an omega.Later, another alien was transferred to the school.Zhai Chi is the bamboo horse Yu Jiu hasn’t seen in five years. He is an Alpha. He is kind and funny. He never releases pheromones to others. He is so gentle that he doesn’t look like an Alpha. With his face, he quickly becomes the dream love of all the omega in Yizhong!Due to physical reasons, Yu Jiu rejected all Alpha pheromones, especially Zhai Chi, so he decided to keep a distance from his bamboo horse.However, not long after, Zhai Chi transferred to his class and asked to sit at the same table with him: “I’m new here, and you are my only friend.”Yu Jiu: He’s so pitiful…he’s just sitting at the same table, he won’t get pheromones!Going back to the dormitory at night, Zhai Chi has already made a bed in his dormitory: “I’m going back to China alone, and I don’t know the place where I live. If you don’t take me in, I’m going to sleep on the street.”Yu Jiu: It’s not easy for him…same bed and different bed, it won’t affect.Once when Yu Jiu fought with someone outside the school, Zhai Chi’s legs went limp when he saw the blood: “It’s too cruel, too bloody, I’ve never seen such a violent scene!”Yu Jiu: He’s really weak…I want to protect him!Until later, Yu Jiu was suppressed by a group of Alphas with pheromones, and Zhai Chi overwhelmed all the Alphas in less than ten seconds.Yu Jiu: …Later, when Yu Jiu had an unexpected fever, he broke the can and threw the dead horse into a living horse doctor, so Zhai Chi, who had never released pheromones, made a temporary mark on him.Yu Jiu: Alpha is indeed Alpha, and it is still useful at critical moments.He wanted to slip away afterwards, but at this moment the Alpha who had just tagged him grabbed his waist, looked at him eagerly and said, “Are you going to abandon me all the time?”Yu Jiu: “…”Bamboo and horse reunion, pseudo-broken mirror reunion, redemption to cookies~Content tags: fantasy space flower season rainy season sweet text campusSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yu Jiu, Zhai Chi ┃ Supporting roles: Zhai Xiao, Li Chengke ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: Who said that a bamboo horse can’t beat the sky?Conception: Evasion makes people stop, and challenges can lead to a brighter future - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - NBA: Get the McGrady Template at the StartChapter 239 end

Sports + time travel + system + bloodTraveling back to 2018, Su Bei of the Dragon Kingdom became a player of the Lakers. He got the McGrady template at the beginning, the finals, the World Cup in 19 years, the Olympic Games will not be a pity, and the boss (Kobe)…At this moment, because of the arrival of Subei, the NBA’s small ball era has changed! ! !James: “Sue, he is the best player.”Durant: “What is the best offense, Su is the best textbook!!!!”Adorable God Curry: “Su, is the ceiling of this era!!”(This is a parallel world, don’t over-introduce some characters and plots, there are some small changes, in short, it’s very cool and beautiful.) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - NBA: About Me Being Reincarnated As Yasuo, the Wind WalkerChapter 198 I really want to teach him a lesson

The world of basketball is full of passion and will.This is a game between men and men, a collision of muscles and a contest of skills.Zhang Jun, who came through time, picked up his previous dream and embarked on his own basketball path.“Hello, I’m Zhang Jun, and I will become a legend.”(High-definition, uncoded, no dog blood, there are already two completed works, character guarantee, feel free to enter the pit) - Description from novelbuddy