MTL - Richest Man: Divine-Grade Reconstruct SystemChapter 1237 ready to move
Urban Life

God-level decomposition and reconstruction system: any object can be decomposed and rebuilt.Scrap the car? Disassemble it to create a brand new luxury car!A bunch of small diamonds? After decomposing it, it creates a super-large diamond weighing ten pounds!Broken phone? After disassembling it, it will create a future mobile phone seventy years later!What? What if money is sick?It’s not that simple. Throw away all kinds of medicines and recreate them together. Isn’t there a super special medicine…Virtual reality technology, a purely domestic mobile computer operating system, a car using pure air, the world’s first moon base…A few years later, Nucleation Technology, founded by Xue Zha Lin, turned out to be the largest group in the world.【Single Female Lead】【Full Book Free】Please rest assured to enter the pit! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Stormwind God~ Finish this testimony and push my new book, "Man Manfa"

This is a young man who traveled to the world of Azeroth.For love and justice (don’t become a ghoul), fear of sacrifice (you can run the corpse to resurrect), in search of lost justice and humanity (temporary discipline), don’t stop. Festival Exercises Retrieve the story of Festival Exercises. - Description from Ptwxz

MTL - Online Games: Unlimited Enhancement of SSS Talent at the BeginningChapter 894 crazy reinforcement

[The Golden Snake Sword was successfully strengthened, and the Snake Queen was summoned. ]. ?Snake Queen: Master, please tell me what you want![The skill ‘Evil Light Ghost Slash’ was successfully strengthened, and after summoning the ghost ghost. ]. what! female ghost? Then I’ll put you on maternity leave![The Yao soul suit has been strengthened successfully! ]. Um? Is this the Yao princess? Princess Yaoyao! Don’t get on me!Zhou Han was surprised to find that the only SSS-level talent in the universe that he had awakened: infinite enhancement, was so awesome. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rebirth Starts at 7 MillionChapter 258 The takeaway subsidy war broke out
Urban Life

Which one would you choose between 700 points and 7 million in the college entrance examination? A few minutes ago, Luo Fan would have chosen the blue capsule without hesitation, and slapped the person who asked this question across the screen, but today this choice actually came true, facing 700 points and… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rival In Love Says He Must Marry MeChapter 677 I wish you happiness
Gender BenderRomance

She is the supreme ruler of Godland, but she was reborn as a domineering president disguised as a man.The family business has internal and external troubles, and the fiancée still loves her in public.Oh, I’m sorry, but I actually came to divorce the engagement. Ling Qianjin’s head is too big, her chest is too flat, her waist is too thick, and her legs are too short, so she is not good enough for me.Then, she heard the rival in love who is also the domineering president say to her fiancee: “I think you are not as good-looking as that President Xiao just now.”She turned her head and met those dark purple eyes.Being a domineering president VS a domineering president…Rich, powerful and beautiful, Rong Ye walked more and more smoothly on the broad road that bends himself every day. He felt that his love was great, and he finally crossed the boundaries of gender.However……Mr. Xiao: “I’m sorry, Master Rong, I think our genders don’t match.”(Reader Group ①: 232886807; Reader Group ②: 820600380, which one can enter) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dressed As the Scum a In the Campus LiteratureChapter 204 Fanwai 14 (with cubs on variety show)

Copy 1: Mo Yuxin has become a scumbag in a college campus text.Yuan Shi’s family is poor, but she has always been set up as a poor scholar when she was in college. Many omegas have a good impression of Yuan Shi, and Yuan Shi will not refuse. During this period, she fell in love with the most wealthy family in the fish pond. The good heroine Su Yubing coaxed Su Yubing to have a child with herself.But Su Yubing’s parents did not agree with their relationship. Su Yubing cut off contact with the family for the original body. The original body wanted to eat soft rice but had no source of income, so he immediately kicked the heroine and asked the heroine to kill the child. , and threw himself into the arms of other Omegas in the fish pond.Later, the female protagonist raised her daughter alone, during which she met the male protagonist Xu Zefeng. Together, the two exposed the hypocritical mask of the original body, so that the original body, who climbed to a high position by eating soft rice, was ruined.Mo Yuxin didn’t want to be a scumbag.So, she started her own business and earned her first pot of gold; when the cub was sick, she was busy running before and after; when Su Yubing was blocked by the gangsters in the bar, she stepped forward.. .Until Su Yubing got rid of the unfavorable plot in the original book, and the cub was almost a year old, Mo Yuxin finally breathed a sigh of relief, she finally changed the unfavorable plot in the original book, Su Yubing can also be with hers The male protagonist of destiny is together, but why is my heart a little sour?Copy 2: Su Yubing learned from a friend that Mo Yuxin was leaving Xining City, and anxiously went back to the small house where they lived to find Mo Yuxin, and saw that Mo Yuxin had packed her luggage.Mo Yu explained with some guilty conscience: “I’m going to leave here and earn more money for the baby’s milk powder.”Su Yubing’s eyes were red, and her voice trembled when she spoke: “Mo Yuxin, don’t you want me and the baby again?”Note: 1. Artist Weibo: Qi Jiuzi2. If there is no prototype, don’t make up your mind at will.3. The author is weird, and if I scold me, I will be dumb.4. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me if you give up the article.5. Thank you for the little cuties who accompanied us all the way, and work hard!Content tags: Inspirational life Sweet text Wearing books ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mo Yuxin, Su Yubing ┃ Supporting role: “Fall in love with your ex after breaking up” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Quick Transmigration: The Boss’ White Moonlight is ResurrectedChapter 222 Extra 6: Weakness

Wan Tong was bound by the “Corpse Collecting System” and travelled through various small worlds. Her mission is to use the big boss’ white moonlight’s body to resurrect and stop raiders from looting the big boss’ luck.Wan Tong : Didn’t you say that the big boss has no emotional line?System : Who brought the white moonlight back to life →_→Wan Tong : …. sob, sob, every day I try my best to help the boss deal with the raiders, but the boss is thinking about how to attack her!PS :(1) The male lead is the same person, the white moonlight is the original MC, which is mentioned later.(2) Every world is probably sweet loveT/N : white moonlight = first love - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Rebirth: National Crown PrinceChapter 731 Final side story
Gender BenderRomance

[Women disguised as men x men disguised as women series]Science fiction is hidden in the text.Wan Zexi is the crown prince known to everyone in the capital circle.The last life was muddled, so what if this life was reckless.Looking at the unfamiliar and familiar self in the mirror, the young man’s eyes were contemptuous, his red lips raised wanton evil: “My lord, I’m back!”Wan Zexi is addicted to petting someone, and when Mo Yu’s true identity is revealed, the whole people are boiling!“You are a man, so you can return Master Wan to us!”Mo Yu kissed the boy’s lips with cold eyes, “You didn’t have a chance when you were a girl? Don’t you have a clue now?”Everyone: “…”Wan Zexi smiled and said nothing, but when one day everyone knew that Wan Ye was a woman, the fans were silent.This world is too crazy, they are addicted to Wan Ye and can’t extricate themselves.PS: 1v1, men and women are clean physically and mentally.The female protagonist Su Susu, the male protagonist can be salty or sweet, and it is not a loss to invest in shares(mutual favorite article, involving entertainment, e-sports, campus) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After the Divorce, the Boss Dressed As My DogChapter 111 extra three

Mu Yao is wearing a book.When she woke up, she became the dark, stupid, arrogant female supporting role in the book.The male protagonist is deeply disgusted by the stupid and ignorant fiancée Mu Yao who comes out of the mountains and often jumps in front of him.Until one day, Mu Yao took the initiative to ask him to dissolve the engagement.The male protagonist thought that he could get rid of Mu Yao’s troubles from now on, but unexpectedly, he somehow became the ugly and stupid dog beside Mu Yao.From then on, during the day, the aloof male lead sneered at Mu Yao.At night, after becoming a stupid dog, the male lead curled up the dog’s body, and was pitifully hugged by Mu Yao in Xiangruan’s arms, looking up at the dog’s head, begging to be petted.The heroine will be beautiful, and the hero will wear his soul on the dog raised by the heroine after darkFragment:Everyone knows that the hero has a fiancée who grew up in the countryside. She is said to be ugly and ugly, and she is extremely disgusted by the hero.Until in the box, everyone saw the hero squatting on the ground, holding the snow-white slender ankle, carefully putting on shoes for the girl who looked like a fairy, and asked in a hoarse voice: “Yaoyao, when will you follow me?” Am I re-engaged?”Dumbfounded guys: “…”Damn dirt ugliness! Damn dislike!1. The heroine is ugly in the early stage, beautiful and squeamish in the later stage, sprinkled with sugar, and the text is so sweet that toothache2. If you don’t like beauties, please click X, you don’t need to love, please don’t hurt ~ everyone is a soft and civilized beauty. Declined to pick up the list!3. The author’s scarf will be worn outside the episode: Beauty WushuangContent tags: rich family sweet text wearing books cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Yao ┃ Supporting role: Next book: “The Rabbit Spirit Who Became a Terminally Ill Male Supporting Partner”, “The Overlord Hiding in the Female Supporting Pocket”, click on the author’s column to collect it ┃ Others: Daily update, sweet sweetOne-sentence introduction: After the hero is dressed as a dog, he chases his wife every day at the crematorium - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Wear It Until Crazy Beauty Scum a Loses ControlChapter 105 Chen Jiang CP

Copy one:“Even if the limit is changed, I will take his company.”This was the last sentence Luan Yenan said before going through the book.As a strong woman in charge of the world’s top 500 investment companies, she did not expect that the final outcome would be a sudden death and a book after three consecutive days of sleepless nights.The character that he wears is still a crazy scumbag who first abused the heroine and then had his glands cut off by the black heroine.Crazy batch? Coincidentally, so am I.Scum A? Excuse me, my mother doesn’t make an appointment.As for the heroine, do you mean this little girl who is begging for mercy with tears under my control now?Black and white? interesting.It’s better for me to cultivate it myself, but I want to see how she cuts the glands.Text two:Zuo Baixuan, who finally differentiated into an Omega, was sold by her adoptive parents to a crazy scumbag, thinking that she would live a dark day from now on.Unexpectedly, on the first day of marriage, when I was being held down tightly, just because I said “I want to graduate smoothly, I don’t want to have children so early”, the scum A, who was almost out of control, put away the pheromones and calmed down.Afterwards, the ignorant and incompetent scum A seemed to have changed his personality and became a visiting professor at the school.One day, Luan Yenan’s pheromones were disordered and his life was dying on the hospital bed: “I’ll give you back your freedom, let’s get a divorce.”Zuo Baixuan chuckled, grabbed Luan Yenan’s hands, and brought them closer together: “I have successfully graduated.”“so what?”“I want to have a baby with you.”Let’s see who is crazy.===Private settings are like mountains, don’t spray me (hold your head) A has no second set of organs, other settings are also subject to the text.Content tags: A soft spot for a match made in heaven Sweet text Wearing a bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Luan Yenan, Zuo Baixuan ┃ Supporting roles: Jiang Lingdan, Chen Huanyu ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Heroine’s Force Value ExplodesChapter 113 Extra (6)

Su Ruo traveled to the world of cultivating immortals, and after untold hardships, she finally reached the Golden Core Stage.But on the day of becoming a baby, he was struck to death by lightning.After waking up, she wore it back again, and returned to the first year of high school.In this year, because of her arrogance and self-will, she was sent by her parents to participate in a program and exchanged identities with a girl from a mountain village for a month.During this month, her arrogance and willfulness were seen by audiences all over the country, and she became the target of everyone shouting and beating.And the girl who came out of the mountain has a lot of fans because of her independence, optimism and positive attitude. Finally, relying on this, he walked out of the mountain village and became a well-known big star.Even her childhood sweetheart fiance eventually fell in love with this girl and insisted on breaking off the marriage.……Su Ruo, who was doing it all over again, with black spots all over her body, clenched her fist! Once again showed to the audience all over the country, what is the violent character of people who don’t talk much, but never say anything if they can do it!Later, someone sorted out Su Ruo’s life. It was unexpectedly discovered that this popular actress’s road to fame actually relied on – fists?Content label: Rebirth of the entertainment industrySearch keywords: Protagonist: Su Ruo ┃ Supporting role: The next book “The heroine she is really rich” asks for an advance payment, please! ┃ Other: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dressed Like the Scum In the Ancient Bloody Text AChapter 90

Shen Xian died suddenly due to an accident, and traveled to an ancient abo abuse text, becoming a scumbag who was so angry in the book that his father had a stroke, his mother swallowed medicine, and his wife divorced. The eighth aunt had to take a detour when she saw Shen Xian.In the original book, Shen Xian entangled Lin Qinghan in every possible way, asking Lin Qinghan for money from time to time, and the hero Lu Jianbai in the original book was a doctor in the same department as Lin Qinghan. Shen Xian who blackmailed and asked for money was sent to prison.Shen Xian held his forehead and thought: She is not suitable for this peerless scum!Fortunately, she still has a system to follow her, so Shen Xian tore up the plot of the original book:A friendly conversation with the daughter will be rewarded with 50 yuan;Take father to go downstairs for a walk and reward 100 yuan;100 yuan reward for going to kindergarten to pick up daughter after school;With some money obtained from doing missions, Shen Xian returned to his previous career and opened a small venture capital company, but within a short period of time, the company made its mark in Linhai City, while his ex-wife Lin Qinghan and her daughter kept changing. My thoughts on Shen Xian…thesmall theater:Shen Tian licked the strawberry candy and complained: Mom, Mom, there are several beautiful ladies in Mommy’s office today.Lin Qinghan raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Xian: Really?Shen Xian (nervously) explained: Hey, my daughter-in-law, I was wrong, they are just partners.Lin Qinghan’s lips twitched into a smile: “Let’s settle the accounts when we go back tonight.”Shen Xian: woo woo woo~ I’m afraidNote: 1. There is no prototype, so don’t make up your mind.2. The author is so weird, if you scold me, I will just groan.3. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me if you abandon the article.4. Thanks to the little cuties who accompanied me all the way, keep chirping!Content tags: rebirth face slap sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Xian, Lin Qinghan ┃ Supporting role: “Falling in love with an ex after breaking up” ┃ Others: abo, gl, ChuanshuOne-sentence introduction: After transmigrating into a scumbag, she reformed her daily life of chasing a wife. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Boss Wears a Book To a WomanChapter 337 Conclusion
HistoricalMartial ArtsRomance

(Quick time travel + heroine + book wear + one-to-one sweet pet)In the last century, Feng Ai, the boss of the last century, was so sad after losing his love that he actually traveled to the world of female venerables in his sleep.Here women are in charge of the outside world, men are in charge of the inside, women are the worshipers, and the men are the wives and daughters. The most surprising thing is that even the children are not born by women. This is simply a woman’s paradise!It’s just that the man in the book is willing to endure thousands of years of suffering for his lover, and he has been displaced for ten generations, and the love is really rare.Since she wants to complete the task, then she will give him the exclusive favor for ten lifetimes and help him reach consummation.Everyone said that the red cinnabar on his forehead was an ominous omen, but she regarded it like a jewel.The ominous thing in the eyes of others is the white moonlight in her eyes and the cinnabar mole in her heart.But……Why?The woman who had been scolded by her thousands of times for causing him to suffer for thousands of years was actually her former self!Regardless of his identity, Nan Jun bravely climbed up to the top of Qiao Yun’s wall, and sneaked a look inside.Hearing the movement, Qiao Yun hugged the broom, boldly approached the shadow, trembling and pretending to be calm, he said, “Where…where is the thief?”After a moment of silence, a familiar voice sounded: “Heart thief!”The broom in my hand fell in response… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dressed As Scum A Marked the Crazy Beauty BossChapter 102 end of text

Abstinence failed, novice flirting gentle attack + vs + hands-on teaching closed-eyed pet, crazy beauty has strong possessiveness, is weak and suffersCheng Jiqing transmigrated into a scumbag who fell in love with the married heroine and forced her to divorce.Not only tied the heroine to the villa, but also entered the estrus period with the help of an inducer and forcibly marked the heroine. The end was bleak.Cheng Jiqing, who had just passed through and was forced into a period of restlessness on the balcony of the villa, looked at the Omega with his hands tied on the chair, and his throat moved slightly.Omega raised his head, his eyes were red: “Didn’t you want to mark me? Come here.”Cheng Jiqing’s head swelled and it passed.After rolling with someone on the balcony, Cheng Jiqing noticed three things:1. The cowardly and deceitful person on the chair that night was not the heroine, but the villain’s ex-wife——Bai Xin.2. This ex-wife is leaning in her arms at the moment.3. Bai Xin in the book is a crazy and beautiful villain A, but this one in his arms is delicate and easy to push.Cheng Jiqing: “…” The novel misunderstood me.After pondering: “How do you think about this matter? I will follow you.”Bai Xin looked at this young and clean little A with deep meaning in his eyes.Within a few days, Cheng Jiqing received a marriage agreement.It happened that she was troubled because her family thought she admired the heroine and wanted to help her marry the heroine in.Just agree to Bai Xin, let’s make a knot, each takes what he needs.I didn’t even read the contract, just signed it.After Cheng Jiqing settled the affairs after his butt, he immediately slipped away to do his old job, filming.–Cheng Jiqing was on a business trip for a week on the set, and he came home exhausted in the middle of the night. After taking a shower and getting ready for a good night’s sleep, Bai Xin, who was in estrus, came in from next door.Cheng Jiqing: “Sister Bai, I can’t do it today…”Bai Xin, who had already exposed his true nature, said softly, “Oh, why don’t you give me a hug?”“…”_Knowing that his wife had another purpose for getting married, Cheng Jiqing decided to cut off love and go to a travel variety show to relax and travel with a few entertainers and amateurs.Unexpectedly, she ran into Bai Xin head-on when she entered the door in the first episode. She subconsciously protected him and hugged him directly.Cheng Jiqing was embarrassed, and when he looked up, he saw that the heroine was also in the room.Cheng Jiqing: “…”What kind of triangular Shura field is this.When the rooms were allocated later, there was only one room for two people left, and a guest asked the remaining Cheng Jiqing and Bai Xin: “You are all alphas, don’t you mind?”Cheng Jiqing: “…”Bai Xin secretly pinched her waist with his hands, and said coldly, “I don’t mind.”In the evening, while making supper in the kitchen of the program group, Omega’s soft body hugged her, and she was about to cry: “Wife? You don’t want to sleep with me?”Cheng Jiqing suddenly wanted to cover Baixin’s mouth when the wireless receiver on the back of his waist fell off.Turning around, I saw the hostess, guests, and camera directors all looking at them in shock.Old… Wife?#Want to know what to do I will respond? I teach you. #+year under1. Double C, Gongshou Wubai! There are many private settings. no car.2. Slightly slow heat, there is a little crematorium. Attack and accept imperfect characters!Content Tags: Urban Love, Entertainment, Sweet Texts, BooksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Jiqing, Bai Xin┃Supporting role: ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Whole World Wants Them To Get DivorcedChapter 99 extra two

After a car accident, Si Yu got into a novel about Lily’s marriage and love, and became the villainous supporting actress in the book.The female supporting role is the wife of the president. The president’s name is Lu Xi. She is super rich and beautiful.Siyu collapsed.Lu Xi is the heroine, what does it have to do with her!Si Yu racked her brains to get a divorce, but later found out that as long as she wanted a divorce, she would have all kinds of bad luck: bite her tongue while eating; fall down the stairs; open the door and get caught by the door…In order to survive, Si Yu had to change his strategy.Lu Xi dressed up and came to her, and said coldly, “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”Si Yu stepped up and hugged him, and said coquettishly, “Wife, let’s stay together, okay?”******At the celebration banquet, the actor Si Yu pressed the beautiful president of Light and Shadow Entertainment against the wall to make fun of him. This scene was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it also became a hot search.Netizens ridiculed: Mr. Lu has a wife, she still dares to seduce? shameless!Just when Si Yu was about to be hacked, the female president of Light and Shadow Entertainment posted a Weibo.Light and Shadow Entertainment Lu XiV: Let me introduce, this is my wife @siyu.Forced to become a “newcomer” in the entertainment industry X Gao Leng abstinence / female presidentDog blood, 1V1, focus on falling in love.Friendly reminder: non-shuangwen, the emotional line is slow.Content tags: entertainment circle marriage and love sweet text through booksSearch keywords: protagonist: Si Yu, Lu Xi ┃ supporting role: ┃ others: reverse sign, glOne sentence summary: Divorce is too hard - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The County Magistrate is Not Slag Very AChapter 70

Also known as: Modern Alpha dressed as an ancient scumbagSong Boxue woke up and read an ancient sadomasochistic text.The original hostess disguised herself as a man and cheated money and sex. She was the cannon fodder fiancé of the hostess Jiang Fanyin, and she was a small county magistrate who was corrupt.When Jiang Fanyin was most helpless, the small magistrate not only ruined Jiang Fanyin’s innocence, but also drove her out without a penny.Later, Jiang Fanyin was living on the street and was rescued by the male protagonist. With the help of the male protagonist, he regained everything and broke the legs of the small county magistrate.Song Boxue: “…” Her legs are a little weak.When she looked up, she saw Jiang Fanyin who was tied up with five flowers.Is this a plot that has already progressed to the point of destroying people’s innocence?Song Boxue: ! Let go now.After letting people go, Song Boxue immediately decided to move, and it was best to stay away from Jiang Fanyin.Run quickly, if you run slowly, your legs will not be protected!Unexpectedly, the fever period came suddenly…In a trance, she smelled the faint tea fragrance, fresh and sultry.When he woke up, Song Boxue looked at Jiang Fanyin, whose neck was covered with red marks! ! Can I still save my legs when I run now?small theater~~Song Boxue: This official is ill, and his illness is not serious.Jiang Fanyin: Oh, if you are ill, quickly treat it.Song Boxue: I want to kiss you when I get sick.Jiang Fanyin: Oh, continue to be sick.1. A has no extra organs and has a child.2. The writing is white, slow and sweet.3. There are many private settings, which are purely fictitious.Finally: Thank you for your support, hold tight, and turn around~Content tags: travel through time and space, wear a book, disguise as a man, ancient history, main attackSearch keywords: protagonist: Song Boxue, Jiang Fanyin ┃ supporting role: not yet ┃ others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?Chapter 71 Extra

【Background fiction】[abo theme, A has no pendant]Flirting without knowing pure love alpha × gentle and kind omegaJiang Yuchu × Xia YirouSummary of the emotional line: Jiang Zhi flirted with Xia in the early stage, and Xia flirted with Jiang in the later stage.(probably longer period of ambiguity)Business line summary: Gradually develop, but with golden fingers, the development is generally smooth.————————————————————————When he woke up, Jiang Yuchu was shocked to find that she had passed throughThat’s fineThe level of economic development here is lagging behind, decades away from the level of economic development in the world she lived in. (The background is completely fictitious, everything serves the plot)Not only that,The people here are divided into six genders: male, female × alpha, omega, beta.This is also acceptableWho can tell her why she dresses like a scumbagThe original body has a bad personality, does not do a proper job, spends a lot of money, and abuses after drinking…The ex-wife hates her, the daughter is afraid of her, and she was kicked out of the house by her parents (originally made by herself)Unbearable!Really: the beginning is the “peak”!See how the “scumbag” reversed the market and reached the pinnacle of life, with a bumper harvest in career and loveThe heroine has golden fingers and brings good luck.—————————————————————Before we were together: Xiaoxia didn’t want to care about XiaojiangXiaoxia: “Don’t touch me”“leave me alone”“I do not want”After being together:Xiaoxia: “Good morning kiss~”“Good night kiss~”“Farewell Kiss~”—————————————————————————————————Xia Yirou: One day in the future, will you suddenly leave me?Jiang Yuchu: Fool~ There will be no such day. Wherever you are, I will be there.Home is where you are—————————————————————————————————Xia Yirou: It’s you who made me believe that there is really love in this world.Jiang Yuchu: Even if there are thousands of mountains and rivers, I will come to youI will go against my nature, against my instincts, and love you forever – “The Selfish Gene” book review——————————————————————————————! Please correct me a lot, thanks a lot!Content tags: Having a child, a soft spot, traveling through time and space, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Yu Chuxia Yirou ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Wear To the High School Days of Iceberg OChapter 100

Jiang Shuyi is done.Dahuo A cried uncontrollably, and threatened to hate his Omega advisor Wen Yao to death.In order to relieve his worries, Jiang Shuyi got so drunk that he opened his eyes and went back to 18 years ago!After Jiang Shuyi transmigrated into the second-generation ancestor who was a professor in high school, 18-year-old Wen Yao fell into Jiang Shuyi’s arms.At this moment, Wen Yao just differentiated into OmegaRose-flavored pheromones filled the entire space.Jiang Shuyi panicked: It’s impossible for me to tag her…Afterwards, Jiang Shuyi knelt down in front of Wen Yao in shame.“Teacher, Wen Yao, I will take responsibility for you!”“No need.”Wen Yao turned around in a distant manner, and disappeared from her field of vision neatly.Jiang Shuyi: This woman is really indifferent.But later, Jiang Shuyi discovered:When Wen Yao is in heat, he always likes to hug her and not let go.Wen Yao would secretly hide her clothes and sleep with her at night.Wen Yao only has her phone number in her phone.Jiang Shuyi: Huh? I have reasonable doubts…—————————————–Jiang Shuyi, the second ancestor of Chengbei High School, has not been quite right recently.He stopped fighting, climbed over walls, and skipped classes, and his grades jumped to the second place in his grade.And tons of Omegas confessing to her.When the school beauty Jiang Shuyi once chased confessed to her, everyone thought it was safe.As a result, that night, someone saw Wen Yao, the first in the third grade, in the laboratory, pushing her down on the table.“Jiang Shuyi, do you want to accept that Omega?” Wen Yao asked coldly.But the mechanical pencil in her hand was on Alpha’s carotid artery.Jiang Shuyi immediately sat up and kissed the tears streaming down Wen Yao’s face. Frightened, she moved her neck away.“Teacher, professor! I only have you!”“What did you call me?”“Baby!” Jiang Shuyi hurriedly changed his words nervously, “Baby! I only have you!”Little Sun Cub Sand Sculpture Alpha X Tsundere High Mountain Flower Xueba OmegaJiang Shuyi X Wen YaoLemon Balm Alpha X Rose Omega1. There are private settings2. Protagonist A is a young art genius, and protagonist O is a medical professor3. No second set of organs4. Protagonist A has social arrogance5. The original age difference is 12, now the same ageThis article is also called“How can my Omega Tsundere Professor be so cute?” ! ”“When my advisor was 18 years younger, I slapped myself in the face”“Social bullying online teaches you how to be a leader on campus”“The Years When Iceberg O Inhibitors”“108 Styles of Wife Protector and Mad Devil” “Late Night of Bells”Content tags: special liking, rebirth, sweet text, campusSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Shuyi, Wen Yao┃Supporting role: Tianwen┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - All the Cultivators In the Immortal World Think That the Peak Master is Ruthless.Chapter 363 Final reflection (with spoilers)
FantasyGender BenderRomance

Gu Qingmo began to disguise herself as a man because of a word from her master.Later, because of the words of my brother, I tried not to open my mouth if I could.Later, I don’t know why the whole cultivation world is talking about the old master of Wanjianzong, the closed disciple of Xiaoyao Sanren, who is cold-hearted, taciturn, self-restrained and respectful, and who cultivates the ruthless way.Mo Chuli thought so until she died in her hands.However, since he was reborn and accepted as a disciple by Gu Qingmo, he discovered that——Well said, cold hearted! taciturn! Self-denial!It’s all an illusion!Small snippet:The day before Gu Qingmo was going to take Mo Chuli out for a training session, the headmaster made a special trip to Jianfeng and said to Mo Chuli, “Chuli, my uncle told you that if your master wants to go out in the future, you will definitely to follow.”Mo Chuli: “Sect Master, why is this?”Liu Qingbai: “Your master’s words are easy to offend people, so you have to keep an eye on it.”Mo Chuli: “…”[Woman pretending to be a man to decorate the real world’s first upright and paralyzed heroine × Seizing the house after her death was accepted by the heroine as an apprentice and the former Demon Lord hero]ps: The female protagonist has a ceiling level of combat power, and the male protagonist is a growth type - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Uncle is UpChapter 415 small extra
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Bei Yinuan, the young master of the modern Wu family, as the heir of the Wu family, has tenth level of witch power, a 100% genius, known to everyone in the metaphysics world, and was once designed to be inserted into a novel .In the world of comprehension, there is always a genius who is famous both at home and abroad, a son of an aristocratic family, whose appearance and character are not inferior to the protagonist, but this setting is always the male second.Zhenjun Beihan of the Longyuan Sect is the talented and beautiful Xiu·Nan Er·xian genius who is well-known both at home and abroad.Zhenjun Beihan exists with equal strength and appearance. When mentioning this Zhenjun, everyone praises him for being magnificent, but this Shuangjue has a number one black fan, a black fan nephew who smears him all the time… …Welcome to the new female disguised work “This Daoist is too serious” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Rumored Second SonChapter 184 Extra No. 49

[Highlight reminder] ABO text, Alpha has organs, don’t enter if you don’t like it! ! ! ! ! !The rumored second son of the Guan family was a dude who was known to everyone in Chang’an City. He was born prominently and inherited hundreds of millions of fortunes. He was the next head of the Guan family.Guan Yunyu, who became a top Alpha at the age of eighteen, hid her identity from everyone, only wanted to be an ordinary little beta, and didn’t want to inherit billions of dollars.The ambition is to leave the Guan family, to be a rich generation, whoever wants to be a rich second generation!To become the richest man in Chang’an City, to be the number one prodigal son in Chang’an City, to be a free-spirited little bird without feet, to be happy and happy.But the matter was wishful, and she had no intention of saving the present His Majesty, but she broke through her identity, and then embarked on a road of no return, with constant slaps in the face.Before I met Gao YingminGuan Yunyu: Who wants to do this AO thing!Guan Yunyu: Feelings are so vulgar! Talk about money!….After meeting Gao YingminGuan Yunyu: Your Majesty, I heard that the treasury is in short supply recently?Guan Yunyu: How about I donate another one hundred thousand taels? What do you think?Guan Yunyu: How boring is it to make money if you don’t spend it on your daughter-in-law!Everyone, don’t swear by the words, just look at the pictures and enjoy the text, the ancient style of writing, follow the path of modern writing~ Don’t pay attention to writing~Xiaobaiwen~~Superficially slutty and pure heart attack x Bingshan abstinence subjectABO private setting:At the age of eighteen, experience the first differentiation, and then experience the second differentiation.. the grade will be strongerAmbergris is a forbidden fragrance, a pheromone that no one can smell, except Guan YunyuTop-level Omega can be marked Alpha, but also Omega, beta…Then there are those who have ABO, can have children, and those who have Alpha…Content tags: New Year’s Eve A Soft Spot Encounter by Fate ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Guan Yunyu, Gao Yingmin ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: I just want to be the second son of beta in peaceConception: to correct the evil and return to the righteous, the second son of the sun all the way - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Divorce Strategies For Divorced Movie QueensChapter 101 later

Ji Chenli and Ming Lang divorced.She has been out of breath for many years, and she shouldn’t have caused any waves in the circle, but her divorce partner is Ming Lang.The news of the actress’ suicide and death was forwarded hundreds of thousands of times, even surpassing the popularity of Ji Chenli on the day when she won the actress trophy.Ji Chenli woke up again, and found that his time had gone back seven years, back to the first day of his marriage with Ming Lang.She calmly accepted the fact of being reborn, and the first thing she did when she woke up was to find a lawyer to draft a divorce agreement and send it to her newly married partner.“Let’s get a divorce.” Ji Chenli smiled, seeing that the face of the person he once loved was darker than the bottom of the pot, and his heart felt relieved.【Reading Guide】1. Same-sex marriageable background, mind carefully2. Ming Lang (Attack) X Ji Chenli (Shou)3. Dog blood text, enter with caution4.heContent tags: entertainment circle marriage love warProtagonist: Ming Lang (lang, three tones), Ji Chenli┃ Others: he - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - My Wife Why is She So CuteChapter 101 Fanwai San: Dragon Thirteen and the First Ancestor

The Yan family and the Song family have a commercial marriage.Song Nianying’s fiancée, Yan Chuyu, is known as a vampire on earth.She has a feminine beauty, fair skin, bright red lips, and always has a seductive fragrance on her body. She has been educated by the heirs since she was a child.But when two people try marriage together.It was only then that Song Nianying realized that her wife was so cute.She would actually blush because of a small approach of hers, and would often stare at her slender neck in a daze.When she teased her again and again, Yan Chuyu would say coldly and arrogantly, “Don’t get too close.”Song Nianying smiled and continued to approach, Yan Chuyu stared at her with eyes like ink: “This is the first time I have warned you.”…When she received the 320th warning, Song Nianying was ready to move, and decided to overturn the warning and take her down.But that day.Thunder and lightning flashed in the sky.Yan Chuyu sat at the highest point of Xuanming Pagoda, her eyes were bright red.Beside her, a maid with a pale face and blue eyes lowered her head and asked, “Wang, what is it about the house that makes you so afraid to go back?”She has been with the king for so long, and she has never seen her so anxious and terrified. Could it be that she is a wolf clan?Yan Chuyu raised his left hand and caught a bolt of lightning, forming an electric ball, and slowly replied: “My wife.”Content tags: under the year, blood race, ability, whimsical, fantasy, mutual attackSearch keywords: Protagonist: Song Nianying, Yan Chuyu┃Supporting role: ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Long Time Loved FriendChapter 90 Nan Qiao Extra Story

During the thirteen years of being friends with Nan Qiao, Yun Zhi confessed his love many times.But every time, Nan Qiao would reject him with the words “We are friends”.He said he was a friend, but he could express his possessiveness to her and help her drive away the peach blossoms around her.They say they are friends, but they can be ambiguous with her, ask for something special, and exercise the rights of a lover.When she bumped into her new relationship, Nan Qiao smiled and blessed her, hoping that she would find someone she likes soon.On this day, Yun Zhi suddenly woke up.She decided to give up Nan Qiao and start her own life.–On Qixi Festival, Nan Qiao asked Yun Zhi who hadn’t contacted her for a long time to come out for dinner.She thought it was time for her to calm down after being angry for half a month, but she didn’t expect that at the dinner table, she brought another woman, Yu Mingxia.The two behaved intimately, and Yu Mingxia looked at Yunzhi with even more ambiguous and lingering eyes.For the first time, Nan Qiao felt panic like never before.She thought that Yun Zhi was trying to anger her on purpose, and wanted to keep Yun Zhi away from Yu Mingxia as before, but she didn’t expect that it was Yu Mingxia’s voice that came through the phone.Her voice was cold but clear——“Zhizhi fell asleep.”“In the future, you can contact me directly if you have anything to do. As a girlfriend, I will love you.”But a few seconds later, she heard her laughing voice:“But I advise you to be a good person and don’t think about meddling in other people’s feelings.”It was then that Nan Qiao understood.She seems to have lost Yun Zhi.–Nan Qiao always felt that the name Yu Mingxia was very familiar.Later, she turned to the collection of outstanding students of her alma mater in high school, and she remembered it only when she saw the name of the 2012 science champion on it.In her third year of high school, she threw a love letter to Yunzhi from someone else.The signer was none other than Yu Mingxia.[A multiple-choice question:The person you have loved for many years, and the person who has loved you for many years, who would you choose? 】*The title of the article is taken from Hebe Tien’s song “Friends Who Have Loved For a Long Time”Read the guide:① Same-sex marriageable, Yuncheng series, timeline 2024.②Wife chasing crematorium [Cp change midway] / Secret love comes true. The official assistant Yunzhi Yu Mingxia.③If you find that any character design or plot does not meet expectations, please stop the loss in time and respect each other. Happy reading~Content tags: city love special liking love contract match made in heavenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yun Zhi, Yu Mingxia ┃ Supporting role: There is an end to the column~ ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Marry and Fall In Love with the White Cat PrincessChapter 120 end

Sick white cat princess x drama spiritual doctor concubine, 1v1The daily life of cats that attack and pet each otherIn the fifth year of Liu Fenyun’s passage, she became the concubine who was sent to a foreign country for marriage.On the night of the wedding, she found out that her new wife was actually a big white cat!just marriedLiu Fenyun, who has never raised a cat: This is too much of a test for day after marriageStaring at the white cat princess who was waiting for the good night, Liu Fenyun suddenly asked, “Your Highness, can you turn into a cat and let me rub your hair?”Princess White Cat: “…”She kicked the cat slave off the couch.–After taking the seventh princess who died of illness, the big demon Lianyi became a “sick cat”——Both physically and mentally ill, like a glass hedgehog, extremely fragile, but anyone who dares to approach will be wounded with blood by her sharp thorns.She hated the human race, and she hated it to the core, but she didn’t expect that the king would give her a marriage on paper and let her marry a foreigner who came to marry.Lianyi wanted to start a killing spree, but the concubine who lifted her red hijab was actually a girl disguised as a man. He smiled at her at every turn, and kissed her softly, making her unable to do anything.–The little concubine is a genius doctor who takes medicine to cure the disease. Lianyi took the medicine she prescribed and gradually recovered her body, but she lost her heart and went crazy.– This is her medicine, her sugar, her destination.“Your life is mine.”“Don’t betray me.”“Don’t touch other cats.”“otherwise……”“Okay, okay.” The little concubine pinched the cat’s paw she raised with a gentle smile, “Your Highness Duyi.”【Introduction to the pit】1. The system uses soy sauce, the main emotion.2. The white cat princess is a sick and weak girl.3. The world view is an overhead ancient, the former and middle periods are dominated by the palace, and the latter period is dominated by fantasy.4. There is a sub-cp plot.The cover is set for the protagonist, thanks to the artist @yemiao not eating carrotsContent tags: A soft spot for crossing time and space system cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Liu Fenyun, Lianyi ┃ Supporting roles: Luo Binglun, Yu Qingyue ┃ Others: If you have bought Volume 6 and haven’t read it, or if you haven’t bought it yet, don’t read it, the entire Volume 6 will be reset. Change a chapter to replace a chapter, the fate and identity of some supporting characters will change, and the plot of the abusive will also change. If the guest officer is still reading, please stop for a while and wait until I finish it.One sentence introduction: His Highness the cat always wants me to suck herConception: Hanging the pot to help the world, both mind and body heal - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - On-duty Woman Penetrates Lily SentencesChapter 56 Extra episodes (including counterattack)

After Gu Jinghe passed through the book, she became a cold and ruthless overlord. The system asked her to abuse her heart and body against the poor heroine, and the world was broken.The heroine is both beautiful and miserable, Gu Jinghe couldn’t bear it, and decided to put on another vest to secretly compensate her.She seamlessly switches between old and new identities, and lives like a genius every day.When she was the overlord, she looked cold and stern, with a mocking smile on her lips, and her fingers raised the heroine’s chin: “Ji Yunyan, the fate of the Ji family is in my hands, you’d better be obedient.”In her new identity, she smiled brightly, and her voice was sweet and soft: “Yanyan, can I go to your house to do my homework?”Probably because of her superb acting skills, the heroine treats her with a cold face as the domineering boss, and smiles like a flower at her new identity.Until one day, when Gu Jinghe routinely confronted Ji Yunyan as the boss, Tian Liang Ji Po, Ji Yunyan suddenly called out her vest name to her.Gu Jinghe agreed…Gu Jinghe: Why don’t you listen to my explanation?Ji Yunyan: (smiling) Make it up, keep making it up.[The story of two people who thought they were straight but were not so straight flirted with each other, and ended up breaking themselves completely](The cover is the persona of Mr. Jing Heba)Ba Zong and Jiaojiao seamlessly switch between the superb acting skills of Shou vs. the attack of the disguised little white flowerContent tags: system sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Gu Jinghe ┃ Supporting role: Ji Yunyan ┃ Others: Chuanshu, Overlord, ActressOne sentence introduction: I fell off the horse in front of the heroineIntention: No matter what difficulties you face, you must stick to your own nature and not fall into darkness. the - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - She Has Been Retired For Three MonthsChapter 53 end

Ye Jiu, as a boss who has retired for March in the Kuai Chuan Bureau, was suddenly told by the boss to go back to work?Is this what people do?As a result, the bosses who were in a bad mood and full of resentment began to emerge in an endless stream when they were doing tasks.Was someone preemptively contracted his magic spirit? It doesn’t matter, she went directly to contract the villain leader, and brought the villain leader into the human world to play crushing. (Horse Monkey Shochu)Was someone falsely claiming credit for robbing the emperor’s fiancé? It doesn’t matter, she directly rebelled and beat the blind bastard to death to be the empress herself, and by the way, the three thousand beauties in the harem belonged to her. (Two or three things about the goddess and the upper position)Was framed and wanted by the entire Holy See of Light? It didn’t matter, she sat directly in the seat of the Holy See saint of the dark and greeted her mother’s compatriot’s brother of the god of light. (On the self-cultivation of the dark saintess)She didn’t know if the top bosses came to Xinxing Village to fry the fish pond, but Ye Jiu expressed that she was very happy when she was surrounded by beautiful soft girls.Enemy: Are you doing a mission or picking up girls!Ye Jiu: I can’t enjoy myself after doing this task for so long?(PS: This story is purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental. Please do not take it seriously if it does not conform to the actual plot. If you don’t like the setting, you can quit silently. Thank you??????? Welcome to the comment area to chat together.)Content tags: strong female fast wear ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ye Jiu ┃ Supporting role: All quest world characters ┃ Others: A system A named milk bag - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Love Private PossessionChapter 66

# Mistake, the object of online dating is actually a teacher in college ## Sister I Can ## Online dating is risky, my girlfriend is super sweet #Copywriting:Lu Ya has been dating someone online for more than half a year, and when it’s time to meet, the online dating partner panicked and confessed that he is a man.Lu Ya clenched her fists——The pleasant female voice sent by the other party is because the voice changer is turned on!The feeling of being cheated is very uncomfortable, Lu Ya thought for a while, and dialed the phone at the gate of the other party’s community.The same nice female voice answered the phone: “Hello?”Lu Ya tightened his fists and lowered his voice slightly: “Hello, someone ordered takeaway for you, but you need to come to the door to pick it up.”“it is good.”Lu Ya stood outside the gate of the community, and she didn’t know what to do, she just waited for someone to come out and take a look at her true colors before leaving.But after a few minutes, it was the teacher of the professional class in college who appeared in front of him.Lu Ya immediately respected and stood upright: “Mr. Sang, Mr. Sang.”“What a coincidence, you also live in this community.”Sang Qingxu looked at her, and the smile on his lips grew stronger: “Is the takeaway you?”Content tags: urban love soft spot sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Ya, Sang Qingxu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: Help! Online dating to a teacher in college!Conception: Believe that the future will be bright - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Little GirlfriendChapter 65

Ai Xiao has three identities.First, Jinjiang Lily Channel is very cold and aggressive;The second is the brain-disabled fan girl of the ancient goddess Yan Tang;The third is the S university bully, who is 1.5 meters tall and looks cute wherever he goes.Later, the goddess Yan added another identity to her.——Fourth, it is Yan Tang’s cute little girlfriend.Ai Xiao: You, you let me go!Goddess Yan lifted her up and kissed: No.Consume this manual:1. The author, Jun Mengmeng, can use the collection and comment package/raise (///▽///) to refuse to pick up the list.2. This article is silly and sweet. Apart from sweetness, it is a pet. It is necessary to adjust the mood. The effect is better when eaten with cookies.3. There will be guest appearances by Wen Xiaobaihua and his wife next door, but it will not affect the viewing of new readers. (For details, please refer to “[Rebirth] The same table is simply shameless”)Content tags: A soft spot for sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ai Xiao, Yan Tang ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: Campus, Tianwen - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - New LoveChapter 103 extra two

Twenty-six years, Jiang Yun experienced three things:girlfriend Qin Zhao cheated;quit his job;Another new love.【You are the fireworks of the world and boundless obsession】Demining:1. Do it first and then love the text. Jiang Yun and Lu Nian didn’t care about it in the early stage (emphasis added), so why not talk about feelings, and Lu Nianzhi and Qin Zhao are friends. That is, Qin Zhao cheated, Jiang Yun found another new love (who had broken up), and Lu Nianzhi was digging.2. The clean party is careful to enter, Jiang Yun has an ex-girlfriend.3. The broken mirror does not reunite, and Lu Nianzhi’s he, abusive scum text.Content tags: Encounter by fate Near water towers Heaven made synthetic growthSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Yun, Lu Nianzhi ┃ Supporting role: Qin Zhao ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: abused scum, broken mirror will not be reunitedPurpose: Get out of frustration, keep improving, and become self-reliant - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Why is the Bright Moon Shining?~ Section II.

See you for the first time.In front of the teaching building, fourteen-year-old Xu Can was sitting in front of the steps crying uncontrollably, when a voice suddenly came from overhead and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”She was so frightened that she raised her eyes, and was amazed again.With tears in his eyes, he sniffed and held it for a few seconds, not wanting to tell the truth, “Teacher, I… I didn’t do well in the exam.”Tong Mingyue sat next to her and chatted with her.The next day, Tong Mingyue passed by the school’s display board.I saw that Xu Can, who spent a long time in teaching her classmates who didn’t do well in the exam, ranked first in the overall ranking list, and almost got a perfect score in every subject.“…”After working hard all his life, he was still unable to cope with the drag of his background. Before Xu Can was forced to jump off the building, he regretted that he could not see Tong Mingyue again.When I opened my eyes again, the computer was lit up with a blank document.Back to sophomore year.Failed subjects, no money, there are still two professional exams in sight…In this life, Xu Can walks without heart and heart, with eyes full of eyes, only Tong Mingyue.Edible guide: 1. Sweetness ++++2. Abstinence and gentle professor X lunatic attribute fake and well-behaved fairy - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Being Forced To Kiss the BossChapter 63 Fanwai welcome home [full text]

Li Wanqiu didn’t like Ji Jinyan’s restrained, sexual and serious appearance, and set a flag when meeting her for the first time: “I’m not interested in people older than myself.”I thought she would be furious, but Ji Jinyan not only didn’t feel displeased at all, but just smiled lightly, as if he was looking at a three-year-old child, as if he didn’t take her seriously at all.Li Wanqiu was unhappy, recognized that she was not the same as him, subconsciously wanted to stay away, but was always inexplicably involved with her, guided when she lost her way, hugged by her when drunk, even if she was on a business trip, she lived alone next door.At a banquet, Li Wanqiu got drunk again, dazedly hooked Ji Jinyan’s collar and started provoking, but didn’t want to be taught by Ji Jinyan’s hands clasped instead, with deep eyes.Every word, Li Wanqiu blushed immediately when she said it, she was stunned for a while before she realized, and asked her with tears in her eyes: “What did you say, you are called Jinyan…”Before she finished speaking, she was kissed on the lips by the person in front of her. Seeing her raise her eyebrows and chuckle, she opened her lips and said slowly: “That’s right, I sincerely say that I do abide by it on weekdays.”“But being cautious has nothing to do with me.”Later, Li Wanqiu finally mustered up the courage to pass a small note to ask her, “Do you hate me?”That night, she received a bouquet of blooming daisies, and there was a piece of paper hidden among the flowers. When she opened it, the word Hate was crossed out secretly and replaced with a sincere confession.–“no.”“It’s too late to like you.”Age difference, Gong and Shou are 7 years old, black-bellied and introverted boss Gong x Fried-haired Tsundere Miss[Seeing you, I lost my soul, and I will give you all the thousands of stars and the tenderness in my heart. 】Content tags: Huanxi Enemy Face Slap Inspirational Life Sweet ArticlesSearch keywords: Protagonist: Li Wanqiu, Ji Jinyan ┃ Supporting role: Next door “The Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Played Off After Seeing Through the Plot” Please accept it in advance, thank you everyone! ┃ Other:One-sentence introduction: I have fallenConception: expressing love can transcend everything, make two people make progress together, and become a better person who contributes to society and has a sense of responsibility - Description from MTLNovel