MTL - Sword of Daybreaker~ Extra-Marginal Wanderer

Gawain is dead and was transmigrated, but there was a slight problem during the process.After floating for more than a hundred thousand years on a different continent, he felt that he might need a body to become a complete transmigrator, but he did not expect that… - Description from Novelupdates

Quickly Wear the Face of the DevilChapter 187: (END)

A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain. With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically. Finally, after wresting control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface. Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag.

I Raised the Beast WellChapter 121: Side Story 11

Blondina was a princess with commoner blood in her veins. She lived quietly in the Star Palace among the heavens, but one day, she heals a wounded cat. The cat became a balm to her lonely life. But the lovely cat was actually…***Amon stepped on the neck of the prince.Amon eyes stared coldly at the prince.“Humans dare threaten mine?”“I didn’t know… I don’t know, it’s Blondina…”“Yeah, I don’t know. But I don’t know either. How much power must be adjusted so that you will not die.”As Blondina, who was watching, grabbed his collar to drag Amon,Amon turned slowly and laughed at Blondina.“Don’t worry, Blondina. I will kill anything that bothers you.”***What to do with him.It seems that I picked up a scary creature without my knowledge.

MTL - Transmigrated into the World of “Demon Lord Wu Zun”Chapter 152 Fan Wai: Those things that are not responsible

Gu Bai always believed that the stupidest thing he had ever done was listening to his bestie’s words of becoming a stallion genre novel writer, the most frustrating thing was that he changed the moral, smart, and healthy youngster, that he had decided on, into a big boss…but in the end, he discovered that the consequences of changing the original plot were more serious than he expected. Things like encountering the outrageous character he wrote with his own hand…Oh·my·god! He freaking eats people! Right now, he can only turn devouring people into “devouring” people… maybe.In short, this is a story about a dumb author who was the first to start a trend of human cannibalism in stallion genre novels, who in the end, was unable to escape from the whirlpool of destiny (not really). - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Travelling Through the Beast World: Beautiful Men, Line Up!Chapter 342 end
AdventureFantasyRomanceSlice Of Life

Lin Luo was originally an ordinary college student. But once she crossed over, she came into the land of beasts, where the primitive forest is full of danger.However, she met all kinds of beautiful men of different races to protect her, and got a lot of love.Lin Luo: “Uh, different races can have children? Don’t be ridiculous. Interracial love is impossible to have results.”A group of beautiful men: “As long as you’re willing, you can have results.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Elf: Begin To Develop a Goddess Beast, Choose a Day To Get MarriedChapter 283
Fan-FictionFantasyUrban Life

Su Han is a transmigrator, and this is not the first time he has transmigrated.For the first time, I traveled to the digital world, and after clearing the level, I came to the world of the resurrection of the elves.And awakened digital templates.In short, it is to find spirits with the same nature as Digimon, and cultivate and evolve Digimon.And the goblin gym, which happened to be facing the old mother, was going to go bankrupt.Su Han directly took it down, who said that men can’t open a fairy gym?Miao Miao — Super Miao Miao — Dilu Beast — Heavenly Girl Beast — Venus Beast!Lily Root Doll – Balu Beast – Miss Skirt – Flower Fairy Beast – Rose Beast“Su Han, it’s not bad! You know that the old mother is waiting to hold her grandson, and even has a girlfriend?”“This girlfriend is not bad, tall and slender! Why is she blindfolded?” Mom.“?????” Su Han.… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Who Dares Slander My Senior BrotherChapter 92 Fanwai: Duan Xuan Lu Yan (below)
AdventureComedyFantasyMartial Arts

Transmigrating into a novel one morning, Wen Jing arrived at the side of the one he worshiped and admired the most, becoming a loyal hound that was willing to go through fire and water for his senior brother.Even the most arrogant cultivator said: “There is no one in this world who can enter my eyes, but only Jun YanZhi is truly noble.”Wen Jing grew up alongside his senior brother, idolizing his senior brother beyond all means.Unfortunately, he was ignorant, and as for this novel, he had only read half of it.Midway through the storyline, he finally realized that things didn’t seem to be the way he thought they were.Wen Jing: “Last night, Senior brother infiltrated Master’s abode. Master, please take heed.”His master: “Nonsense! Your master was inside the abode all night last night, and did not see anyone else.”Wen Jing: “Last night, Senior brother left on his own without permission to meet someone. Martial Uncle, please thoroughly investigate.”His martial uncle: “Nonsense! Last night your senior brother and I were drinking and chatting merrily, all the way until morning.”Wen Jing: “Last night, Senior brother was improper towards me……”His senior sister: “Nonsense! How can your senior brother possibly do that kind of thing? Don’t tell me you’ve long held those kind of intentions towards him, and unable to obtain what you wanted, you’re now framing him?”Many years later.Wen Jing: “There’s this evil brute, specializing in using his top-notch, exquisite looks and elegant disposition to fool people, and everyone is in the midst of danger while not even aware of it themselves.”Jun YanZhi: “If it wasn’t for you, that evil brute would most likely still be struggling in pain and suffering.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Deviant Immortal of Uncanny DaoChapter 940 die

The uncanny Dao of heaven, the abnormal immortal and buddha, is it true? Is it false? Lost in confusion, Li Huowang can not distinguish.However, it wasn’t just these that he cannot distinguish, but also himself. He’s sick. He’s very sick. - Description from Novelupdates