MTL - Bancheng Fengyue~ May the moonlight shine on you (4)

She comes from the top of Zhongshan Mountain, she is covered with frost and snow, she is unparalleled in beauty, but she has no talent for “love”, and she likes nothing more than a cup of tea in her life, watching the excitement.It is said that she was young and ill-fated, with a weird personality, but in fact, she can also be obedient and docile, with a smile like a flower.It is said that she has a mean tongue, arrogant and rude, but in fact, she can also smile sweetly and be gentle and amiable.but–She… is… is… no, happy, willing!Until that day, she met a boy.Half of the city is full of wind and moon and half of the city is snow. All the scenery in her life are brilliant because of him.… - Description from novelbuddy