MTL - Dressed As Scum A Marked the Crazy Beauty BossChapter 102 end of text

Abstinence failed, novice flirting gentle attack + vs + hands-on teaching closed-eyed pet, crazy beauty has strong possessiveness, is weak and suffersCheng Jiqing transmigrated into a scumbag who fell in love with the married heroine and forced her to divorce.Not only tied the heroine to the villa, but also entered the estrus period with the help of an inducer and forcibly marked the heroine. The end was bleak.Cheng Jiqing, who had just passed through and was forced into a period of restlessness on the balcony of the villa, looked at the Omega with his hands tied on the chair, and his throat moved slightly.Omega raised his head, his eyes were red: “Didn’t you want to mark me? Come here.”Cheng Jiqing’s head swelled and it passed.After rolling with someone on the balcony, Cheng Jiqing noticed three things:1. The cowardly and deceitful person on the chair that night was not the heroine, but the villain’s ex-wife——Bai Xin.2. This ex-wife is leaning in her arms at the moment.3. Bai Xin in the book is a crazy and beautiful villain A, but this one in his arms is delicate and easy to push.Cheng Jiqing: “…” The novel misunderstood me.After pondering: “How do you think about this matter? I will follow you.”Bai Xin looked at this young and clean little A with deep meaning in his eyes.Within a few days, Cheng Jiqing received a marriage agreement.It happened that she was troubled because her family thought she admired the heroine and wanted to help her marry the heroine in.Just agree to Bai Xin, let’s make a knot, each takes what he needs.I didn’t even read the contract, just signed it.After Cheng Jiqing settled the affairs after his butt, he immediately slipped away to do his old job, filming.–Cheng Jiqing was on a business trip for a week on the set, and he came home exhausted in the middle of the night. After taking a shower and getting ready for a good night’s sleep, Bai Xin, who was in estrus, came in from next door.Cheng Jiqing: “Sister Bai, I can’t do it today…”Bai Xin, who had already exposed his true nature, said softly, “Oh, why don’t you give me a hug?”“…”_Knowing that his wife had another purpose for getting married, Cheng Jiqing decided to cut off love and go to a travel variety show to relax and travel with a few entertainers and amateurs.Unexpectedly, she ran into Bai Xin head-on when she entered the door in the first episode. She subconsciously protected him and hugged him directly.Cheng Jiqing was embarrassed, and when he looked up, he saw that the heroine was also in the room.Cheng Jiqing: “…”What kind of triangular Shura field is this.When the rooms were allocated later, there was only one room for two people left, and a guest asked the remaining Cheng Jiqing and Bai Xin: “You are all alphas, don’t you mind?”Cheng Jiqing: “…”Bai Xin secretly pinched her waist with his hands, and said coldly, “I don’t mind.”In the evening, while making supper in the kitchen of the program group, Omega’s soft body hugged her, and she was about to cry: “Wife? You don’t want to sleep with me?”Cheng Jiqing suddenly wanted to cover Baixin’s mouth when the wireless receiver on the back of his waist fell off.Turning around, I saw the hostess, guests, and camera directors all looking at them in shock.Old… Wife?#Want to know what to do I will respond? I teach you. #+year under1. Double C, Gongshou Wubai! There are many private settings. no car.2. Slightly slow heat, there is a little crematorium. Attack and accept imperfect characters!Content Tags: Urban Love, Entertainment, Sweet Texts, BooksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Jiqing, Bai Xin┃Supporting role: ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Whole World Wants Them To Get DivorcedChapter 99 extra two

After a car accident, Si Yu got into a novel about Lily’s marriage and love, and became the villainous supporting actress in the book.The female supporting role is the wife of the president. The president’s name is Lu Xi. She is super rich and beautiful.Siyu collapsed.Lu Xi is the heroine, what does it have to do with her!Si Yu racked her brains to get a divorce, but later found out that as long as she wanted a divorce, she would have all kinds of bad luck: bite her tongue while eating; fall down the stairs; open the door and get caught by the door…In order to survive, Si Yu had to change his strategy.Lu Xi dressed up and came to her, and said coldly, “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”Si Yu stepped up and hugged him, and said coquettishly, “Wife, let’s stay together, okay?”******At the celebration banquet, the actor Si Yu pressed the beautiful president of Light and Shadow Entertainment against the wall to make fun of him. This scene was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it also became a hot search.Netizens ridiculed: Mr. Lu has a wife, she still dares to seduce? shameless!Just when Si Yu was about to be hacked, the female president of Light and Shadow Entertainment posted a Weibo.Light and Shadow Entertainment Lu XiV: Let me introduce, this is my wife @siyu.Forced to become a “newcomer” in the entertainment industry X Gao Leng abstinence / female presidentDog blood, 1V1, focus on falling in love.Friendly reminder: non-shuangwen, the emotional line is slow.Content tags: entertainment circle marriage and love sweet text through booksSearch keywords: protagonist: Si Yu, Lu Xi ┃ supporting role: ┃ others: reverse sign, glOne sentence summary: Divorce is too hard - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - On-duty Woman Penetrates Lily SentencesChapter 56 Extra episodes (including counterattack)

After Gu Jinghe passed through the book, she became a cold and ruthless overlord. The system asked her to abuse her heart and body against the poor heroine, and the world was broken.The heroine is both beautiful and miserable, Gu Jinghe couldn’t bear it, and decided to put on another vest to secretly compensate her.She seamlessly switches between old and new identities, and lives like a genius every day.When she was the overlord, she looked cold and stern, with a mocking smile on her lips, and her fingers raised the heroine’s chin: “Ji Yunyan, the fate of the Ji family is in my hands, you’d better be obedient.”In her new identity, she smiled brightly, and her voice was sweet and soft: “Yanyan, can I go to your house to do my homework?”Probably because of her superb acting skills, the heroine treats her with a cold face as the domineering boss, and smiles like a flower at her new identity.Until one day, when Gu Jinghe routinely confronted Ji Yunyan as the boss, Tian Liang Ji Po, Ji Yunyan suddenly called out her vest name to her.Gu Jinghe agreed…Gu Jinghe: Why don’t you listen to my explanation?Ji Yunyan: (smiling) Make it up, keep making it up.[The story of two people who thought they were straight but were not so straight flirted with each other, and ended up breaking themselves completely](The cover is the persona of Mr. Jing Heba)Ba Zong and Jiaojiao seamlessly switch between the superb acting skills of Shou vs. the attack of the disguised little white flowerContent tags: system sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Gu Jinghe ┃ Supporting role: Ji Yunyan ┃ Others: Chuanshu, Overlord, ActressOne sentence introduction: I fell off the horse in front of the heroineIntention: No matter what difficulties you face, you must stick to your own nature and not fall into darkness. the - Description from MTLNovel