MTL - Not Spare the YearsChapter 129 Previous Life Extra (6)

Four years ago, Mu Xueyi and Zhou Zhenyue broke up.Four years later, a news exploded in the business world, and President Zhou committed suicide by jumping off the building because he couldn’t let go of his old relationship.Mu Xueyi thought she didn’t like Zhou Zhenyue, the Zhou family and the Mu family were incompatible business rivals. And when she approached Zhou Zhenyue, she was only forced by her father to be an undercover agent, cooperating with Mu Shi to steal business secrets.Her father stole the document, and her and Zhou Zhenyue’s fate would naturally come to an end.But……It wasn’t until Zhou Zhenyue jumped off the building for her that she suddenly understood why she was so sad after breaking up.It turned out that she had long liked Zhou Yuyue.So Mu Xueyi resolutely crashed and died on Zhou Zhenyue’s tombstone.She originally thought of Jiuquanxia and Zhou Zhenyue saying “I like you” that she never said.Unexpectedly, I closed my eyes and opened my eyes,Reborn to a year ago.That is – the third year of their separation.? ? ?She seemed to see God, this bastard, smiling meanly at her:Dear, your very familiar crematorium is in place~[Gentle President Attack x Little White Flowers in the Early Stage, Blackening and Crazy Criticism of Beauty in the Late Stage]-Ending HE– Suffering from hardships, not slag-The two heroines are not mine, but they are not perfect saints– The above attack refers to the character, the essence is mutual attack– Background default same-sex marriageable– Anti-theft ratio is 100%Content tags: Urban love, broken mirror, reunion, love contract, rebirthSearch keywords: protagonist: Zhou Zhenyue, Mu Xueyi ┃ Other:One-sentence introduction: Running for a while, chasing his wife in the crematoriumConcept: The best way to love someone is sincerity, not deception - Description from MTLNovel