MTL - Entertaining Into Bitterness DramaChapter 97 freedom ends

A bittersweet drama: As long as the heroine forgives her kindly and kindly, pays without regrets, and gives up again and again until the bad guys who bully her are old and unable to act, she will get a happy ending.When Mercury is dressed as the heroine of each bitterness drama…forbearance? Pooh.Terrible heroine, change her life online.Content tags: Time travel, face slap, fast wear, cool textSearch keywords: protagonist: mercury ┃ supporting role: many ┃ others: fast wear, cool text - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Wear To the High School Days of Iceberg OChapter 100

Jiang Shuyi is done.Dahuo A cried uncontrollably, and threatened to hate his Omega advisor Wen Yao to death.In order to relieve his worries, Jiang Shuyi got so drunk that he opened his eyes and went back to 18 years ago!After Jiang Shuyi transmigrated into the second-generation ancestor who was a professor in high school, 18-year-old Wen Yao fell into Jiang Shuyi’s arms.At this moment, Wen Yao just differentiated into OmegaRose-flavored pheromones filled the entire space.Jiang Shuyi panicked: It’s impossible for me to tag her…Afterwards, Jiang Shuyi knelt down in front of Wen Yao in shame.“Teacher, Wen Yao, I will take responsibility for you!”“No need.”Wen Yao turned around in a distant manner, and disappeared from her field of vision neatly.Jiang Shuyi: This woman is really indifferent.But later, Jiang Shuyi discovered:When Wen Yao is in heat, he always likes to hug her and not let go.Wen Yao would secretly hide her clothes and sleep with her at night.Wen Yao only has her phone number in her phone.Jiang Shuyi: Huh? I have reasonable doubts…—————————————–Jiang Shuyi, the second ancestor of Chengbei High School, has not been quite right recently.He stopped fighting, climbed over walls, and skipped classes, and his grades jumped to the second place in his grade.And tons of Omegas confessing to her.When the school beauty Jiang Shuyi once chased confessed to her, everyone thought it was safe.As a result, that night, someone saw Wen Yao, the first in the third grade, in the laboratory, pushing her down on the table.“Jiang Shuyi, do you want to accept that Omega?” Wen Yao asked coldly.But the mechanical pencil in her hand was on Alpha’s carotid artery.Jiang Shuyi immediately sat up and kissed the tears streaming down Wen Yao’s face. Frightened, she moved her neck away.“Teacher, professor! I only have you!”“What did you call me?”“Baby!” Jiang Shuyi hurriedly changed his words nervously, “Baby! I only have you!”Little Sun Cub Sand Sculpture Alpha X Tsundere High Mountain Flower Xueba OmegaJiang Shuyi X Wen YaoLemon Balm Alpha X Rose Omega1. There are private settings2. Protagonist A is a young art genius, and protagonist O is a medical professor3. No second set of organs4. Protagonist A has social arrogance5. The original age difference is 12, now the same ageThis article is also called“How can my Omega Tsundere Professor be so cute?” ! ”“When my advisor was 18 years younger, I slapped myself in the face”“Social bullying online teaches you how to be a leader on campus”“The Years When Iceberg O Inhibitors”“108 Styles of Wife Protector and Mad Devil” “Late Night of Bells”Content tags: special liking, rebirth, sweet text, campusSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Shuyi, Wen Yao┃Supporting role: Tianwen┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel