MTL - Little GirlfriendChapter 65

Ai Xiao has three identities.First, Jinjiang Lily Channel is very cold and aggressive;The second is the brain-disabled fan girl of the ancient goddess Yan Tang;The third is the S university bully, who is 1.5 meters tall and looks cute wherever he goes.Later, the goddess Yan added another identity to her.——Fourth, it is Yan Tang’s cute little girlfriend.Ai Xiao: You, you let me go!Goddess Yan lifted her up and kissed: No.Consume this manual:1. The author, Jun Mengmeng, can use the collection and comment package/raise (///▽///) to refuse to pick up the list.2. This article is silly and sweet. Apart from sweetness, it is a pet. It is necessary to adjust the mood. The effect is better when eaten with cookies.3. There will be guest appearances by Wen Xiaobaihua and his wife next door, but it will not affect the viewing of new readers. (For details, please refer to “[Rebirth] The same table is simply shameless”)Content tags: A soft spot for sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ai Xiao, Yan Tang ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: Campus, Tianwen - Description from MTLNovel