MTL - The Rebirth of 88s Begins with a CarpenterChapter 847 Filial piety should be given as a gift, and kinship should be given as well
FantasyUrban Life

Wu Yuan was reborn to the eighth or eighth year when the carpenter had just graduated from school.The snobby wife who had only been with her for three months in her previous life was about to marry.It is impossible for Wu Yuanduan to jump into the same fire pit twice.It is impossible for him to take this hard-won chance of rebirth to cover that cold heart that does not belong to him.With that skill, he could have picked a better one.The beautiful daughter of the branch secretary’s family is not bad.Although his family is bare.Although he is alone.But he has more than 30 years of experience and a carpenter’s skills.So Wu Yuan’s rebirth began as a carpenter. - Description from novelbuddy